With this being my first post, I should probably tell you about what this all is. From here on out, I will be your Host at the Anime Cafe. I will bring to you virtual coffee and cakes in the form of reviews and more! Anime became a big time hobby for me in the spring of 2012. While I haven’t been around for long, I have picked up on many of the classic references and gimmicks, which I use often in my daily life but sadly no one else gets :). I will be posting reviews on the anime that I have seen since 2012 to the present – and to the future! Why? I want to persuade others to picking up on a few titles, as there may be something you like but you just need that extra uff to go watch it. Additionally, I find blogging exciting and new! I have been wishing to do this for a long time. I hope you find my young writing down-to-earth and worth your time, as I am only an amateur writer who just fanboys over the anime world. So without further ado, I will be bringing out my first review very soon, so please, take a seat, relax and enjoy everything I have to offer!

– Sincerely,

your Host

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