End of November Update 12/1/14

Mina-san, konnichiwa ~

Welcome new followers to the Anime Cafe! Though the menu is small right now, I’m slowly adding more all the time.

My Thanksgiving break was quiet. My grandma had recently passed away due to cancer, so things around the house where we usually participate in holidays were dull. Though they say yes, it was clear that nobody was over her passing, and frankly, neither am I. It was a peaceful time of contemplating the good things I still have in my life, and of course, watching anime. How was your fall break?

Here is a followup on the anime I am currently watching:

Sword Art Online II – loving Mother’s Rosario, only like 2 episodes left 😦

Log Horizon 2 – pretty slow so far, but hey, glad to be back in the Elder Tale universe

Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works – just wow, beautiful, much better than original

Trinity Seven – recently picked up, pretty interesting, lots of fan service

In Search of the Lost Future – has so much potential I hope it doesn’t go down the gutter!

selector spread WIXOSS – exciting sequel yet confusing at times

Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! – I had extra down-time so I picked this up, so kawaii~

Reading: Sword Art Online Light Novel 01: Aincrad – when I have time, inspiration for writing

Within the next month most of these are gonna end. Are you watching any of these wonderful anime? What do you think – drop a comment below! That’s all on the menu for today. Till next time,

– Takuto, your host

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