End of December and Thank You Update 12/31/14

Happy holidays, mina-san ~

It’s been a great year of anime for me. I picked up on a couple of mainstream anime, followed several simulcast shows from start to finish, watched a few for my own pleasure, and of course, spent a lot of money.

For me, this years theme was “try new things,” literally being “just do it.” So I have – new foods, talking to new people, performing music that I have written myself, my first year of competitive swimming that sadly concluded this past spring, broadening my anime horizons, purchasing my first anime figure, and so much more!

But that isn’t all – in September of 2014, I opened up “Takuto’s Anime Cafe” with the hopes of chatting and reviewing anime. Let me say to all of my viewers – thank you so much! And to my followers even more so. Nothing makes me happier than coming home to relax in the cafe, only to realize that “You have 1 new follower.” Seriously guys, thanks, and I hope you enjoy my content.

Here is my recently finished list:

Sword Art Online II – amazing, check out my reviews!
WataMote – fun but, hmm, lacking resolution, see my review
In Search of the Lost Future – more entertaining second half, review on the way!
TRINITY SEVEN – I can’t believe I made it through, rant coming soon
selector spread WIXOSS – damn I have lots to say about this one, so expect a full review
Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! – review written, so check it out!

And my currently watching list:

Log Horizon 2 – dragged out yet decent first half, awaiting more
Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works – fantastic, can’t wait for second half
Psycho-Pass – picked this up from Cyber Monday, slowly getting more interesting . . .
Parasyte -the maxim– – yeah, I had to jump aboard this one considering its popularity, only on episode two, pretty nasty stuff

And yes, I’m still reading freakin Sword Art Online Volume One for Light Novel, but I am determined to finish it this winter break 😛

For this upcoming new year – 2015, I encourage all of you to embrace the things you love most and to “just do it.” That anime you’ve been dying to watch yet can’t afford, save now and buy it. That figure or strap that you are scared to buy because you feel you’ll be judged, go get it. Weight loss or body issues, let’s get them figured out this year! It’s going to be an unexpectedly gracious new year, so now’s the time to try new things. Love you all, see you in the transcending new year, and until next time, this has been

– Takuto, your host

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