30-Day Song Challenge Day 3: Songs That Make You Laugh

Unless it’s something in the lyrics specifically, I don’t find songs by themselves very humorous. Now, soundtracks and openings on the hand, have a different context that goes with them. Call me a cheater, sure, but the songs that I chose today are ones that rely on visuals to go with them. All three are kinda quirky, so I can understand cracking a smile, but the first thing that comes to mind when I hear these songs is not the words, but scenes from the show or opening sequence. If you’ve seen these anime before, then maybe you’ll spill a laugh or two as you remember the hilarious moments!

Negima!?: “Heiwa na Toki” by Kei Haneoka 

Negima!? “Motsu to Shichimi” by Kei Haneoka 

Negima!? “Chupa Kenbushitsu” by Kei Haneoka 

Hells yeah, we got more Negima!? up in here, but these three soundtrack tunes come from the franchise’s second season (the obvious better of the two)! I lumped all three of these songs together because they all carry the same hilarity: either it’s quest for the chupacabra, Motsu and Shichimi being Motsu and Shichimi appropriately, or someone just FAILED. This anime was the first one I ever watched, and to this day I occasionally plug a few episodes in just to hear this soundtrack and shoot out explosive chuckles 😀

“Zannenkei Rinjinbu” by Tomodachi Tsukuritai

Have you seen Haganai? It’s absurd, and totally awesome in all aspects! Comedy is great, themes are on point, and it’s relatable. This is the first season’s opening, and I’ll never forget watching this show for the first time! My favorite part of the song itself is the verse part, and of course, it’s not just because the main girls’ jugs are pressed up against the screen and it’s dripping wet and hot and sooo sexy EHERM, I slipped a bit there. But seriously, I do like that part in the vocals ;). Besides the fact that it belongs to hysterical show, why does the opening make me laugh? Easy, it’s Rika at 0:34 shakin’ her ass to “mousou nara baibaibai shinyuu nara inai nai nai.”

HA-HA-HA-HA-HA I hope you shared a laugh with me and bonus points if you recognized the scenes when those Negima!? tracks played! I should probably stop picking so many songs, but it’s so easy to just toss in another one, ya know? Have a great new week, and until tomorrow, this has been

– Takuto, your host

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