30-Day Song Challenge Day 6: Songs You Can Always Relate To

Evening, all! Today’s a special day for this challenge, as both of the songs selected are from the same anime – must tell a lot about me, right? The theme for today is “relation,” which is kinda difficult to write about considering that, one way or another, I’ll find a way for me to relate to a song. It’s just how I am 🙂 But I’ve managed to wheedle out some of the competition, so here we go!

Robotics;Notes – “Main Theme” by Yuuki Hayashi

Heroism and courage, MAX OUT! GUNVARREL ANKH STRIKER!! Known for its valiant and bold melody, this song marched right through my all-time favorite main themes and barreled its way to the top. This triumphant track always plays when Aki and Kai ready their giant robot of justice, Gunvarrel. I feel related to this song because of its overwhelming message of perseverance, and that no matter how imposing the odds might be, there’s always a ‘passionate hope’ blazing the trail to victory ahead! For Robotics;Notes, that was Akiho Senomiya. If I do say so myself, determination has always been a strong quality of mine. So naturally when I first heard this song, I felt reinforced, physically and mentally. Truly an epic, brilliant song (love the cellos and basses at the beginning – that’s right, lay out that groundwork, guys)!

Robotics;Notes – “Topology” sung by Kanako Itou

Ahh, this song is so sweet and relaxing~ This is R;N‘s greatest pleasure in terms of music, and it’s definitely a worthwhile listen if you haven’t watched the anime. “Topology” speaks to me every time; even though I don’t understand Japanese, it’s one of those songs you can just feel. Have you ever felt this way? It’s as if we’re two peas in a cliché pod that bounce emotions off of each other during each listen. I flash back to freshman year of highschool when I was in swim practice. Our local team was very small, so we only had two people per lane. As I swam through the dark waters (cause it was during winter and not much sun was coming through the glass windows), I was humming this song in my head. Oh the memories! Kanako’s “Hacking to the Gate” is spectacular, but her “Topology” is absolutely sensational.

Gosh, it’s getting harder and harder by the day trying to find just the right songs for each challenge! I just hope I don’t hit a wall before the end, hehe! Real quick, I wouldn’t be expecting any reviews, “Cafe Talks,” or other such posts to be released during this challenge, as it’s becoming quite a hassle to keep up with 😛 sorry. I do hope you take a moment to listen to the music, though, and until tomorrow, this has been

– Takuto, your host

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