30-Day Song Challenge Day 9: Songs That Make You Want To Dance

Whoop whoop! All the people in the café, get up and DANCE! Naw, just kidding’, I can’t dance even if my life depended on it. But what I can do is pick songs that I would dance to. Sound good? Great, let’s get our groove on ~

“Mr. Taxi” by Len Kagamine, original by Girl’s Generation (SNSD)

First up is the ultra sexy “Mr. Taxi.” Did I ever mention that my favorite Vocaloid was Len Kagamine? To me, his voice sounds the most natural, and is easiest on the ears. I don’t listen to a whole lot of Vocaloid music, but when I do, clear outta my way, cause I’ll be jiggin’ to Len’s sassy voice for days! This song’s hot beat and techno jam are incredibly addicting! Maybe I should start my Vocaloid season again . . .

“Electric Angel” by Rin and Len Kagamine, arranged by Giga-P

Enter my first and favorite Vocaloid song ever! This song is so uplifting that just one listen any day could make me happy out of my mind! Plus, it’s cute 😉 The contrast between the Kagamine twins (Rin’s sharp sweet high voice vs Len’s rich youthful tone) is the best by far. Rin and Len give all of the Vocaloids a run for their money in my opinion, and this song drives that point home. Like “Mr. Taxi,” this song is super addicting, so make sure you listen to this song only if you don’t mind it pounding your brain for a week after LOL

From Yona of the Dawn, “Akatsuki no Hana” by Cyntia

I gotta give my girl Yona the spotlight sometime, so what better time than with her second opening? This guitar-slapping J-pop song is one that never gets old for me. Beginning the song is some beaming techno, but after the verse, the chorus explodes with this rebellious shoujo red-headed princess! You ought to check out Yona of the Dawn if you want a shoujo anime with a strong female lead who develops from a frail, spoiled princess to a proud women, and finally, a fierce warrior. My only problem with this recording is that it is a Nightcore arrangement 😦 sorry, I couldn’t find one without some sort of audio change.

From Log Horizon, “The Elder Tale Waltz” by Yasuharu Takanashi

Haha, gotcha! Did you think we were just gonna jam out to Vocaloid and techno music? There’s got to be some variety, and nothing compares to a good old fantasy waltz. Waltzes, in fact, are probably my favorite type of classic music! So naturally, when this popular game anthem cued in the show, and the Shiroe and Henrietta recognized it as the game’s main theme, I flipped sh*t! It was such a cool gimmick and a wonderful surprise for us fans. This song is also responsible for my loving the character Henrietta. When she started teaching the bumbling strategist how to dance the waltz, using her bard skills to their fullest, I fell in love 🙂

And now I’m all caught up . . . until tomorrow. Darn, this challenge is really keeping me occupied. I’ve been nominated for a few awards in my absence from my normal blogging (THANK YOU SO MUCH), so when this is over, I’ll have to thank everyone properly. But until tomorrow, this has been

– Takuto, your host

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