30-Day Song Challenge Day 14: Songs You Liked When You Were Younger

Thank you all for the birthday praise :D, I haven’t read any of it yet (killer suspense, I know), but I will sometime tonight or tomorrow!! I had such an awesome day with family and even got to order some expensive anime, so I will be expecting some nice mail in due time. And yes, the cake was fantastic, sorry I couldn’t serve you all a piece 😉

But that celebrating aside, we’ve got day 14 of the song challenge. Something I liked when I was younger . . . hmm, ooh, I think I’ve got a few to fit the bill!

Hamtaro Opening (old English dub)

OMG I didn’t realize how cringe-worthy this was until now. Oh lawd, it’s been a looonng time hehe. I’ve got nothing else to say on this one other than I still have tapes of this in my room. “Little hamsters, big adventures” :>

Code Lyoko Opening (English)

I know this is technically a French production, but it’s got all of the vibes of anime, so I went ahead and threw it in because this was my jam way back when! My siblings and I would dress up and “login to Lyoko” where we would basically throw pillows at invisible targets. It was lame as all hell, but you can’t deny childhood! How I miss this show ~

The Sailor Moon Theme Song in English

Some things are actually better in English, and to me, this is one of those great things. This song needs no introduction, it’s freakin’ Sailor Moon! I LOVE THESE LYRICS. My sister still has a ton of random tapes from when we picked those up at the local store in our early childhood. In fact, she’s got them displayed in her little anime shelf of her own #raisedwell

But seriously, if childhood had an anthem for anime fans, it has got to be this. Has anyone seen the new dub by Viz Media yet? I’ve been dying to, but I heard they dropped all of the old English dub names, which is kind of a bummer. I actually thought that those were their real names until I learned what dubbing was lol, like ya do. I still plan to pick up Sailor Moon S, as I believe that is my favorite!

And that’ll do it for day 14! Other suitable songs would have been any of the Pokemon themes, the Beyblade Metal Fusion English opening, and, as much as I love/hate it, the Bakugan opening. If you know what that show is, you’re my new favorite 🙂 I’ll stop using emoticons now, till tomorrow ~

– Takuto, your host

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    • Naw don’t sweat it, you can never be too late to a birthday party – just showing up is all the magic 🙂 and to put you at ease, cause it was freakin’ delicious, my mom made two cakes, one vanilla and one chocolate. Then I made a chocolate and vanilla butter cream frosting to go on each one. I added a frilly turquoise frosting border to the white and brown tops, and finished with some light gold sprinkles. BEST EVAHHH!

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