30-Day Song Challenge Day 17: Songs You Like Hearing Live

So I’ve never been to a J-pop concert in person before (sad, I know). But it is one of my goals, so I’m tryin’! In the meantime, however, YouTube recordings of performances will have to suffice. And at this moment, there’s only two bands I can think of that I especially love to hear live:

Anything by fripSide: “only my railgun,” “sister’s noise,” “LEVEL5 -judgelight-,” “black bullet,” “HesitationSnow,” “fortissimo -from insanity affection-,” “late in autumn,” and more

Today, fripSide at the AFA Singapore 2014 x MVR series with “sister’s noise”

I found the most recent one that I could, but doesn’t Yoshino Nanjo look like she’s having a blast? I love the Misaka clone and Kuroko that lurk around the stage dancing! Gah, so adorable :> But I love fripSide’s live performances because A) they go all out with the light show, B) Nanjo always has on the coolest outfits (see America, you don’t have to wear a swimsuit to rock a good music video), and C) everyone is so full of energy! The band members, the crowd – you can practically feel the sweat dripping it’s so intense.

Anything by Yuki Kajiura, performed by Kalafina: “To the Beginning,” Heavenly Blue,” “Hikari no Senritsu,” “ring your bell,” “Magia,” and more

Today, Kalafina with “ring your bell” LIVE 2015

Gosh, these three are always so beautiful, so graceful. In contrast to fripSide’s flashy performances, Kalafina opts in for heavenly, majestic, powerful, sometimes somber performances (harmony to die for). Yes, their style is completely different besides there being three of them and only Nanjo for fripSide, but it feels more personal with them – more like a professional concert rather than a pop one. Both are incredible to watch, and I wish I could see both of them in concert one of these days 🙂

So there are two of the best bands EVER – GO WATCH FROM THEM AND ENJOY! I honestly love them both so much! What I’d give to go to a performance . . . Tune in tomorrow for more awesome songs and bands, till then, this has been

– Takuto, your host

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