Sword Art Online Novel 02 Mini-Review & Chance to Win $50

Evening all,

For those who get the RightStuf.com emails, you would know that recently (or at least I noticed recently) that each month they apparently raffle off $50 as a giveaway incentive to those that write a review for a product in their store. All you need is an account (FREE and easy to make), but if you shop there regularly, then you probably already have one! All you have to do is follow their instructions that I’ve listed below. Be wary that there is a character limit – That bit me in the rump. Anyone can enter. Simple as that!


I make this announcement because their system just caught wind of my Sword Art Online Novel 02: Aincrad Part 2 mini-review, and I had just double-checked to see if it was posted in their store. IT WAS! I can’t believe that I’ve just embedded myself into the RightStuf system, but I’ve done it, and there’s no going back – It’ll be there FOREVER muahahaha! If you’d like to check out my mini-review over the product, CLICK HERE. Maybe it’ll inspire you to pick it up yourself! I’d be overjoyed ^.^

But that’s all I’ve got for now. Stay tuned for a review of The Heroic Legend of Arslan or Sound of the Sky, whichever comes first! Who knows, maybe something else random will pop up and I’ll have to brag about it XD. Have a wonderful Friday tomorrow, and until next time, this has been

– Takuto, your host

23 thoughts on “Sword Art Online Novel 02 Mini-Review & Chance to Win $50

    • I know you started the anime, so keep plugging away at it — Who knows, maybe you’ll want to check out this book later down the line if you enjoyed what you watched. Thank you for the praise! Just writing a review and knowing it’ll permanently be on their website is enough thrill for me, but fingers crossed that I can bring home the gold 😀

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      • Haha I’m kinda doing this all backwards aren’t I =P! I mean one would normally want to read through the novels before seeing the on-screen visuals and interpretation, still how can one not love anime in general and how the voices and art work bring it all to life. Well the last time I didn’t cheat was with Harry Potter as I totally read the novels before seeing the movies albeit it was easy as well those movies were so far behind LOL so that doesn’t really count does it (*≧∀≦)☆★ ↓!

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      • Haha, yeah, I did it backwards, too. But like you said, how can someone not appreciate both interpretations? And you read all of Harry Potter?! I stopped when I saw the size of the fourth book compared to the first three and was like, nope. XD

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      • Oh yes it’s a huge novel no doubt!! I was so addicted back then and fully invested in finishing the series no matter how much further it went. I’d be off from work by early afternoon back then so I’d spend nearly every afternoon doing nothing but reading Harry Potter until it was time to prepare dinner. I may also be one of the wackier fans whom owns two of every hard cover edition as after the series was completed of course they then released a special edition trunk edition. Sure it’s just a cardboard trunk (box) which houses all of the novels but I still so wanted it =P.

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      • Haha, your love for the series is admirable. Perhaps I should finish it one of these days. And that feeling of needing to consume every version of a particular series has plagued me too — My obsession being A Certain Scientific Railgun and its sister series :3

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    • Thanks! I hope I win, too, even though knowing that I’m ingrained into their website makes me smile!
      And YES OMG, that sounds amazing — hot chocolate shots and Arslan-b*tchin’ FTW! I’m not sure when it’ll be out, but I’m working hard on wringing a few good laughs out of it 😉

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