MASSIVE End of November Update 12/14/15

WAHOO! So I’ve kinda been absent for +2 weeks (not that anyone actually noticed my disappearance), and while I would apologize about it and regret life for the next month, I thought I’d celebrate my return instead. Hence,

WAHOO! I spent all of yesterday to catch up on everyone’s posts :), so now I’m ready to resume writing reviews. First and foremost, however, here is the list of excuses reasons I’ve been out of the blogging world, and hopefully these reasons will suffice:

  1. School (y’all can relate), Swim, and Music
    • ‘School’ of course is just school work, finals, exams, mini-quizzes from Satan, the usual. It’s also swim season (even though it’s an indoor sport, so all the time), so I am physically exhausted by that. I also reek 24/7 of that chlorine/pool water scent, which sucks. Lastly, music has been lurking in the background. If you remember that recital I mentioned forever ago, yeah, it’s over. I did pretty well if that means anything to you! But between concerts, contests, and auditions, I’m pretty drained.
  2. Shopping, Saving, YouTube, and Not Wanting to Write
    • basically puppets me around the sales this year, like guys, I’ve never spent this much money on anime and manga at one time. So after school, practices, and all other work is wrapped up for the day, I head on over to and see what I can get my hands on, muahaha. All this spending and saving via the internet leads me to my next issue: YouTube – What was life like before it? Yeah. I can’t remember either. These are my time wasters of the day.
    • And by the time a long day of online shopping, video watching, and school concludes, I have NO energy nor creativity to write! I don’t know if you knew this, but I am not a writer by nature – I swim against the current to write posts. But I do this to get better, and hopefully you notice a slight improvement from day one.
  3. Free Crunchyroll Trial
    • When Crunchyroll offered their 30-day free trial + free Japan Crate, I hopped aboard as soon as possible. Turns out, however, that I was “unfortunately too late” and was downgraded to their standard 2-week free trial, even though I signed up during the event. Several email messages later, I finally received my Japan Crate code (thanks!) but they couldn’t do anything about the extra missing 2 weeks, which is why I really signed up. It would have lasted all of my winter break! But instead, it expired yesterday 😦 Now I am a hopeless pleb, abandoned by the Fractale System. Anyway, I bring this up because (thanks to my losing 2 weeks), I had to cram all of the watching I wanted to do. “Watch now, write later” mindset. If you had no advertisements, you’d know what’s at stake!

But because of that trial, I got A LOT of anime watched! Here’s what I recently finished:

Sound of the Sky – I actually finished this one beginning of November, but if you happened to miss my review, it’s right here (click me). Go read: I thought I did a good job, but it could really use some love . . .

Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers – HOLY SHIT I didn’t even notices that this anime slipped by last season but it’s absolutely incredible! GO WATCH ROKKA NOW. Watch it before the spoilers destroy it for you. It is a fantasy action at first, but quickly turns into a mystery thriller when one too many heroes show up at the rendezvous point. One of them is a fake. Hopefully, a review will arrive to you soon!

Voices of a Distant Star – I’m not very good at reviewing movies, so see what you think for yourself by watching this 25-minute flick. Don’t let its short run time fool you, though. You’ll be surprised at the amount of emotion that can be conveyed in that short time. 25 minutes earlier, I was so happy . . . now my heart is distraught. Great watch!

GJ Club – After Rokka and all of the busyness around me, I really needed something to calm me down. GJ-bu did the trick alright! Take your average set of cute highschoolers and set the scene in a random afterschool club in the winter. BAM, relaxing AF. It wasn’t anything spectacular, but I didn’t need it to be. I’ll see if I can get a review out soon, but don’t be shocked if I don’t have much to say. :3

Akame ga Kill! – But happy-cub-time is over. I needed assassins, gore, betrayal, action – the whole package – and this anime delivered spectacularly! If you are for whatever reason unfamiliar with this over-hyped shounen, it’s basically a battle royale of assassins that clash in the shadows to overthrow their gone-to-sh*t corrupt capital. I know I’ll be talking about this one, so stay tuned!

So it was a pretty great time of anime-watching and attempting-to-relax for me. Hopefully now you’ll understand my absence. As for reading, shoot, SAO’s Fairy Dance is on hold now, but I want to finish it sometime this or next week.

But anyway guys, that’s what I’ve been up to these past few weeks. I’m back on the blogging trail, and I don’t plan to stop for the rest of this month! It’s been a lot of fun (and hard work) catching up, but it’s rewarding to get to speak with all of you wonderful people again!! Thanks for keeping the cafe warm while I was away 🙂 I also want to do a holiday haul(s) for those that are into that kind of stuff, just let me know in the comments! Expect hauls, reviews, and more sporadic conversations from me this December. Stay warm, and until next time, this has been

– Takuto, your host

PS: Does anyone else hate the new WordPress? It’s been like a month and I’m still not used to it. Why must we fix something that’s not broken? Just why?


17 thoughts on “MASSIVE End of November Update 12/14/15

  1. I pretty much did a review on akame ga kill a while back (spoilers there I think). Without spoilers, the ending is just terrible. Ran out of source material. So they improvised. And the series has some really bad character development. It got to the point of killing characters off for the sake of it. The manga is more gruesome than the anime. Characters die differently as well.

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    • Ok, I was wondering that myself. That ending was so . . . Like what? It felt like Soul Eater’s in that they crossed off every villain by the end just to make it happy, but they always had to balance it by killing off a good guy. I hated that. Do you like the manga better then? Besides the anime’s ending, what volume do the books leave off?

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  2. End of November update? Check the calendar dude… it’s almost Xmas!

    Yeah I don’t like the WordPress changes. It used to be easier to link stuff with the old layout.

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  3. Me me I noticed your absence! *waves hand in air wildly* nevertheless, I pronounce your absence very much justified 😉 can’t wait to read your review on Rokka, pretty sure you’ll have some interesting stuff to say 🙂

    You seem very busy on the music scene currently, with auditions & performances! I am envious, you are living such a fulfilling life compared to me! :3

    Liked by 1 person

    • You, yes, you *points to joyful Shiroyuni in the crowd* I’m so glad someone noticed I’m blushing now :3 I am working on Rokka, but I’m struggling with a new review format. Whatever I end up posting, I still hope you like it.
      Music, schooling and sports (hah! Never thought I’d say that) have kept incredibly busy. I suppose my life is fulfilling, but I’m so jealous that you seem to have so much more free time than me. GAH the struggles, they be real! Thank you for the kind words, I’m sure your life is pretty cool, too 🙂 I mean, we are both anime fans and blogger buddies, I hope!

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      • Awww hahah I made Takuto blush! :3 yay glad you noticed me in the crowd! xD Its okay, take your time with it, I am not going away :p hahah well its the classic dilemma though, once we are busy we all often envy those who have lots of free time, and vice versa 😉 If cool means spending lots of time on anime & having time to bum around at least till new year’s, then yes it is xD Of course we are both fans and buddies, these are now rock solid truths in my life now anyway! 😉

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  4. I watched Rokka as it aired and the suspense was KILLER in between the episodes. I sold my souls for the outrageously priced DVD release recently and I even have a half written review for the show (whoops, guess I need to finish that). Was one of my favorites from last season.

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    • OMG the suspense is killer! As for those overly priced DVDs, good for you! I was willing to dish out the money if it came with an English dub (because I’m into dubs), but when I heard it wasn’t going to have one I passed 😦
      Haha, looks like we both need to finish our Rokka thoughts! I want to start reading the novels now.

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