End of December Update 1/4/16

Evening all, I hope your new year has kicked off with a marvelous bang! Mine was a bit anticlimactic, but at least the snacks were oh~so tasty! As we all usher in 2016 with open arms, high hopes, and huge wishes, I’d like to proudly say that not much will be changing around here. The café will still welcome guests, host reviews, and whatever else intrigues me! That being said, here is, as per the norm, the first casual update of 2016!

Recently finished:

Redline – Oh man, where to start with this one? How about watching those Star Wars races (yes I saw the new movie, pretty good, even coming from non-SW buff) while huffing every shroom on the face of the planet, wearing one of those old blue/red 3D glasses, and chugging Root Beer. Sounds pretty damn wild, don’t it? I’m not very good at writing reviews for movies, so if I don’t ever get around to it, just know that my socks were blown off of my feet five times even after tying them down with duct tape. In other words, go watch Redline, and FAST!

Diamond Daydreams – This is one of those anime that you feel is so crappy just because it has meh reviews, regardless of how much you’re actually enjoying yourself. This light drama about 6 women in the winter has just enough empathy to tie yourself to each of them and make you want to just give ’em a box of chocolates after a grueling day 🙂 Review more than likely on the way!

Charlotte – Yeah, I remember this one! In fact, I wrote a review about it right here which you should totally check out if you haven’t already! This sucker’s got so many plot twists that it’ll keep you on your toes. Unless its surprises don’t appeal to you, to which I still reckon you finish what you’ve already started ^.^ It doesn’t seem to know what it’s going at for over two-thirds of its run, but the rush to the finish is chaotic and emotionally stirring. I’m still trying to recover from the damage – good and bad – it has caused.

Fate/stay night (2006) (rewatched) – If you caught my mini “Happy Holidays” post a week or so back, you’d know that I spent a nice time with this dubious show. Much like the first time I saw it: Bland animation, boring story, Shirou’s a big baka, etc. But despite its numerous flaws, it felt right to revisit Fuyuki City. Glad I got the chance to witness the original Fifth Holy Grail War on DVD!

Danganronpa The Animation (rewatched) – OMG OMG I finally got to reunite with my favorite courtroom mystery show after two years!!! Supposedly the game is 100 times better, but I don’t have a PS Vita to join in the fun. That said, the animation has to suffice, and I think it does so marvelously! Revisiting all of the characters, the story, and the creepy mystery-enshrouded high school was a high in my winter break – AND THE DUB, OH GOSH, FUNimation did a bloody fantastic job with it 😀 More to come on the physical release of it, and I might even write a review!

Sword Art Online Light Novel Volume 3: Fairy Dance Part 1 – I am halfway through my exploration and research on the infamous fairy arc and I’ve got to say, it’s much more exhilarating and less distracting in novel format. I thought it was good.

Fujoshi Rumi Manga Volumes 1, 2, 3 – GUILTY PLEASURE FUJOSHI STATUS: ACHIEVED. I fell in love with this manga after YouTuber Animepalooza recommended it in a video of hers. This obscure shoujo school comedy/romance absolutely entranced me, and I plan to find the remaining three novels translated on the web sometime, as they were never licensed, discontinued, I think. That’s a tragedy considering that I would’ve bought the SHIT outta it 😉

I’m still sad my smut is gone 😦 Why didn’t they license the rest? WHY??

Currently watching:

Cowboy Bebop – “That’s right. 3, 2, 1, let’s go.” After I told my dad it was getting a rerelease, he flipped his sh*t and I went and bought it for us to watch. So far, with my family, we’ve watched 11 episodes, and loving each and every one of them! The characters and their quirks are unforgettable and its episodic nature with a boiling overarching storyline is handled perfectly. I completely understand why it’s a classic, and I can’t wait to see how these unlucky bounty hunters finish their journey 🙂

Currently reading:

Sword Art Online Light Novel Volume 4: Fairy Dance Part 2 – Yep, my work to bring this half of the anime justice continues with the fourth novel. Very peculiar thus far, as so far the books have followed the anime in a parallel fashion. Now, we diverge a bit to reveal other musings that happened during Kirito’s rescue trip. Hopefully  it proves to clear its name in novel format.

Seraph of the End Volume 1 – So I haven’t started it yet, but I know I will either this week or the next. Not much to say other than it better be a step up from its anime adaptation -_-

On the convention side of things, I have settled on cosplaying as character from . . . Seraph of the End, in fact! As to whom, I want you to guess, muahaha! Let’s just say I chose this character because A) They were pretty cool and B) They look EPIC. Betcha can’t guess, haha!

And there you go, my second half of December in a nutshell. Lot’s of watching, but now that school has started back up (TOMORROW OH GOD SAVE ME NOOOOOOO), I assume that all of this will be set off to the side. I’ll try not to let that happen, but it is what it is. How was your December and the holidays? Breaks are always outstanding for me, so you all know I had a wonderful time 🙂 I’ll try to warm up my typing fingers and find my reviewing spirit so that I can get some great content to you guys, and in the meantime, I’ll be wishing on the diamond dust we all survive this after-break train wreck. This has been

– Takuto, your host

20 thoughts on “End of December Update 1/4/16

  1. Looks like you did get to read lots of stuff! I also didn’t know Danganronpa (oh god I don’t even know whether I spelt it correctly since I am typing this on my phone) ranks so highly on your list, seeing the lukewarm reception about it. I personally can’t recall too much of the show, haha.
    And, Cowboy Bebop seems like a good choice for a family bonding anime xD

    Liked by 1 person

    • I did! And even though the animation is the only bit of Danganronpa (yes, I think you got it right) I’ve been exposed to, I’d like to play the games sometime. Many did think it merely glazed the surface and rushed the whole story, and I can see why they think that, but oh boy am I a sucker for murder mystery classroom stories. Throw in a trial and BAM, hook, line, and sinker (I’m not sadistic I swear)!
      And haha, yup. Family bonds over space bounty hunters. Love it.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Haha I do understand the attractiveness of the concept. One cour really did not do the series justice I believe – or rather, generally, game adaptations have never flown well. Tbh, I think anime needs more of these more unique mystery concepts. I swear I see a few J-dramas lying about with similarly creative mystery settings but somehow its been a little lacking in terms of anime. Such a pity!

        Liked by 1 person

      • So I ought to look into more J-dramas then? Will do. I heard that the recently aired “The Perfect Insider” was a great original mystery. I just finished “Beautiful Bones” and enjoyed the heck out of it!
        I know – Survival games!!! Those are the kinds of anime that I enjoy!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yep you could give them a try perhaps 🙂 I haven’t watched The Perfect Insider (a pity) but I really liked Beautiful Bones!! It had more of a slice-of-life feel than a mystery, but it really reminded me of Hyouka ^^
        Ooh I see! Have you tried Btooom? That’s the first anime that came to my mind when you said ‘survival games’ ^^

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yep it definitely did! I was inwardly screaming ‘Hyouka!’ many times throughout the series xD Haha I see, not a bad idea – it definitely is a good series that is worth all that ‘saving up’ 😉

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Cowboy Bebop is an awesome show. I love the Danganronpa games and the anime is a good alternative for people who don’t own a Vita. Good luck cosplaying Horn Skuld.

    Liked by 1 person

    • YES FINALLY SOMEONE WHO UNDERSTANDS! I don’t own a Vita, and I don’t plan to get one. Not that it’s a bad system, just, you know, I’d have to buy a whole console just to experience the game. Perhaps I can watch a walk through of the first and second on YouTube? And yes, Bebop is great fun so far.
      How’d you know?! It’s gonna be a b*tch getting into that dress uniform, but I think I can fill it in (not in the good way). It’ll help when I put the curly blond wig on . . . And the makeup . . . And the fangs . . . And the boobs . . .
      :/ >.> LOL

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  3. FSN 06 has its moments. Diamond daydreams sounds interesting. Have you tried Shiro bako?. Hadou belly, shoryu belly by the director just got me laughing out loud. Not forgetting his “fat alliance” with Honda; head production desk. Even though they never had that alliance at all xDD.

    I’m guessing Krul Tepes?.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I have missed you and your blog, I’m determined to do some catching up! XD

    REDLINE. REDLINE. REDLINE. I LOVED THAT ONE SO MUCH I BOUGHT IT THE SAME DAY. XD one of the best movies I watched last year!

    Oooh you watched Charlotte! I’m still in love with the ED. XD

    Gosh I need to see Cowboy Bebop! It’s up there with Berserk, which I just caught up with, and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures, which I just started yesterday and am madly in love with already, in terms of ‘GOTTA WATCH THIS’. LOL XD


    Liked by 1 person

    • I have missed you as well, catching up must be in order!
      Charlotte 🙂
      I know, right? Berserk is another one of them old classics that I ought to get around to seeing. So many old treats, my backlog hurts, haha!

      Liked by 1 person

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