The Starting Of Being A Youtuber – Lita Edition

My darling friend LitaKino wrote this for ME. Just kidding, but if you’ve wanted to hear the personal story and success of a fellow WordPress blogger trying out YouTube, read it. No comments necessary, just read if you’re interested in YouTube!
– Takuto

Being on youtube sounds scary…..

Greetings Readers/Bloggers 🙂

It’s time I felt for another doing another post similar to a post I did last year Lita’s Blogging Ways And My Tips, but this is regarding as some of you may or may not know I run a youtube channel where I express my love for anime in more depth. This post is dedicated to a good blogger friend of mine Taku who a while back wanted to see a post about how do you start a youtube channel or how to start out? So I am fulfilling this request now as I give a background into how I started my small channel and a guide, with tips on how for others wanting to start up their own channel or have a go 🙂 

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2 thoughts on “The Starting Of Being A Youtuber – Lita Edition

  1. Years ago I had a Youtube channel that covered retro games. Despite having a sizable fanbase I gave it up because I found speaking to a mike uncomfortable. I much prefer writing reviews.

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