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Ladies and gents, children of all ages, welcome to a very special week here in the cafe (and to another wonderful cafe talk!). One fateful year ago from this upcoming Valentine’s Day, I was (not) alone (click to read the backstory). I had previously spent the first two weeks of the month building up to this day: Canceling holiday meetups, telling my family “see ya,” leaving my girlfriend (HAH, no such thing exists now and then :/), and even preparing snacks. To what end? I was determined to introduce myself into the fantastical world of the (in)famous mecha anime Neon Genesis Evangelion (click on link for my thoughts!!!!!). Primarily, I just wanted to watch the Rebuild films, but seeing as I didn’t know what they were (and that they were just tempting me at the store since childhood), I thought I’d just sit through the series so that I could get to the meat.

Well, I got myself into much more than a robot fight, mind you.

I ABSOLUTELY fell in love with everything the franchise had to offer. For days-weeks-heck, this whole YEAR after, I spent my time endorsing myself into whatever I could get my grubby little paws on. I finally got to buy those two films, went eBay dumpster diving for the original Platinum litebox release of the series, and even dipped my toes in picking up that controversial movie we all love but don’t understand (some hate it for that mere factor): The End of Evangelion (click link for my cool thoughts on it!!!) . And you know what? I even got (well, my cool bro picked them up for me on a music trip of his :D) the last two volumes of the manga, 13 and 14, just to coincide my experience with the last volume’s release. That’s right. I’m edgy~


I even formatted some pictures on Google (thank you respective artists) and printed posters!!! Wow, not sure if that’s cool or lame . . . I think I’m pretty cool . . . o_o

Flash forward one crazy year, and here I am again, (not) alone. But I have other plans for this V-Day which I’ll advertise in a future post. This week is Evangelion week in the cafe – Specifically, my “Revisit” (get it, Rebuild, Revival, “Revisit,” oh I am so damn clever) to the beloved Tokyo-3. After what, 3 or 4 years of waiting, coincidentally, FUNimation finally decided to release the third installment of the Rebuild franchise: Evangelion 3.33: You Can (Not) Redo. It was officially released this past Tuesday, February 2nd (yes, a fan such as myself had it on pre-order ;)), and in celebration of its release and my anniversary of uncovering the franchise for myself, I declared this Eva week, and spent a good chunk of Monday and Tuesday rewatching my favorite episodes (“The Day Tokyo-3 Stood Still”).

Aren’t you loving how this all pans out for me? Coincidence after coincidence, lucky me ~

Here is how the week’s been running so far, and will proceed as planned:

2/1 Monday – Rewatch favorite episodes of NGE between 1-13

2/2 Tuesday – Rewatch favorite episodes of NGE between 14-26

2/3 Wednesday – Rewatch Evangelion 1.11

2/4 Thursday – Rewatch Evangelion 2.22

2/5 Friday – Watch Death & Rebirth

2/6 Saturday – Watch Evangelion 3.33

2/7 Sunday – Rewatch Evangelion 3.33, with siblings (movie theater, click here for backstory)

You’re probably sittin’ there gagging, “Takuto, why bother with Death & Rebirth? Isn’t it just a sh*tty retelling of the series followed by the first episode of The End of Evangelion?” 

Why yes . . . well, apparently, I suppose? I never included D&R during the grand binge of ’15, so I’ve only been going by speculation. It’s time I grow a pair and see what I think, though, right? Can a true HUGE fan of the franchise say they love it to death if they haven’t absorbed all of it? That’s my thinking at this point, at least, so I paid the $15 bucks just to have it in my collection (because collecting is fun).

I’ve rambled enough! Won’t you join me on this epic conquest to reestablish, reaffirm, rekindle, and revisit this anime classic (gosh, one would think we were about to do something again, wouldn’t they, sheesh)??!! If not, well, the door’s right over there (just kiddin,’ go find another one of my reviews to munch on until the cool kids are done partying LOL)! I mean, we’ve been with each other since the beginning, so let’s finish the third lap on the track that has been etched in anime history: 3.33, here we come!! You can expect a review of both Death & Rebirth and Evangelion 3.33 at the end of the celebration, and hey, if you haven’t already checked out my old reviews of parts in the franchise, click on the links scattered above. They could sure use some lovin.’ 🙂

I’ve already changed my wallpapers, blocked out the world, and prepared tons of snacks. Oh wait, SHHHH, the movie is starting!!!!!!!!

We have begun Third Impact once again, everyone. Join me in this segue so the End. “The end of every world has a beginning, and this is (not) the world we thought we knew.” It’s time to Revisit and Redo.

– Takuto, your host

25 thoughts on “The Revisit of Evangelion: We Have Begun Third Impact | Cafe Talk

      • I agree, they are sexy haha. I read and own all fourteen volumes of the manga. They are pretty awesome. I have seen Evangelion 1.11 and 2.22 back when Toonami did the month of movies years ago. I still need to buy them.

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      • Yep, all fourteen volumes. I first got them in omnibus format and then bought volume 13 and 14 individually. I gotta get the films you mentioned. They are epic! *in Spongebob’s voice* I need it!!

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      • Hey recently, I bought volume 1 of Neon Genesis Evangelion platinum from a yard sale for 50 cents. Besides that, I recommend the manga. It’s really good and easy to get into, that’s what I think. You should get the omnibus if you want to collect the series faster. It’s pricey but worth it.

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      • I haven’t seen the End of Evangelion movie but after I read the last volume of the manga, I think that the manga does a better job of ending the story. At least with the omnibus, you can buy it in physical or digital format.

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      • Yeah, see, I think that if it was the manga that was animated, the the series wouldn’t be remembered for its very interpretive ending, which would be kinda sad. Like you said, I agree that the manga ending made much more sense, but it’s lack of such a perplexing ending makes it unmemorable for some. Still like it a lot, though! As for omnibus, physical all the way, even though I think the digital is easier to read XD

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      • I seen a YouTube video called “Did You Know Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion” and they mentioned about End of Evangelion. I believe they said that it depends on how you view the ending; it’s a big complex puzzle. Despite the controversy, I am curious about the film. I like both physical and digital. They have their ups and downs lol.

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      • OH MY GOSH THAT SUCKS >.< !!!!!! I'm so sorry that happened to you! It's such a "transforming" movie that even after a second, third, heck, tenth time rewatching it, I get all kinds of feels injected into me. Do give it a chance if you have the time. The surreal animation and haunting music elevate the film to whole new level of excellency, even if the story is hella confusing xD

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      • It’s all good. I wasn’t expecting to be spoiled. The video was about fan’s top 5 hated anime characters and one of them was Shinji. I was barely getting into the series until the reviewer pretty much spoiled the film. Besides that, I am hoping to see it eventually. Based on the animation, it is pretty much what you described but my curiosity is making me want to see it. I want to see that and Death and Rebirth.

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  1. I have never watched the Evangelion series 😛 but maybe I’ll try it once my exams get over (they are coming one after the other literally). Those posters look really pretty!

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    • Oh you haven’t? Well, it is very hit or miss. I strongly recommend every fan to at least try it, though, so after exams go give it a shot!! Exams are the worst, oh gosh. And thanks! Two of them belong to studio Khara, while the other (red staff one) is fan art. I went ahead and messed with the brightness and coloring and added words just for effect. Glad you like them ^.^

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  2. I liked Eva when I first watched it, but the show is hard to rewatch due to the annoying lead and naff ending. All that said I am pleased to hear that 3.33 is finally coming out. To be fair to Funimation they weren’t at fault for the delay (you can blame the Japanese for that one.)

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    • I love all of the characters, Stupid Shinji included, and so for me, it never gets old (that or I have high tolerance and poor taste). Either way, YES, it’s finally here in the states! And oh gosh, I know all of the drama involved in this doozy. It most likely points to Anno being picky with a subtitle track I frankly won’t read, so FUNi is not at fault. However, I hear that they left the credits in the original Japanese, not translating them :/ I hate that, as it’s so inconsistent with not only their Rebuild releases but with ALL FUNi releases. Ugh, but I digress. Should be glad it’s just here, right?

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