Takuto Goes to Naka-Kon 2016!

That’s right lads, this is just a quick update that tomorrow I’ll be bound for Naka-Kon in Overland Park, KS. This will be my second visit there and I’m incredibly stoked to check out some anime merch (on the hunt for Asuka goodness), meet some of my favorite English voice actors *fingers crossed* (including but not limited to: Austin Tindle, Apphia Yu and Erica Mendez), and possibly meet up with some of you!! I know Crimson (MyFujoshiLife) and Kausus (OtakuGamerZone) will both be nerdin’ out, so it’d be cool if we met IRL. Look for a terrible Mikaela Hyakuya cosplayer, that’s me XD On the iffy side, I heard their autograph sessions are ticketed events now, so God, I hope that’s not a huge hindrance. Not too happy about that.  :/

But yeah, it’ll be a lot of fun – We’ll make it fun! This does mean I’ll be out for another 3 days (whoops!), but my Rose of Versailles review is nearly ready. After that, I’m on break for a week, so lots of time for blogging and catching up with you all. It’ll all be fine.

Just a quickie from me, have a wonderful weekend!!~

– Takuto

71 thoughts on “Takuto Goes to Naka-Kon 2016!

    • NOPE! …. But he/she would probably make a better one than mine :,(
      …. Why did I choose such a mainstream anime? Just, why?
      I’ll be there tonight, but won’t be in cosplay until tomorrow. Feel free to use this post as a communication link, since I’m still undecided on Twitter XD

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    • SWEET JESUS WHAT IS THAT?!?!? She’s not gonna seriously hold that up, will she??? Also, I know what she looks like from YouTube, so finding her isn’t a problem. More importantly, this chat was freakin hilarious, but I’m starting to get all nervous now, yikes. Is Crimson cosplaying? Is she with someone? Could you be our connection, Lyn??

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      • Haha, we all got to meet, so I’d call it a victory! Next time, you should totally cosplay tho, it’s fun stuff. My weekend was all-in-all fantastic. Got to meet every VA that showed up and even bought some cool stuff…though I did spend a lot XDD Future me will regret it. How about you? I know you’re a huge manga buff, but did this little con appeal by the end??

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      • It was pretty nice, my biggest disappointment was the dealers hall but near the end the manga booth dropped their price and I nabbed a few >:D then there was this lady who was selling/trading some titles and I bought a few from her 👍👍👍

        Ooooo, wanna see what you got *__* I know you told me about the figures

        I last minute decided on getting the VN that Ayu was selling but they sold out ;_; lol

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      • Ooh, well glad you managed to get some cheaper manga! You managed to trade with someone, too? Wow, that’s neat, I’ll be doing a haul post sometime today hopefully, so then you can see da goods XD
        I heard on Sunday that Ayu had a stand set up, but it was too late to do anything 😦 Luckily, my mom managed to get a picture with her and have her sign a movie for me! That’s a bummer you couldn’t get the VN!

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      • No not trade, I don’t trade xD If I buy some manga they’re MINE! Awesome, I can’t wait to see what you got 😀 I’ll be posting mine…hopefully soon orz I still have an essay I need to do today and tomorrow I’m going to watch the Psycho Pass movie so I also need to watch s1 @_@…then there’s other posts I need to start too…wow, this sounds pretty scary now >_<

        I went to her booth on Sunday and saw her 😀 but was too scared to go up and ask for a picture…Dx Your mom sounds awesome! My mom would've been like uh uh you go. What movie?

        Well, they said I could buy it online so I might do that maybe…xD

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      • Oh, just noticed you mentioned selling, whoops!
        More importantly, you’re watching Psycho-Pass? First or second time, cause whichever, it’s an absolutely incredible series! I need to buy the movie whenever it comes out :/ and IKR, I have so many posts to write up it’s not even funny.
        My mom has this natural high to talk to ‘famous’ people, and also it was a bit of a competition to see who could meet more VAs XD
        She was Airi in Robotics;Notes, Steins;Gate’s unknown cousin who IMO is wonderful in its own right. Also, it’s cool that you can buy it online. Not sure what it’s about, but yeah lols

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      • I started watching s1 a while back but only got through like…3 episodes? so I’m going back to watch it and finish it @_@ I’ve heard it’s really good and I watched the preview for the movie and was like ‘the MC turns into THAT?’ she was really cool and all i remember was her being really timid xD

        Who won? :0 Also, I haven’t watched Stein’s gate yet >_> I checked it out a while ago but didn’t feel like continuing it for some reason…? I’ve been meaning to go back and watch it but there’s other anime I’m more excited about xD

        I have no idea what it’s about, I just wanted to help support since I thought she was cool :3 I heard it involved mystery and murder and lots of blood…

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      • Oh yeah, Akane turns into a beast. Great character. Totally worth watching again, now that you mention it.
        Well, I got the most autographed merch out of all of us, but getting to talk to Ayu and Micah as an actual adult would be an unforgettable experience for me. It’s awesome that you’d be willing to buy it just to support them! And hey, it sounds interesting enough, so that’s a plus. I’m a sucker for mystery 🙂
        Steins;Gate, oh lord, this to me is the anime of all anime. If you’ve ever taken a recommendation from me and it paid off, this is the one I always entrust people with. It’s a story of complexity on many levels, so it’s hard to jive with at first, but by the second half it’s like a drug – Mentally draining, time consuming, addicting, but NOT bad for your health at all. Every anime fan should watch it. Done. Do it.
        *sorry to tangent the chat, I just hold this one close to heart xD*


  1. Have a wonderful time!~! Conventions are lots of fun and just seeing all of the cosplayers is amazing in its own right, I mean how much goes into creating their costumes! Hawaii gets a comic con, not quite the same thing but fun still. Good luck~* with finding many Asuna♥ treasures!! ^^

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    • YES!! Getting to meet up with you and Crimson was definitely a highlight of not only the convention, but for my blogging ‘career.’ We are all such winners! 😀 I’m considering the Twitter more and more after the con, so yeah, looking more into it.
      Also, I totally forgot to say hi/bye after Erica Mendez’s Saturday panel! I know you asked a question, and when I turned around to see who it was, I also saw Crimson behind me! Crazy world~!

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