Asuna’s Position Cannot Define Her Personality | PART II: In Defense of Fairy Dance

This is part two of the five-part series “In Defense of Fairy Dance,” a collection and comprehensive analysis defending the positive aspects of Reki Kawahara’s “Fairy Dance” arc in Sword Art Online. Research was gathered from the anime (sub and dub versions) and volumes three and four of the light novel series. This is in NO WAY written to justify all of the second half of the series, nor is it to say that it is particularly well-written. Instead, it is a half-full glass of the neat things the series did, and why I enjoyed myself with most of the content despite the glaring flaws. HEAVY SPOILERS EXIST.

Introductions out of the way, we’re now getting down to business. For this second session, I’ll be taking a look at the target reason why Sword Art Online has a big fat red “X” scarred across itself on many people’s anime list. Her name was Asuna the Flash: Fierce, courageous, vigilant, and a knight for the people. Notice how I said was.

In “Fairy Dance,” our superior heroine was reduced to a weeping twig of a fairy begging for her mighty Kirito-kun to save her from her perverted, slimy (in more ways than one) captors. This unnecessary shift from castle knight to caged canary puts a fowl taste in the mouths of many, but was Asuna really as pathetic as she seems, or, perhaps, was there a special kind of development in play underneath the foliage? Did our coined “Damsel in Distress” actually have an iron backbone under those glittering wings we so frown upon?

Titania . . . That Stupid Name

Finding Asuna alone in the first half of “Fairy Dance” (third volume) is pretty rare. Often her sleazy captor Oberon the Fairy King AKA Sugou is found loafing around her chamber, mocking her hero, her helplessness, and even the game itself . . . We’ll cover that later. What is known is that by being forced into ALO, Asuna is unarmed – but still dangerous, mind you!

The book doesn’t start her off too strong, though. Upon her entrance in chapter three (98, vol.3), our first impression is her ‘silent prayer to Him,’ “’Hurry . . . Hurry and come save me, Kirito . . .’” Yeah, not a good start to our favorite ruby knight. Already, we feel her frailness of being a caged princess, as she first clings to the thought of someone else rescuing her rather than escaping herself.

That all fades away when Oberon graces his darling ‘Titania’ with his presence. In Aniplex’s English dub for the anime, she snappily remarks,

’Stop calling me by that stupid name. My name is Asuna, Sugou.’

In comparison, the light novel uses

’And stop calling me by that stupid name. I’m Asuna, Oberon . . . I mean, Mr. Sugou.’

If you read that second one closely enough, Asuna still reveres Sugou as an adult, hence, the respective Mr. in front. The ellipses further implies a cautioning, while the anime, specifically Cherami Leigh’s role of Asuna, is clearly firm with an unwavering glare to match it. That is one tiny detail where the anime did a better job at maintaining “The Flash’s” fire.

Another variance in tone between the two versions is shortly after, where Oberon requests that Asuna ‘give her heart to him.’ In the English dub:

’Never. The only things I’ll give you are disgust and hatred, and nothing more.’

Ooh, that’s tough talk. How about the LN?

’You will be waiting until the end of your days. All I feel for you is scorn and disgust.’

Interesting. Both are equally fierce and nearly identical in translation, but that wordier LN quote (Japanese language probably has something to do with that) comes across as a bit more, say, romantic, no? Not romantic as in “Oh Sugou, I love you” but more like a sweeter sass than “Never.” That brings us to the next point.

Romantic VS (not-so) Sexy 

Anime. Yup, that’s fan service, not motivation for Kirito.

I’ll stop here, but you get the point.


Here is a side-by-side, LN Left, anime Right, same chain scene. The LN looks more graceful, as if to be romantic. Little too submissive, but I think it’s better than the anime’s gritty, busty, shadowed version. The anime tried to be sexier, and it almost worked had we not gotten a full-fledged tongue rape by Sugou. Notice how the shackles are cruder in the anime as well. I realize the LN is cover art, but it is still there to represent the same scene or state of being.


Reading a scene versus watching the same scene visually are two completely different translations. In that regard, the Asuna in the LNs embodies this air of “romantically clinging to hope,” while the anime is more of an “Oh God please save me from this disgusting man.” Support for this comes from the repeated reference to other aspects of nature in the LNs:

The World Tree Warriors are moths, the Sylph are grasshoppers, the Cait Sith are beasts, Kirito is a cockroach, Asuna is a bird trapped in a cage . . . And this all makes sense considering ALfheim’s fairy world theme – Everything is supposed to be lovely, full of wildlife and excitement! Asuna also translates as more of a delicate, gold-shackled woman than the anime’s bustier bod meant to attract your eyes. She is an item for Kirito and Sugou in the anime rather than a prize to be revered and softly handled.

And that’s where people draw the line with the second half – Sugou’s ridiculously inappropriate touching of Asuna towards the end. Was it necessary? Arguably, I think yes. By then, we are asleep. Kirito will reach the top, kill Sugou, and save the girl. The end. So didn’t having the female physically exploited before the MC’s eyes by this atrocious monster fuel the excitement, the rage?! It’s completely disgusting and humiliating (and fan service) in the anime (not that it isn’t in the LN) but you cannot say it wasn’t effective. It was the most infuriating yet engaging moment in the entire second half!

As for the tentacle slug things that nearly raped her? Yeah, THAT is poor, stupid, and totally uncalled-for writing. An alarm system or perhaps HUMAN guards would have not only made more sense, but also would have purified the show even if just a tad bit more. This was plain disgraceful and distasteful, not to mention unjustifiable. *shudders*

Parallels with the Legend

Okay, so it’s not a legend, but Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” clearly was the basis for the second half’s cast. Oberon is the ruthless fairy king driven by jealousy and power. He is a man to be enthralled by jokes, and will wickedly pursue his lust by making an ass of his wife, Titania, his object, wife, and queen. Titania is the strongest female fairy in the land, and her struggle against her King’s will puts her foster son, whom she loves more and spends more time with, on Oberon’s wanted list – He even contemplates making him his servant! Now, whom do these characters sound like? I wonder . . .


If you once thought that Asuna was a weak gal in ALO, think again. Sure, her sword was taken away, but the true sword is her commendable courage (call it corny, but it is true). Asuna could’ve been stuck in that damned cage forever and gotten her mind wiped clean had she been caught by Sugou – Yet this birdie still boldly left the nest. “’That ends today,’” she tells herself. The only sign of reliability at this point is her murmuring “’Kirito . . . I’ll do my best.’” That’s not, “Kirito, come save me when I get out.” That is “Kirito, you’re out there fighting, and I’ll do my upmost to match your spirit.” Know the difference.

And I’m so freaking sick of everyone calling her a “Damsel in Distress!” Urban Dictionary defines it as “a stereotype of portraying an unmarried female who needs to be saved.”

  1. Asuna is married. Childlike in execution, but nevertheless an item with the Black Knight in the first half.
  2. She doesn’t need saving – She’s doing it herself! Why else would she risk her life in the game and in the real world? Kirito is trying her hardest, and she knows she must reinforce her own backbone with the thought that they will both be reunited TO ESCAPE BY HERSELF. This Asuna is just as clever and observant as her red counterpart. Look how she figured out a way to sneak out using the mirror; How about when she did escape, saw the 300 trapped players, and muttered that she would save them, too; Or when she did find a logout source, was pulled away, but took the key with her only to give it to her best fighting option – Her daughter and husband down below the clouds. And she did this all without pissing off her captor enough to have him wipe her mind. She’ll push his buttons and resist as long as she can without closing off any chance of escape.

Asuna shook her hair back, puffed out her chest in resolution, and strode forward purposefully, the way she had once done in a different world . . . ‘I won’t stop. I’m getting back to the real world, alive. I have to see him again,’ she swore to herself, and then resumed her march. (202, vol.3)

Guys, she’s an incredibly talented and valiant spirit on the inside, so please do not let that piece of cloth they call a dress and her whimpering in disgust hamper that belief. This, above many moments in the franchise, shows her true willingness to live and free herself (struggled with when she first arrived in SAO) – That iron will to push through the impossible is the mark of a true heroine. I admit that I’d rather watch her slice and dice demons on the battlefield, but I can, to a degree, at least understand the position/inner conflict (to live, and to do so freely), and why it the series took this route. It’s setting up Kirito as the main hero and Asuna as a secondary character for future content. Again, I don’t prefer it, but observing Asuna endure in this manner was still nevertheless intriguing if you look past the fairy glitter. Queens can be just as resilient as the mighty knights they call upon.

Thank you for reading! Please, share any thoughts below and stay tuned for PART III!

(I own neither the anime nor the light novel series of Sword Art Online. All images and videos belong to A-1 Pictures and Reki Kawahara.

25 thoughts on “Asuna’s Position Cannot Define Her Personality | PART II: In Defense of Fairy Dance

  1. Even though Asuna was reduced to “captor needing rescue” I like that the author showed she is still a strong character. Using her own ingenuity she came seconds away from escaping. The groping scene was uncomfortable, but given the bad guy’s motivations it was within his character.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Woah, this slipped by me somehow and I’m so sorry!
      You sum up very well my opinions on the situation. She’s strong, just a little disabled. She’s clever, just running out of time. I don’t think anyone could’ve sat through the groping without cringing at least once – But that was Oberon’s sick wickedness. He was just playing the natural part.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Interesting topic. I do feel that Asuna is not the “Damsel of Distress”. Like you said, her weapon was gone and that’s because Aincrad was disappearing and Suguo was in the process of making ALFeim Online and kidnapping Asuna. I never noticed the chains from the light novel and anime. Great job on pointing it out. 😉

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  3. I am not as big a fan of Asuna as opposed to some of the other female characters in this series, but I think you’re right. I never took issue with all the groping + tentacles scenes because I think they merely represent directorial intention to put her in a subordinated position, rather than showcasing the weakness of her character. The creator’s intentions may be on the anti-feminist side, but hate shouldn’t actually be directed to the character herself. Good job Takuto, I like your analysis on this 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Me as well; I find Suguha, Sinon (Asada), and Lisbeth to all be more worth my time analyzing. However, that doesn’t mean I dislike Asuna.
      And then you go on to summarize my 1,000+ post with these genius two sentences. Bravo right back to you!! This was what I wanted express for this segment! So what if the creator (and the animation director) want to showcase more fan service, it doesn’t mean she is by any means weak. Pardon this crude example, but that’d be kinda like declaring a woman (or man I suppose) whom nearly escaped a raping ‘weak’ just because their body was exposed. Now c’mon peeps, her daring escape makes already makes her stronger than all ‘damsels.’
      But before I go on another long rant (gosh, I need to work on word choice), I want to thank you again! I’m so glad you found enjoyment in this series. I especially appreciate your support considering the slight lack of it in this series, which so far is the most challenging endeavor I’ve done on this blog. One of them would also be my longest post :/ So thanks! Little comments go long ways, and I can’t wait to emerge out of this series somewhat enlightened and satisfied 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oooh yes, Sinon was one of the main reasons why I actually pressed on when I was watching the second season as well 🙂 Sinon’s my favourite out of all the girls, then Suguha comes next xD Yup, I do think that that is one of the most confused criticisms that people tend to throw at a show when they see scenes like that – it certainly isn’t unique to SAO alone, and I do feel rather incensed when I see people denouncing female characters based on such portrayals.

        Hahaha you’re very much welcome! 🙂 I did notice that there didn’t seem to be as much support as your other posts, and that was a factor that made me want to demonstrate my support more obviously (i.e. longer comments hahaha) as a reader 🙂 Because I know that feeling all too well myself, especially when I know both length & more ‘specialized’ anime analysis can put people off from reading (from what I observe through my own blogging endeavors) So I am glad that despite knowing it may not garner the most views, you still decide to go through with this because – its what you wanna write! 😀 I personally want to do all I can to encourage people who think and do things that way 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Woah, this is six days late, sorry!
        Sinon is definitely SAO’s strongest female in terms of writing, but Sugu does come close in second. Isn’t it frustrating to see people bash these ladies without understanding their views? I mean, it’s not classic literature, but I don’t think they’re cutouts either.
        And Thanks again! I know you are a supporter of analytical posts, so I’m glad there’s one solid fan out there (love these long comments BTW)! You know how these things roll, so I appreciate your watchful eye and valuable words. It’s tough writing these things, and clicking the post button is even harder sometimes. But doing so gives me closure on the topic, so I continue to post. That’s so awesome of you ^__^

        Liked by 1 person

      • Its fine, though I thought maybe it didn’t show up on your notif (cos it happens) – but now I know, no worries ^^
        Haha I always thought the SAO fandom was a little too quick to jump to conclusions & a little extreme in the way they argue for their views, so I am not entirely surprised with the way they treat the more nuanced positive aspects of the characters which understandably, aren’t as obvious and hence harder to pick up. ><

        Hahaha sure, I am a HUGE fan of long comments myself, so I am glad you like mine! ^^ Yep, closure is sometimes all we need to push us on in our writing endeavors 😀 Aww nahhh, I just do what I can 🙂

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      • You know, you said a mouthful here; lots of introspective comments. The SAO clan always dives headfirst into this show being one of their tops – For some, it’s either their only and/or their favorite. I’m not against that, but if you’re gonna gloat over something, at least know all of its tricks and secrets so that when you get on the web, you can mention the not-so-blatant reasons as to why it’s worth watching. That’s how you NOT piss off the anime community, and that IS how you develop a more active, self-discovering mind. That’s why we rock XD

        Liked by 1 person

      • That’s exactly why I say every time any moron tries to make Asuna seen whortless, victimizing her more than what she had to suffer in hands of Sugou, like she simply let that happened; and the worst of it, this is how society actually treats women that are victims of rape.
        Every single time a otaku moron brings this “argument” to the table, I want to turn him/her in my personal piñata =S

        Liked by 1 person

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