End of March Update 4/10/16

Hello cafegoers! March was a big month for me. I finished all ongoing anime that I started way back in the winter and concluded my research over one particularly tedious project. With all slates wiped clean, it’s time to move on to bigger and better anime. But first, we must recap the cool things I finished! Onto the update!

Recently Finished:

Cowboy Bebop – We (my family) arranged a weekend solely dedicated to finishing this classic “space western.” Let’s just say we were in for a long (12 episodes) and emotional haul. The end was a bit underwhelming, yet at the same time being everything that I wanted from a show such as this. The manner in which the crew disperses towards the finale is a sort of wake-up call, like a reminder that this wasn’t the kind of story we’ve been really following. It left a depressing hole in my heart, but that’s not to say I wasn’t satisfied. More thoughts to come in a brief review!

Girls und Panzer – You might recall this lil’ title in a previous haul, but yeah, finally got around to watching it. While the dub was pretty cringy (probably the worst I’ve ever seen), I managed to love EVERY SINGLE MOMENT of this tanks-meet-chicks comedy. I marathoned it in like two or three days, actually! Review on the way!

Baccano! – Mhmm, that’s right, the mafia stopped by to tell me that my job wasn’t over. In just 16 episodes, I witnessed a ragtag chase in the back alleys of the Big Apple, the struggle for immortality by alchemists, and a chain of bloody, grisly murders aboard the continental train The Flying Pussyfoot (HAHA HE SAID PUSSY). This was one of the most confusing anime I have seen, but oh boy, does Baccano! do A LOT of things right! You can bet your sweet tuckus I’ll hit more on it in a future review!

Erased – This one kept me entertained until about the last two or three episodes. It tried – it really did – but I just found the end predictable and lackluster. The thriller vibe it upheld through the entire ride, however, was absolutely incredible. Erased was only the most-watched and reviewed show of the season, so if I do write a review, it’ll be brief like my Bebop one would be.

Dimension W – This was the greatest disappointment of the season for me. I came in expecting so much: It was the season’s only big sci-fi, FUNimation had a part in the anime’s production, and the premise was thoroughly invested in a futuristic concept. It was only natural to expect something grand to come from all of this, but the story fell so short so early on. After episode 6 or so, I lost interest. Don’t worry – I still finished it and plan to write a semi-rant/review.

Yuki Yuna is a Hero – Last but certainly not least is this seemingly innocent magical girl anime . . . Gosh, have there been any pure, fluffy magical girl anime since Madoka Magica? This one takes inspiration from its groundbreaking ‘predecessor’ by throwing all kinds of twists and turns in the typical magical girl system. As such, you can expect it to go from zero to one hundred come two-thirds into watching. I have many good (and iffy) things to say about Yuki Yuna coming soon, particularly why the show falls a tad bit short of PMMM!

Currently Watching:

One Punch Man – That’s right! Takuto finally gets around to the top hitter of last season AND possibly the best anime of 2015! Is it a man? Is it an egg? Is he bored with all things in life? Yes to all! I’m three episodes in, and so far it’s not half bad. Will I like it more than, say, Sound! Euphonium or Food Wars!? Hmm, probably not . . . but I’m very excited to see how the show will carry on without dulling its satire.

Simulcasts I plan to follow this spring:


Kiznaiver – It’s studio Trigger and it’s not Ninja Slayer. Need I say more?

My Hero Academia – THE REAL HYPE. Mainly watching this to know what all the buzz is.

Mayoiga – I’m a sucker for mysteries, and this one looks genuinely interesting. It also sounds sort of like a survival game, which is another trick to bait Takuto.

Any Sword Art Online fans out there? I wrote this humongous five-part comprehensive analysis over the first season’s second half, “Fairy Dance.” CLICK HERE for the series! Be warned, it’s quite wordy, but it’s so far THE hardest thing I’ve ever written for this blog. I had a blast writing all of it, and I encourage you to check it out if you’ve enjoyed my musings thus far!

Now that the “Fairy Dance” analysis is out of the way, I’ve been slowly working on a lot of new projects behind the scenes. Some involve just tackling new simulcasts, some just checking on previous popular shows, and some are secret. More to come on those later, hyuk-hyuk-hyuk.

I had the time of my life at Naka-Kon 2016! Click here for more!

I’ll also be testing out some new review formats, so be on the lookout for your favorite one and let me know! I normally clock in with 1,000 to 1,400 words per review, but I’d like to try writing these next few in under 900. Partial reasoning for this cut is to practice my wording, but another comes from the fact that most bloggers (and readers) prefer shorter posts. It’s rare to come across a person who enjoys 5,000+ words of analysis 🙂 so I want to try shorter, more meaningful posts! I’m sure we all know the struggles.

So yeah, that’s about it. I’ve been busy with music and academic competitions these past several weeks (studying, practicing, studying). As you can see, I have no problem fitting in time to watch anime. It’s just hard to get around to writing about it, publishing a post, reading other posts, commenting, then replying to everything – WAH! But I enjoy reading from you guys, and I definitely get motivational-boosters from reading the comments you leave. 😀

In other news, it’s getting much warmer here . . . so much so that some afternoons are unbearable, ugh. Why can’t we get more rain?? I’ll be up all night drafting reviews for the many shows that I want to talk about, so I better end things here. What shows did you recently complete that knocked your socks off? Y’all have a pleasant week, and until next time, this has been

– Takuto, your host

10 thoughts on “End of March Update 4/10/16

  1. Erased! I felt the same way about the ending and I’ve heard that just about everyone else felt the same xD Can’t wait to see what you leave us, I might also write something but I want to rewatch it from beginning to end before I do. Unfortunately, my anime binge watching session keeps getting pushed back (I’m going to watch it with my brother)

    Dimension W: I haven’t finished it! I need to because everyone says it was a disappointment and I won’t entirely believe it until I see it for myself Orz Because who doesn’t like to be tortured…

    It’s nice to see you finally checking out OPM, just yesterday I told myself I would watch it too, right after I finished the first two episodes of My Hero Academia (which I told myself I wouldn’t watch) 🙂 I figured if I liked the latter I should at least check out the former, not to mention all the cool fanart that has been baiting me…

    Oh! Someone recommended I check out the Iron Fortress anime! I’m hoping to watch it sometime today or soon since I’m writing first impressions for this season (it’s the first time I’ve watched so many new anime! it’s kind of fun, HAHA)

    I want to read your fairy dance posts but I’ve never watched SAO and I have little to no interest in checking it out :”D Will I be lost if I check it out? lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • Rewatching Erased would be a very wise move before reviewing it. And for doing so with your bro, I give you the thumbs up!
      Dimension W…uff, good luck with that one. It wasn’t bad, it’s that the antagonist was SOOO cringy XD
      Between Yuki Yuna, OPM, and Academia, it’s practically hero week at the cafe! Oh, I should make that a special event here (jots in notes). As for fan art, I think seeing the Saitama meme was convincing enough XDD
      I’m so excited for Kabaneri!!! As such in looking forward to your thoughts during its air. The Fairy Dance project was a huge undertaking for me. If you haven’t seen SAO, you could still probably find enjoyment in my deconstruction of the dramatic irony bits (or my writing style, it’s whateves :-)). Give part five a shot if you’re a fan of English OP covers, but other than that it’s only if you can squeeze in the time (given the number of words, it’ll be a while).

      Liked by 1 person

      • because it’s always the antagonist that ruins it >_< Lol!

        You should do some kind of hero special since you're already checking out so many! 😀 I bet it'd be fun

        Long posts are good, as long as I know what's going on xD I'll definitely stop by at part 5 then!

        ps. Any Twitter news? 😛

        Liked by 1 person

      • Haha, and yeah, I totally should!
        Wahooo!! That makes my day (even though this comment is 4 days late :/)
        As for Twitter…still nothing new, but I’ve found out that my summer schedule will be totally different than what I thought it’d be. That changes everything, as now I’ll have more time this spring…soooo, more to come on the issue, hopefully soon. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • 4 days is nothing! I mean, today I replied to a comment from last year…@_@ that wasn’t suppose to happen LOL

        Oh, for school? Or things like life/other activities? Either way MORE TAKUTO! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oh yeah, I think I remember that, hehehe!
        Should it happen, I want it to center around my anime life exclusively, and I’d like the blog to be a huge part of it. Well, that and chatting with all of you guys. We’ll just have to see what the good fairy brings~~

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  2. I liked Girls und Panzer too. Funny characters and the tank battles were surprisingly tactical.

    Maybe you can reunite your family to watch the Cowboy Bebop movie next?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I had a feeling you would. The way everything was coordinated oddly gives me an urge to hop into a tank with the girls and blow junk to smithereens.
      I’m definitely wanting to watch the movie! As for if it’s with them, that’ll take a month to arrange XD I’ll try!!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I think you watched more anime than I did, Takuto :p It mainly just reflects how much I haven’t been watching hahaha. At least you finished Cowboy Bebop. And I think a Baccano review by you would be interesting 🙂

    TIS SUCH A PITY THOUGH I AM THE RARE PERSON WHO LIKES THAT 5000 WORDS OF ANALYSIS ……. 😡 but its okay, after all shorter posts DO take lesser time to read :p

    Btw I think I had a comment on your Reflection post which you haven’t replied to? 😀 😀 😀 /just saying cos I thought maybe you just haven’t gotten around to it & that’s totally fine, just in case you didn’t see it or something xD

    Liked by 2 people

    • Well, I did virtually no blogging this month, save for the SAO posts, so that’s why I’ve had more time XDD
      Yes, Bebop is done, and Baccano, I’m so excited to talk about that one!
      I KNOW!! It’s tragic!! Shorter posts though, they do go by much faster. Much more convenient for me to read.
      And woah. Shit. What part is it on?? I feel terrible for missing you! I’ll go back and look. I just thought it was done for the time being, but I’ll look!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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