What do we have in Common? WE ARE HEROES!

There’s a reason for my frequent absences. Hosts hold social get-togethers, and I feel I’ve been failing a bit in that department. 

Join Takuto in celebrating “Hero Week” from May 2nd through the 8th! To combat my recent stumblings in anime with heroic themes, throughout the week I will be posting reviews of the following anime:

Erased (Boku dake ga Inai Machi)

One Punch Man

Yuki Yuna is a Hero

My Hero Academia (episodes 1-3, possibly 4)

What can you do to help (besides reading and commenting, like ya do)? Comment on any of these posts with your favorite heroes in anime or heroes in real life. These can be both the characters we love and people you value on your side of the fence. Each review will also contain a special mini-segment regarding the values of the hero archetype presented, and any flaws behind their ideology.

I urge you to involve as many spirited bloggers as you can! I want this to be a HUGE project that dominates the café for a solid week and floods it with iconic idols and wonderful people! I’ll be working around the clock trying to respond to each and every comment that comes in as soon as possible (because comments typically tend to slip by me once I unintentionally open them up to preview them). At the very end, I’d like to write a “Café Talk” post to encompass our many ponderings, much like I did with the Revisit of Evangelion and to an extent In Defense of Fairy Dance.

If you don’t have (for whatever reason) a favorite being of justice, feel free to browse around and get to know your other fellow bloggers and the important figures in their lives—Use this as your makeshift Memorial Day if you don’t celebrate such a holiday! Comment below if this interest you, or that you feel you’d like to participate 😀

A small blog like this one can’t do a whole lot on its own, but together, we should be able to have a grand time and spread awareness to the awesome individuals who have dragged us out of darkness at some point in our lives. I’m overflowing with all kinds of crazy ideas, so I can’t wait to start pumping these reviews out! Until next week, stay awesome guys! WE ARE HEROES –

– Takuto

P.S. (Spread dorky hashtags if you’d like #takutoheroweek #weareheroes :D)

19 thoughts on “What do we have in Common? WE ARE HEROES!

  1. You’ll be starting this on my birthday, so I’m gong to view it as a nice birthday treat! Hahah. Anyway, I am really looking forward to reading these posts.

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  2. Yay! Heroes are a good topic ^^ I haven’t watched some of the anime you have stated (watched only OPM and Erased), but since I take some of my watching cues from you anyway I’ll be looking forward to those posts. See yaaaa~

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  4. i’ve heard of the yuna show and i went to see some dub casting stuff at AX last year, it looked really nice! though honestly im not a big fan of shows with girls in them LOL hope you don’t mind my very late appearance >_>

    ps I used the hashtag :3

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    • Ah really? That’s cool! Shows with girls in them are normally not my thing, but like Madoka Magica and Girls und Panzer, there are exceptions (Yuki Yuna being one for sure). And hey, hope you don’t mind this 2-week late response XD
      ps dude you rock ^.^

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