More Summer Movie Theater Madness!?

Welcome ladies and gents to another Cafe Talk, a segment where I record my ramblings–

I know, I know. I’m supposed to be catching up on comments and posts. Well—this kinda came up first considering that we’re already almost done with the second title. *gasps* Where did the time go?

For those unfamiliar with our Movie Theater nonsense, click here for the full backstory and last year’s line up. Essentially, since I am the self-acclaimed Otaku Pioneer for my siblings, I gather my cash each year and blow it all on a list of shows that we can watch together. For me, I’ve seen all of them, and merely want them to watch them too since they’re curious. Unless they’re exceptions to the rule (necessary sequels or prequel material), the shows I pick are not only favorites of mine but also highly rated titles by myself and the community. Here is how this season will be divided:

Act One: A Lull in the Sea, Girls und Panzer, Danganronpa, ef – A tale of memories and melodies.

Act Two: Baccano!, Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA, Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works, KILL la KILL.

You’ll notice that I’m currently missing the second season to Fate UBW and the other four volumes of KLK.

Budget cuts. But I have a job now, no sweat :3

You’ll also probably see that the first and second acts greatly differ – That is done on purpose. The order I selected for this set of shows, I believe, is the best order to achieve each title’s maximum potential without blotting out the others. Feel free to argue against my madness below.

BUT YEAH. More shows. More great content. I’m hella stoked to rewatch all of Danganronpa with them now, as that is what comes following today’s girls-meet-tanks finale, haha! If you have any sibling/anime stories, let’s talk in the comments. I’m dying to know if I’m just the weird one running my own business here XD. ‘Till next time!

– Takuto, your host

PS: Did anyone recognize the Nagi-Asu upgrade from DVD in my past birthday haul to that blu-ray monster collection you see above? We’ll talk about that in the next post, kyu kyu kyu.

22 thoughts on “More Summer Movie Theater Madness!?

  1. Interesting list of anime. I didn’t notice the upgrade lol. I wish I had those anime you have. Out of the anime shown in the picture, I have Baccano. I want to see A Lull in the Sea and the new Fate/stay Night. I think you reviewed A Lull in the Sea in the past and that got me interested.

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    • Glad to see you’re piqued. And that’s okay lol, no one will XD
      I think I remember talking to you about picking Baccano up. A Lull in the Sea, sub or dub, is one of my top 15 favorites (cause ya know, 10 won’t do). Fate/stay Night is a spectacle to behold thanks to Ufotable’s top-notch execution. The last couple of episodes are a bit tedious, though. But most importantly, OH, you remembered my review, GAH! I am so flattered ^.^

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      • Yeah, A Lull in the Sea looks great based on what you said. I still remember the example with Spongebob and water logic XD. I am hoping in the future and buying the set with the soundtrack. It’s pricey but worth it. The Ufotable version looks great on Fate/stay Night. I really want to see it. I might get it after I finish the previous Sentai Filmworks version. Definitely need to watch Baccano :P.

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      • YES MATT, YES! I’m actually compiling pictures I’ve taken for an unboxing post of the beast, so maybe that’s something to look forward to. Have you seen Fate/Zero yet? If so, that, in my opinion, comes first. Then Fate/stay Night 2006, followed by the new Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works. Skip the movie, it sucked 😛 Baccano is a lot of fun to watch, but it’s confusing as hell!

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      • An unboxing post sounds great. I would like to see that. I like anime unboxing posts or videos because I get to see what the products look like before I buy :). I haven’t seen it but I plan to watch it in English dub at Crunchyroll. It looks quite interesting in my opinion. I did hear about the movie and I heard it was a movie where fans are expected to know about the series. I haven’t seen that either XD. Baccano looks like a fun series to get into. It was also made by the same person who did Duarara!!. I got a lot of catching up to do. XD

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      • Well good, cause I just put it out! Crunchyroll would be a great place to check out the dub–I even watched an episode or two from the beginning just to make sure it was what I wanted to hear. Yeah, Baccano is a series where the end is already known, and piecing all three of the timelines (and each of their scattered events) in order is half of the fun. The other half is the show’s insane characters. I noticed that your little icon character is someone from Durarara!!. While I’ve yet to see it, I feel it’s one of those shows that I’d want to read first then watch it animated. I could be wrong, but it’s got me pretty interested since I first saw it at my local book store.

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      • I know what I am going to do now. *opens up email, sees something about Takuto, ‘unboxing’, instant click lol*. I need to start watching the Fate series. I am mostly on my laptop doing homework for school than watching anime XD. Yeah my icon is from Durarara!!. I believe it’s like Baccano in regards to story and character scheme but more modern. I seen the whole season 1 and I like it. I need to finish all of 2x. I also want to get the books too. They did start off as light novels. If you want to start with the books, go for it! Tell us what you thought about it just like what you did with Sword Art Online.

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      • Haha, very good, Matt, very good 🙂
        Hop on the Fate train whenever you get time off from school; it’s a world of fun. And YES, I guessed it! If it’s by the same people, then I can see it being very interesting. As for those light novels, I say that sounds like a ‘novel’ idea (weak puns to pass the time). I just might have to if and when I pick up that first book!

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      • Thanks, hopefully I will join the train XD. Yeah, I like the anime Durarara!! and I heard good things with Baccano. If you plan to buy the books, let us know what you though. If you like that, then check out the light novels of Durarara!!. They also have a manga to DRRR!! if you are curious. (Also, nice pun :))

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