End of February Update 2/28/17

So I failed the 4-post-per-month plan yet again, but the defeat doesn’t seem as crushing as it was last month. Perhaps that’s because of my involvement with the OWLS bloggers; having a set deadline for a hefty post keeps me on my toes. Plus, they are more fun to write for some reason, hehe. The update this month will be brief, but hey, at least I’m doing the end of February update at the actual end of February!

Recently Finished:

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash – I covered my recent love for this short series in the last update, and here it is again but in the finished bin! Looking back, I’m happy that Grimgar didn’t stray from its preface of presenting the struggles of daily life in a fantasy adventure setting. Things took an unexpected turn, however, and on top of food, clothing, and other basic utilities, our party had to deal with death. Finding ways to cope and properly honor those who have passed on occupied much of the middle block. Luckily, the party found their way back on the track and ended their quest with great, intense combat, leaving the series open to a continuation if one ever were to arise. I quite enjoyed Grimgar, and I’ll probably try to pick it up now that FUNimation has released pics of the limited edition, huehuehue. I just might have to write a review if anyone is interested in knowing more of my thoughts!


Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence – As part of my Ghost in the Shell marathon week(s), this was the second entry to be completed. IT WAS NOT THAT BAD. Sheesh, everywhere you go, you have folks claiming that it was “too far up its own ass.” That quote was by the ANN podcast. I really enjoyed this film, I mean, not as much as the first, but still, it proved plenty interesting to say the least. The animation is gorgeous, the music complements the dingy atmosphere (that ending theme is soooo beautiful), and the premise offers enough to keep the viewer thinking, which is more than what Stand Alone Complex is currently giving me. I went ahead and picked it up on Amazon since FUNi recently rescued it and released it. When it gets here, I’ll rewatch a few bits then hopefully cover my thoughts in-depth later.

Currently Watching:

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – I’m not going to lie, SAC has so far been the most underwhelming entry in the franchise for me. I wasn’t even hooked until like episode 17 when the characters were trying to save bottles of wine–WINE for crying out loud! Maybe it’s just the way the characters converse that I’m not quite fully comprehending. I am watching the English dub (because YES Mary Elizabeth McGlynn AKA Viceroy Cornelia) if that makes any difference. The overarching “Laughing Man” plot has had its moments that completely gripped me, but there are too many government/political figures to remember, and that only adds to my confusion. Someone help, plz. I’ve got three episodes to go, so hopefully it all ties in by now, if not then by the “Laughing Man” recap movie, at least. The music is good, though, especially those first 15 or so seconds of the opening “Inner Universe.”

Between all this Ghost in the Shell, I don’t want to start anything not related to the franchise. Otherwise it wouldn’t be a marathon, right? I have Sailor Moon Crystal Set 2 on the way, as well as Innocence and GitS: The New Movie, so maybe I’ll hop into some sailor senshi awesomeness after Motoko’s done kicking all that cyber ass. Oh, isn’t set 2 of Sailor Moon S supposed to come out sometime in March? I already have set 1, so that’ll probably follow my Crystal session.

All of the releases lined up for this spring are absolute bliss: Steins;Gate the Movie, Crystal Season 2, Grimgar, One Punch Man, not to mention several others–the highlight of my entire year, however, has been the BLU-RAY RESCUE and even ENGLISH DUB of GOSICK set to come out in MAY. THIS. MAY. GOD I’M SO HAPPY I EVEN CRIED. What are you looking forward to picking up this spring?

Image result for gosick bluray

Also, how are the winter simulcasts, guys? I was going to watch Chaos;Child and Masamune-kun’s Revenge, but let me know if anything else out there is noteworthy. I plan to spend the afternoon reading all of the January and February OWLS blog tour posts, so be sure to check those out if you haven’t yet done so! I also plan to catch up on ALL of those comments you guys left. You know, time to be a responsible blogger for once, right? Haha, I will try to be super active this month, so until next time (hopefully soon), this has been

– Takuto, your host

14 thoughts on “End of February Update 2/28/17

  1. I won’t lie not a lot of good things have come out of the winter season. I’m really enjoying Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid but it’s a sit back and relax type show and I haven’t had much going on in the serious department. Spring however is gearing up to be one hell of a season.

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  2. YES!!!!!!!, can’t wait to read your thoughts on grimgar. I really enjoyed watching this series, sure it is slow but once you get past it. Oh boy does the series reward you!. Scums wish is a series you should give a shot. It’s a dark twist on the romance genre.

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    • You and Jamie really seem to like that one (I DID TOO), so now it’s a MUST!! Haha! I plan to pick it up courtesy of Funi’s upcoming release. Scums Wish . . . you keep tweeting about that one, I believe. Romance? Heck, I’m down for an emotional ride!

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  3. YES. REVIEW GRIMGAR. REVIEW GRIMGAR. *starts chant* Really adored that show personally!! Glad you enjoyed it too ^_^ and my recommendations for the winter season haven’t changed from my last comment; Revenge has been fun though too, and I’ll just give March Comes in Like a Lion a shout out as it’s carried into this winter season and it’s a phenomenal show nobody is talking about. A classic for sure. ^_^


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    • YES JAMIE now I HAVE to do it, hahaha!! I believe I recall you talking about it once before, but my memory is so hazy that anything is possible XD. Masamune-kun is definitely one I’ll be catching up on as the seasons go by, and while I heard very little about March Comes in Like a Lion, what I did hear was absolutely wonderful things. Perhaps modern classics are emerging all around us at this very minute! Always a pleasure chatting, it feels like it’s been so long!


  4. i haven’t followed anything this season in terms of anime, just chillin, reading some manga and stuff xD i got back into death note, reading dn ff at night 😛

    but i did hear this anya the great (or something) series is good. my brother keeps telling me to watch it and im just ‘i’ll watch it later’ xD

    and same here! my per week blogging goal was 4 and i think i only did like 2 at most Dx not bad, but not what i was hoping to accomplish, hopefully this month is better! and same w you on the owls posts being fun. i guess it’s bc they’re not reviews (for me at least)

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    • I think it’s safe to say I failed for February, and I almost did March but there’s still a week and a half left! I didn’t end up tagging along with any of the anime this season. It’ll be more fun to look back at Masamune-kun and Tanya when everyone else has moved on. Now that I’m about 25 days late to responding, I hope you’ve had a decent month blogging-wise. 😀

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