I Didn’t Feel Like Writing, That’s All!

The title says it all, but woah, long time no see, right?

Hi all, it’s Takuto, the host here at my anime cafe (whenever I actually decide to show up)! Before I go into the details of my absence, I do hope you’ve been doing well, and an extended “How do you do?” to the few of you who even followed me recently during this past month. It’s crazy to think that people would even read, let alone follow a slacking blogger, and for that I thank you, and welcome you, too!

The reason I haven’t been here is simple: I just haven’t felt like writing, that’s all! Nothing new to any of us, since we all go through that phase. But I figured over a month was pushing it, and that since I’m sorta back in the game I’d stop by here.

But EVEN though I’m here, I still don’t feel much umph for writing. I’ve watched A LOT of anime during this past month, so my passion for anime definitely hasn’t gone anywhere (which is VERY GOOD considering that blogging hiatus can sometimes indicate lack of love for the topic)!! I’ve even done some gaming which I’D NEVER do unless I was really trying to run from something.

It was just that, once I finished watching a show or film, I didn’t want to talk about it. Guess you could call me lazy, haha, or perhaps not feeling like wanting to shove my most recently watched title under a friggin’ black light with the reviews and all.

Another thing that stopped me was actually just that—formatting and good writing. An awesome and very helpful aniblogger by the named of Seasoned Prattle writes what to me is insanely high-quality posts. One of my favorites is about my current flu—writing when you simply can’t. Another recent post was about what I started talking about, formatting and the like, and it got me thinking:

What is my format, and am I jealous of Prattle’s work?

To answer both, I’m still not sure, and heck yes, of course I am.

But that’s when I realized, like you do, that I should “focus on doing me rather than constantly comparing myself to others (props to Shay for that encouragement).” I also did a little looking into Prattle’s site and found out that “they” are actually a team of four, not just one person—do fact-check me on this one if you know more or if I’m wrong—which only goes to reinforce the idea that I shouldn’t be comparing myself to four minds in one entity. Still admire Prattle’s work, so if you do read this, keep it up!

On this little self-reflection journey, Prattle and Shay told us readers and viewers alike that, as content creators, we should generally stress less. I can stress less, sure. I think what put me off most during this month was thinking that I needed to write with correct formatting, good grammar, interesting word choice, original thoughts, etc. And while those are certainly things to strive for, if they keep putting you down, you might as well not be writing at all, right!?

If I keep criticizing myself so harshly, which prevents me from posting at all, then I’ll never post, simple as that.

So here’s what I’m going to do—and this is NOT necessarily recommendable, but sometimes there are things that are more important than the rules. I’m going to essentially “care less” when I write. Until I get off my feet and bring the traffic back to this cafe, I’ll write without regards to the laws of formal writing. I’ll write knowing that some works won’t be as polished as my others. I’ll say the things I want to say in fewer words, straight from the heart to you. All this and more, I’ll write because THERE ARE NO rules to blogging. I’ll just get it out there and talk about it with you, and we’ll be dandy again.

Then maybe, just maybe, when the healing is done and the bells have rang, I’ll get back to the “correct format” and “catchy wordplay.” To “quality writing” and “original thoughts.” If you can stick it out with me until then, it would be greatly appreciated.

So YES, more posts are coming. They might not be the prettiest, but at least I’ll still exist. 

I’ll be slowly catching up on comments from my OWLS posts, as well as reading from all of you. For the most part I’ve probably caught your posts on twitter if you promote yourself that way, but if not, give me time and I’ll be there! Three posts quickly coming up will be:

– What I’m watching (normal update w/seasonal stuff since I’m back in the game!)

– My July OWLS entry (stay tuned)

– My actual thoughts on the Ghost in the Shell Live Action

Whether it’s wanting to discuss a show, dissect some themes, or even share the things I’ve bought, I’ll just do it. To get myself out there, I’ll imagine it, I’ll speak it, and I’ll change, and we’ll see if it works. Wishing you all the best, and I’m excited to write for both you and me again soon! Till next time~!

– Takuto, your host



8 thoughts on “I Didn’t Feel Like Writing, That’s All!

  1. Taku!! Yes, I know exactly what you are feeling, I was scrutinizing a lot of the things I was doing which eventually prevented me from posting completely (except silly lists like MCM and OP/EDs). But I should just post what I want to, and keep putting content out there. I’ll find my voice, but I won’t really know unless I experiment!! 🙂 Looking forward to seeing your posts! 😀


  2. Well, that is exactly what I think is one of the most important things about blogging: write what you want and have fun with it. There are a lot of bloggers who feel that need to post everyday (and don’t get me wrong that isn’t a bad things nor am I condemning that in any way). It’s just that it tegen becomes almost a demand to do so, and you might actually feel bad if you miss a day. I love blogging, but I don’t have any blogging schedule whatsoever. Sometimes I might do no posts for an entire week, while in another week I might do five or six of them. I have a pretty busy job, which means sometimes when I get home I don’t always have the energy to do a posts. I do always try and keep up with everyone else’s blog. But that also should never be an obligation. What’s important is that you do the things you like to do,and enjoy yourself while doing it 😊 That said looking forward to your new posts 😀


  3. Good to see you back Taku! You should definitely try not to over think it when you write. What I love seeing above all else is just some great conversation coming from someone who i can see is really passionate about the subject matter. Formats and all that jazz come after that in my eyes, though i understand that is my own preference.

    Ive been in a similar boat with lack of content lately. Ive watched a lot of stuff too but havent felt the need to write about it. The good thing with that though, is that i always told myself i would only write about something if i felt i had something to sayabout it. So im trying not to stress XD

    In short, you do you Taku 😉


  4. You can only do what you can do Taku !! This blog is your space and space alone so it’s here to come back to or when you feel the spark to write. Me has my burnout moments, currently from seasonal anime at the moment ugh x.x staying away from that ahaha. Look forward to posts from you in the future D


  5. We all go through phases were writing new content can feel like a chore. Blogging is a real labor of love.

    I definitely agree with resisting the urge to compare yourself to others. There have been so many times that I read a review on a show and feel low because it was so much better than my own post on the series.


  6. After reading that sentence on prattle. I did a check myself, you’re not wrong Taku. They are a group of 4. So you can fret less now. I know the feeling, since I had my little burn out aka being tired for a few months. Come back to blogging when you want.

    As for formats, writing etc. I think you’ve already found it, do you want to polish it up. That’s up to you decide. The biggest critic is not one who speaks to you, but one who speaks from you – you’re the biggest critic of yourself.

    Don’t worry about being slack, I’m just as slack xDD. As judge said. It’s human nature to compare. Heck I sometimes do it – I help smaller bloggers out and they ended up surpassing me xDD and am happy & proud for them.
    I learnt one thing from that, which Shay touches on. Your own success is what you make. Two years ago I made this blog. To see if I can surpass my old one. I accomplished that. Take a look back and see how far you’ve come Taku. Be proud of yourself, because I know I am. When you’re ready to go forwards, go with a smile.


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