Undoing The Peril Of Not Wanting Write

LitaKino commemorated this piece on writer’s block to me, as well as any of us struggling in the fight to write. Learn her tips from her own experience and pass on whatever you can to those also needing a helping hand. Thank you so much, Lita~!

Noo… Noo.. It’s not there

Snacks ready, butt on chair, computer turned on. Open up a new blog document…. fingers don’t start moving. Oh the frustration for any blogger.

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2 thoughts on “Undoing The Peril Of Not Wanting Write

  1. Lots of good advise from Lita and the Pantless series she links to is an excellent read for anyone pondering what a good anime review should contain.

    If you are not in the mood to write I would recommend writing shorter posts. A lengthy article can feel like a chore, but a first impressions post or concise review that is a few paragraphs big ain’t so bad.

    Alternatively you can hire a dominatrix to stand behind your PC chair. She will whip you until something gets written 🙂

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