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Uf, I can’t believe I have to write this post. But something has to be said so that I can have closure on this subject.

That’s right, we’re diving back into the live action Ghost in the Shell 2017, which I had previously covered in my review. Before we get too deep, however, I had written a more formal review about the film which you can view right here. It’s got most of my thoughts, from casting and cinematography to world-building, set design, and the soundtrack. Speaking of, Lorne Balfe has been graciously releasing a couple tracks each Friday in response to the fans’ call (mine included), so that’s really awesome of him!

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Welcome to “Cafe Talk,” a comment-welcome segment that, while it doesn’t happen as often as it should, is pretty fun to write! With this one, frankly speaking, we’re talking about being pissed off when no one likes your opinions, and exactly how much of a downer it can be. Sound relatable?

Your Opinion Doesn’t Suck, People Do

What can I say? You’re typically never in the wrong for harboring an opinion (unless that thought potentially threatens, harms, outcasts, etc. a person). Opinions are just personalized ideas, views, or judgments, and ideas are just that—intangible concepts. Alone, opinions and ideas can’t do much of anything, but when tagged together with a voice, that’s when things can get interesting.

Communication tends to happen after one’s opinion is formed; they seek out other individuals, groups, or even communities to see how their opinion stacks up, and whether it’s a favored or disfavored belief. More often than not, your position is accepted (YAY) as the popular opinion (hence the world “popular”).

You’ve done it! You’ve got nothing to fear!

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Last day of shooting, posted on Instagram by Juliette Binoche (Dr. Ouelet, right) and Scarlett Johansson (Major, left). They’re so happy I’M CRYING

Unless you’re like me, in which a chorus of crickets followed by intense booing ensues upon opinion delivery. You’ve just created an unpopular opinion (DAMMIT), and should you choose to continue to be vocal with your convictions, you’re life is about to get a bit harder. Just remember, this is NOT your fault—it’s a very human thing to stick with groups and label others as outcasts. You’ve just decided to bring something new to show-and-tell, and that scares the weak, the non-creative, the non-accepting, the unadventurous, the unappreciative, the crowd-followers.

Here, to console you, I’ll share a few of my own unpopular anime-related opinions cause, like, we know your thoughts can’t be as near as bad as mine, heh heh heh . . .

  1. I like Sword Art Online (oh crap, we’re starting with a strong one)
  2. I like Sword Art Online II more than the first (yes I just went there)
  3. Sailor Moon Crystal is a pretty enjoyable and strong adaptation of the original manga (no going back now)
  4. KILL la KILL‘s fanservice isn’t that off-putting (hi Kausus :3)
  5. Danganronpa: The Animation is a great adaptation of the game
  6. I don’t mind Kickstarting anime localizations
  7. Typically, I’d rather meet the English voice actors of a show rather than the Japanese seiyuus
  8. I thought The Empire of Corpses was a cool film
  9. Bryce Papenbrook is a good voice actor (in most cases, NOT Kirito)
  10. The Future Diary (Mirai Nikki) is fantastic NOT just because of Yuno Gasai
  11. “Monster girl anime” seem stupid
  12. Fullmetal Alchemist (2003) should NOT be skipped; both it and Brotherhood hold well on their own, respectively (same goes for Deen’s Fate/ stay night)
  13. Free! is NOT just about muscles and wet boys
  14. No Game No Life is not recommendable because it doesn’t end (same goes for Deadman Wonderland)
  15. Madoka Magica: Rebellion is a masterful film
  16. I love Robotics;Notes and Chaos;Head almost as much as Steins;Gate, even if Steins;Gate is the best
  17. The Viz Media English dub of Sailor Moon is better than the DiC dub
  18. I enjoy all of the Pokemon films
  19. Higurashi’s second season Kai is better than the first
  20. The Eden of the East films complete the story wonderfully
  21. Watamote is a funny anime, not a sad one
  22. The live-action Ghost in the Shell (2017) is an incredible and artistic film that respects its sources and holds quite well on its own

. . . Wait, that last one, “That’s not even cool bro . . .”


So now that we’ve broken the ice (and melted it), let’s get this out of the way.

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My Unpopular Opinion, an Argument

Ghost in the Shell (2017) was a film that I walked out of not pondering endless sci-fi wonders, but feeling warm and tingly inside instead, which is quite unlike any entry in the franchise thus far has made me feel. But rather than chastise it as “something so far off of the original path that it’s unrecognizable,” think of it as a new side to the franchise. Ghost in the Shell has always been about vast interpretations and new ideas anyway, so why not welcome this unique artistic approach regardless that it looks like the black sheep in the herd.

Even Mamoru Oshii, director of the original 1995 film (which is much of 2017‘s inspiration) only wished for Directer Sanders to not be bogged down by his and Kenji Kamiyama’s Major (Stand Alone Complex), but to create his own as another face to the franchise.

Clearly, a lot of heart was put into visualization of the world—you can feel that the director was going for something GitS, but altogether a new and innovative vision [more relevant to our times].

I loved this fresh spin on the franchise, even if it admittedly bit off a little more than it could chew by trying to tie in so many homages to the franchise that, in fact, make each installment distinct from one another. And like any adaptation, if I wanted to see the original story all over again, I’D JUST WATCH THE ORIGINAL.

And about the casting, I’ve paraphrased a YouTube comment that quite honestly deserves a million likes:

“It’s controversial, but not incorrect casting. Major is an “Asian woman” in a European frame (robotic body), sure, yet part of the theme of cyberpunk and the series/movie revolves around self identity and what truly makes someone themselves—their experiences and actions. The people who said she should have been Asian were not only missing the entire movement of the franchise, but were critics just trying to push their political agenda onto a beloved title. Likely, they didn’t know the source material and went, “Oh, but, it’s Asiany and it’s made in Asia, sooooo.”

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What it Feels Like to be Crushed Your Unpopular Opinion

After I put myself out there, I definitely got “politely flagged” by other community members. They were responding to me, just trying to kindly say that they didn’t care for the movie—and that’s fine, especially since they were so nice!—but you kind of feel, I don’t know, down. It’s like you’re floating on your own raft out on the open waters, which are filled with bloodthirsty hate-filled sharks. And then you’re suddenly reminded that nobody is going to come and save you, so it’s either hold strong to what you value, or let it all go to the sharks.

And you know what? I’m still here, floatin’ away in this little hell all because I like the live action Ghost in the Shell. Stupid, right?

When you value something that others simply don’t, you start to get lonely. Nobody wants to waste their time attempting to scrounge up the very few “pros” that exist (if any) just to please you. They’ll notice, maybe console you saying something like, “Yeah, it could’ve been better,” or perhaps remind you once again as to why your opinions are dumb. But then they’ll go and find something else to talk about, and it almost leaves you feeling guilty for liking (or not liking) what you do. After all, you just missed out on a potentially awesome conversation—if only you shared the same opinion, that is.

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By having an unpopular opinion, you can feel isolated and at its worst, ashamed. You almost wish you could naturally hate something like everyone else did, or fall in love with something the way everyone else did. And then your problems would be gone—But THAT itself IS the problem:

Without your differing ideas, there would be only one main belief about something, and where’s the fun in that? Because you decided to explore where no one else dared, you walked out with something that no one else has, and you should embrace that, not hide it away!

Which is why I’m going to say it:


I’m sick and tired of people—reviewers, critics, heck, even the media—calling it that just to make some stupid-ass pun. The SAME stupid-ass pun at that.

So from this experience that I had, I learned that you should always:

DELIGHT in the fact that your opinions may be different than the rest.

BE HUMBLE with your beliefs, proud but open to suggestions, discussions, and different viewpoints.

SUPPORT the things you love, for they brought you joy.

And for goodness sake, ENJOY something because YOU like it, not because others tell you not to or that you’re supposed to.

Don’t let all of the negative opinions and hate bog you down like it did me. Don’t let it! Hate puts your mind in the gutter, and honestly doesn’t feel good at all. You start second-guessing yourself, “Should I really be liking this,” which is EXACTLY what happened with this film for me. Instead, we should all keep on loving anime and the opportunities to ponder, interpret, and discuss that it has brought us. THAT is all you have to do!

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Have you ever had an unpopular opinion that struck you so deep that it brought unwanted hate your way? And did you defend your case in the respectful way you should have? Also, have you ever felt lonely or isolated for liking something that nobody else does? List some for me like I did, as I’m very curious! And almost more than that, I’m SO HAPPY to finally put my thoughts on this film and its controversy to rest. When it was in theaters, I had gone it THREE times (and saved the tickets just for this post), and as of now, I have purchased the artbook, the Blu-ray, and an adorable little Funko Pop of the iconic Geisha! And whenever the soundtrack comes, I’ll buy, support, and listen to that, too! Until next time, this has been

– Takuto, your host

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27 thoughts on “Having Unpopular Opinions Can Suck (GitS LA + more) | Cafe Talk

  1. People were telling you mean things :0000 to dear ol Takuto?! Also nice post, there’s just something about your writing style that’s very Takuto :3 about GitS, I had this manager who said he wasnt going to go see it bc the major wasnt asian, then recently he told me he finally went to see it and thought it was ok and i’m just like i told you so xD i think people just need to give that movie a try if their only beef w it is the casting

    Wait! Empire of Corpses being good is an unpopular opinion?! No way!

    As for unpopular opinions, cant think of any off the top of my head xD but I’m sure i have a lot 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • I mean, they weren’t necessary mean things, but it definitely makes it harder to talk to someone about something that you both seem like polar opposites on. And you’re complementing my writing style again, I don’t deserve the praise ahaha!

      YES CRIM get that man to repent! Man, what prejudgemental mindsets can do to people just amazes me. I agree, if it was just the casting, well, there are plenty of other great things about films.

      I know you’re my Empire of Corpses pal, but yeah, apparently many people thought it just didn’t make much sense, especially the end. I kind of understand them, but meh, I’ll just stick to my Friday and Watson musings, heh heh.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Apart from a few exceptions, I agree with most of the anime opinions you listed. That said I am an unpopular guy haha.

    I’ll reserve my thoughts of the live action GITS movie for an upcoming review. Believe it or not I finished watching it a few minutes before reading this post (the joys of waking up at 5am on Sunday and not being able to get to sleep.)

    Liked by 2 people

    • I think we all have our moments where we go against the crowd, some more than others! I know your review is out, and I’ve bookmarked it in my “must reads.” No promises that it’ll be soon, but I do look forward to it, regardless of any slack you decide to give it!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Who says the Viz Sailor Moon dub isn’t’ good? I have never seen that opinion and the Viz dub is way better than the DiC one. The DiC one holds a lot of nostalgic meaning to people but I’ve never seen anyone say that the Viz dub isn’t superior to it in every way. That being said, I didn’t think Crystal was a bad show, but couldn’t finish it because to me if I’m going to watch a verbatim adaptation of a manga I’m just going to read the manga.

    Agree about the Madoka movie also! I want a sequel movie to it, it was really good. I have a lot of unpopular opinions, one of them being I don’t really like the series’ RWBY and Stranger Things (not anime but still not liking that one was the worst). With Stranger Things, my friends kept on telling me I liked it because I watched it all the way through in one sitting but I was just like nah I really don’t get the appeal at all.

    I have a looot of unpopular opinions so I feel ya, I won’t list anymore because they’re about really memorable franchises in nerd culture for people lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s not so much criticizing the entire dub cast, just people wishing that Usagi wasn’t voiced by Stephanie Sheh. Where I can agree with them, in how Sheh’s Usagi has a somewhat annoying voice compared to her wholesome DiC counterpart(s), this newfound squeakiness better portrays the idea that, to her friends, Usagi can be a tad bit annoying. Acting-wise, I totally agree with you—I much prefer the higher quality acting from this redubbing.

      Crystal, from what I can tell, is basically a line for line remake of the manga. And while I can understand why one would just skip it to read the manga (as I have contemplated on multiple occasions), something about Sailor Moon in an animated presentation captures the magic more for me.

      Glad to see another Rebellion fan! I’ll also console you on your opinion: I also don’t really care for RBWY, and that’s pretty fair judgement based on having the first three seasons. I haven’t seen Stranger Things yet, so I can’t resonate with you there.

      Looks like we’re both pretty unpopular on the opinion side. But hey, that’s how you can make new friends, right? Thanks for stopping by, Crystal!


  4. Really good piece here. For what is with, I agree with some of your input opinions too, such as the FMA and VA points. In terms of GitS, I haven’t seen it yet, but I want to. I never had the save reservations of a lot of others and I thought that the casting looked really good, so I’m editing to enjoy it.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Ooo Yeh I could feel this post was going to be kick ass the moment reading the title. Good on you Taku I could feel all the personal behind this post yesssss @!!

    Ghost in a shell I still have not seen and dying too and in relation to negative opinion that the show was been slayed for. Course you’d know what lita would say “STUFF YOU” hehe

    Fantastic personal piece XD

    Liked by 1 person

  6. People are hating on you for having a different OP?. Well, people can suck it!. At the end of the day, it’s how you feel and your op. You tell them Taku!!. Don’t let it get to you.

    BTW, I haven’t seen the movie or the animes, so can’t comment on either of them.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Well….you already know my thoughts about the live action movie : like you I absolutely loved it. And I wasn’t ashamed to cry it out either in my review. The thing is, I don’t like to stick to popular opinions either. A great example of this is Dunkirk. Everybody seems to love that film. I was the complete opposite. I did mot exactly hate it, but thought it was very disappointed by it because there was no character development. I was really in the minority when writing that review.
    There is one thing I would like to point out about WordPress though (knock on wood), everybody here always seems to respect everyone’s opinion about things. Whether it’s popular or not. And that is awesome. I really thought this post was great. I really cracked up about the comments for Sword Art Online…but guess what, those comments are exactly how I think about ot. I love Sword Art Online, and actually found the second arc to be better (talk about an unpopular opinion….lol 😂). Great post: keep up the fantastic work you are doing 😊


  8. Takutooooo I absolutely love this post. and honestly, I’ll gladly join you in the unpopular opinion poll. I like SAO and I liked the GGO arc best because sinon. I’m also on the Free! fandom boat as more than muscles and pretty boys…but you already knew that ❤ haha 😀

    I'm also afraid to boast my unpopular opinion to the world just because I'm afraid of mean comments and what not so I applaud you for this post and the list! Everyone is indeed entitled to their own opinions and no one should really be mean about what the other thinks.

    Loved this post. Keep up the good work Taku!! ❤


  9. I agree with some of your opinions, disagree with others. That’s what makes debate and reviews fun, but no way should you or anybody else be bashed for their thoughts.

    Is #17 really an unpopular opinion? I just think maybe it seems like it since a lot of people bash DiC and don’t admit it had its charms (like the music). I mean, a dub in 2017 SHOULD be better than a dub from the late 90s/early 2000s.


  10. haha if it makes you feel better I actually agree with a lot of your “unpopular” opinions 🤣 Particularly your take on Sailor Moon Crystal. I actually have a really big vendetta against the 90’s version bc it’s so off from the manga. Don’t get me started on Kill la Kill and FMA and I have never understood the hate on SAO. I really liked s1 I’ll admit I have my qualms with s2 but that’s more bc I’m such an Asuna fan lol. Haha I could go I but I thought this was a good post! It’s not easy when your opinions don’t line up with the majority but don’t give up on them!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, I must be doing something right then lol. Go us!

      About Crystal, I’ve seen our stance pitted and won several times, so I’m glad you enjoy the manga’s story as much as I do. SAO is such a dead meme at this point, but yes, there is nothing wrong with enjoying it!

      This was one of those posts where I could have just gone on, and on, and on myself! Going against the flow isn’t what I was likely born to do, but it’s what I’m doing now anyway, and ya know, I’ve got no regrets so far. To both of us, let’s not give up on the things we love! Thanks for stopping by Kat!!

      Liked by 1 person

  11. I always thought that the popular opinion was to watch both FMA adaptations lol. I do think people should watch FMA (2003) before brotherhood though, not the other way around.

    Great post all around though. I think it’s a good message to get out there, to get people to put their chin up and like what they like. Back in the day people hated on k-on (and people like me who liked k-on) a lot, knocking it down as just more moe garbage. I think it has gained a hit of a better reputation over the years though.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You know Raith, you could be right on that one—guess I’m kinda just going with what people actually end up doing. I mean, saying that you add in another 50+ episodes isn’t an easy task! But I agree with you, why not watch both? It’s more FMA, and that’s a wonderful thing!

      Promoting a strong-willed spirit that’s resilient to the strong general will of society seems to be a reoccurring thing on my end. Weird, but I like the notion. It’s moments like these you’ve shared with K-On that make people reevaluate their strong judgments on something. That and wine’s are sour, but they apparently taste better with age, right? Thanks for stopping by~!


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  14. I don’t care what anyone tries to tell me, I hated Crystal. It was a lazily written mess full of hollow characters and sponged entirely of peoples bias and nostalgia. If it was a standalone series, no one would have given it the time of day.

    The Sailor Moon Manga has always been overrated as far as I’m concerned and this proves that following it so rigidly was a bad idea from day one.


    • Understandable criticisms–compared to the original 90s series, Crystal is missing a great amount of heart and soul that the characters were able to provide. Personally, I think having all these different mediums for the same story is what gives the story its wide appeal; that said, some parts will definitely turn out better than others.


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