300 Followers, the Winter Olympics, and Haikyu!! | End of February Update 3/1/18

Hey hey, it’s been a while!

Two months of 2018 have passed and I have very little to show for it. Excluding the last couple days of Blogmas (because it should have concluded at the end of 2017), I have published but four posts. They’re decently long posts, some actually being my biggest posts yet, but that’s exactly it—ONLY FOUR POSTS. And there’s not really any shocking reason for my lack of content. Like any other blogger here, I get busy, life happens, and then I just don’t feel motivated enough to write about anything, let alone make the time to sit down and watch something.

I’ve considered on several occasions writing about other happenings in my life, my passions, yearnings, and what I’ve been up to besides anime. Such is why my latest OWLS post covers the 2018 Winter Olympics and not my typical post/analysis 2-in-1 method I’ve traditionally stuck to. I’m honestly considering redoing that OWLS post—if such a thing is even possible—or at least writing a follow-up to it. While I kinda feel done with the Olympics now that they’re over (which is incredibly sad, as it has been my whole life these past couple weeks), this OWLS post got very, very few notices.

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Post-Olympics Blues

I DO NOT like to brag about stats, as I believe in the spirit of conversation more than a system of likes and hits to dictate one’s success, but this last OWLS post received only eight likes. I am fortunate to have an audience that seems to get excited whenever I post something (more on that in a bit), and perhaps it’s because backdated it (something which I had NEVER done before) or that maybe the topic wasn’t for everyone, but even I know that eight likes is a strangely (and scarily) low turnout. Admittedly, it was a rushed post, no doubt, as I wanted to cover the first half of the ladies skate when I know I shouldn’t have because I was already cutting it so close to the deadline. 

Ultimately, people will read what they want to read, I know, but it was somewhat disheartening to wake up the next day only to not see the bombardment of email and WordPress notifications that I have become accustomed to.

Although, saying that I now want to redo that post probably says something about a lack of confidence in my own writing. I also don’t want to sound like I’m desperate for likes, cause that’s totally not it either! UGH, I’m just so frustrated and confused. Tell you what: if you see a follow-up post, please consider reading it, as it shall contain my true, truncated thoughts on this past incredible Olympic season—everything that I really wanted to say, and how I wanted to say it.

How about some happier news?

Image result for oreki houtarou smile

I’ve Hit 300 Followers, “Officially!”

Increasing as of late, I’ve had my doubts about WordPress and the way it holds onto the blogs I follow and those that follow me. The worst horror stories I’ve heard are from those who end up getting dropped from another’s reader feed, neither side knowing of it. Plus, the “followers” number on some bloggers’ page don’t seem to add up when the WP app is saying they have a different number.

So I had my reason to be skeptical, and now I can finally—and officially—announce with confidence that Takuto’s Anime Cafe has hit 300 followers!! It took me until several weeks after supposedly hitting the mark, waiting for the count to climb to 317 to finally believe it was true, haha! For whatever reason you are here and decided to become a cafe-goer, I am sincerely thankful, and grateful to be able to communicate on a platform that offers intelligent feedback and thought-provoking comments. And to you, the reader, if it were not for your interests in me, I would not have a reason to keep on going, so thank you, really, thank you so much!

*I want to celebrate 300 followers, so if my veteran bloggers and friends have any suggestions for posts, let me know!*

 The Delayed V-Day Special Returns

Every Valentine’s day I have this tradition of closing myself off from the world, setting aside the optimal time needed to thoroughly binge a well-known franchise, if not an anime classic. Though, for some odd reason, these titles are almost always sci-fi, this year I wanted to shake things up a bit with some sports anime to fit the times. HOWEVER, my coverage on the Olympics ended up taking waaaay more time than it should have, but I try not to beat myself up about it given the four-year wait.

Thus, I ended up missing out on the V-Day special . . . UNTIL NOW, because I know I’d hate myself if I were to look back on this season and find that I skipped out.

So now, in March, I’m watching Haikyu!!. Rejoice, fam!


For those wondering, YES, I prepare a traditional checklist for the number of episodes I have to watch on my dry-erase board. Too nerdy? Nah, I call it art. I’m thrilled to FINALLY be watching this much-loved series, and I have absolute confidence that I, too, will become a huge fan! HOORAY FOR SPORTS ANIME LOVE.

What Am I Watching This 2018 Winter Simulcast Season

Not. Much. LOL. Because I want to keep this short, I will not be chronicling all the anime I’ve watched in the past two months like I usually do. Instead, we’ll look at the ones that really matter: what everyone else is currently watching.

Devilman Crybaby – It technically counts, okay? The cancerous, trashy-ass Devilman fandom reared its ugly head when its lead bishies were transformed into . . . ummm prettier bishies in this latest “reboot” of the classic series. While I absolutely loved this show’s range of highest highs and lowest lows, I won’t spoil all my thoughts seeing as how I already reviewed it, BAM (click here to read). Wait, you’re tellin’ me my preparedness doesn’t count since it aired at the beginning of the year? Well drat, better late than never!

Related image

A Place Further Than The Universe – Is it weird to say that between the other two epic action series here, I’m enjoying this lighthearted, clumsy trip to Antarctica the most? Abbreviated to Yorimoi, four girls set out on an adventure to the bitter-cold continent for what, a change of pace? To find one of the girl’s lost mother? To simply call themselves BADASSES? A fair mix of all of the above, actually. Each episode always has that one dramatic moment that makes you want to throw yourself overboard it’s so intense, but in a way, it contrasts the stark nothingness that would otherwise mark it as a plain slice-of-life anime. Yorimoi has substance, and as long as it continues to relish in the silly moments, embrace the hardships of reality, and provide brilliant music cues HOLY CRAP, I think I’ll be quite pleased with this one. By episode 8, we’ve just pinpointed frozen islands in the distance. However far these crazy gals go, I’m sure they’ll be alright.

Image result for darling in the franxx architecture

DARLING in the FRANXX – I really, really, really want to call this series a favorite of mine, but it’s just not grabbing my attention in the way I wish it would. Interesting premise, check! Likeable characters, yeah I suppose, check! Five star Trigger animation (or should I say 3-star, heh heh), check! Bottom line—Darling in the Franxx has everything it needs to really stand out against the crowd, but so far I’m a little lost at its aim. Is it gonna become the next big mecha hit like Gurren Lagann, or perhaps spiral down into the dark, emotionally messy (and favorable) pit that is Evangelion? Only time will tell, I suppose, but seeing as how I’ve watched like seven episodes now (and the next is apparently a beach episode like WAT), this series is gonna have to do a lot to build on its world and the reason why its characters behave the way they do. Again, I’m rooting for this series, which is exactly why I have to be critical of it!

Related image

Fate/EXTRA Last Encore – I’m . . . yeah I really don’t know what this is. HUGE Fate fan over hear, yessir, but even I am confused about what’s going on. Aside from Madoka Magica and Negima!? (yes you heard me right, NEGI), I’m not a big Shaft fan. For me, it’s too abstract to the point of boredom, and the dialogue reads like I’m trying to translate poetry of a language I don’t know into another language that I, too, do not understand (like the Monogatari series, but at least that is well-written from the start). But its more Fate, and seeing as how I’m a fan of ALL of it, even the latest Apocrypha, I’ll give it the starting benefit of the doubt. To be fair, completing merely two episodes should not be the time for judgement. If it plays out like all other Fate adaptations I’ve watched so far, a thrilling adventure should be in store for us, assuming we can get past the overly bland protagonist!

Changing Weather, Changing Moods

With spring just on the horizon, I’m bundling up for winter cold in the morning and stripping down for the afternoon heat, which is incredibly taxing on my limited wardrobe, ahahaha! But seriously, as I slide out of this winter slump, hopefully I’ll feel more inspired to blog, and to return to writing reviews like I used to do so passionately in the past.

As Kausus (Otaku Gamer Zone) has tweeted multiple times, Naka-Kon is coming up in just a couple weeks! I plan to cosplay as Todoroki from My Hero Academia and a male version of Danganronpa‘s Junko Enoshima—both of which I need to complete! I’m making these cool Styrofoam pieces for Todoroki’s ice, so that should be neat once it all comes together. It’ll be my first time doing something besides clothing for a cosplay, which is why I’m particularly excited! I want to be able to share my progress and experience with you all, but I’m not sure how to document my adventure in this way. Considering Instagram . . .

Lastly, in case you missed it, I published my “thesis” on the Works of Makoto Shinkai, which you can read right here! Ideally, I’d like for this to become my most-liked post, as I poured everything that I had into research, methodology, and execution, and though it’s a long one, it’s on I feel very proud of—one of my blogging career’s crowning achievements, so to speak. So hit that post up and share it around for me, would ya? It’d mean the world!!

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I think that about covers things. Look out for an Olympics follow-up (and please give it some love) if it actually happens! Otherwise, I’ve got a fat stack of fun blogging award nominations to sort through, plus all of the lovely comments on the four posts I’ve written to catch up on. And then when I’m done with that, there’s lots of stuff from you guys I have to catch up on, and, of course, there’s always more reviews to write, AGH! Let me know your thoughts, including anything about the Olympics, a 300 followers special, Haikyuu!!, the winter simulcasts, or on even life in general, and until next time, this has been

– Takuto, your host


22 thoughts on “300 Followers, the Winter Olympics, and Haikyu!! | End of February Update 3/1/18

  1. Taku-san congratulations on 300 followers~

    That said, the OWLS post and the like thing, it’s probably because of backdating it.
    It won’t come up on the reader unless you scroll all the way down to when you backdated it.
    And most people do read it from the reader….

    And Haikyuu!! Yay Taku-san!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Don’t get too hung up on the lack of response on your OWLS post taku! Your writing is phenomenal regardless; maybe not a lot of people don’t share the same enthusiasm as many of us do for ice skating! Hold your head high and don’t be discouraged it was still a super in-depth post that showcased not just your knowledge but ur passion for the sport. Also, I’m so excited about you starting haikyuu! Welcome to the club! I hope you love as much as I and all other owls members do 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I wish I read this comment sooner, for thinking back on it now, these are EXACTLY my thoughts (well, maybe not the phenomenal writing part, but understanding time and topic, absolutely)! Maybe when look at that post months or even years in the future, I’ll be glad that I put in all the extra details, allowing me to relive the great experience—who knows. But yes, looking forward, I’ve got lots more Haikyuu!! to go! Thank you for taking the time to write such a caring, supportive comment. Your words have meant a lot to me over the past couple years I’ve known you, and I’m looking forward to all the great conversations we’ll share going into my fourth year here!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Congratulations on the 300 followers.
    I wouldn’t worry about low stats on one post. Sometimes it isn’t for everyone. Some times stuff is happening and it is a slow day online in general. I had one episode post last week that didn’t make twenty views let alone twenty likes. I don’t take that personally but put my energy into the next thing. If I can improve my post, I will, but sometimes it has very little to do with the post itself and it is more about timing, current hot topics, and what else came out at the same time.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Karandi! While I’m pretty sure backdating the post took it off everyone’s radar (or rather, reader), I realize now that I wouldn’t want people clicking the “like” button just because I wrote a post. That button means that a reader genuinely enjoyed something they read—or at least, it should—otherwise it’d make the writer think they were suddenly catering to an audience that really might not care about the subject. And like you say, a time like this is when I should be redirecting my energy into making the next thing, which is why I feel happier with March’s OWLS post. Either way, lesson learned, now moving forward—many thanks again for all your help over the years I’ve known you!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Congrats on getting 300 followers. I would say that quality is better than quantity, but if you are concerned about lack of content I would suggest smaller posts over lengthier ones.

    Sorry to hear about the lack of likes recently. I must confess that I didn’t read the figure skating article. That’s not because of the writing though. I just am not much of a sport fan.

    Liked by 1 person

    • As always, I’m late, but thanks a ton, Judge! It doesn’t help when I’m naturally a wordy person, but smaller posts are definitely my intent from here on. And hey, that’s totally fine! As the reader, we shouldn’t read (or like for that matter) any post that doesn’t interest us, as it could give the writer a false sense of hope or accomplishment when they see the numbers roll in. If it weren’t an ice-skating post, I myself wouldn’t have read it either, haha! Many thanks again for the honest tips!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. But they were 4 fantastic posts. I really can’t speak for anyone else but I get a thrill every time I get a notification that you’ve published something new. I really look forward to everything you write.
    I agree that WordPress is somewhat unreliable. I have had a lot of issues with it and after seeral very pleasant but unproductive conversations with their tech support, we discovered that there are a number of blogs which I believe I am following (when I go to their home page the button says I am following it) but according to the WP records – I am not and that’s why I get no notifications of new posts. It is very frustrating for me and I’m sure for them.
    This said, like everyone else has already said – Congratulations on 316 official followers (and I’m sure many unofficial ones). If they all look forward to your writing half as much as I do, you are definitely doing something right.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You really think so? Oh, Irina, how happy (and undeserving of your kindness) this makes me! That feeling is likewise, by the way.

      Blogs get dropped from my reader all the time, and I hate admitting that because I feel some will interpret it as me not caring to read their work when I really do (unless I’m on a break, that is, then I like to stay away from the computer for a breather). As far as followers go, I think of that number as “so-and-so many people are interested in what I do, be it on a friendly or business level.” Either way, it doesn’t validate my success as a blogger (nor does a follower count define anyone), but hitting 300 does admittedly make me feel happy that I have stuck with it for this long. There’s still plenty room to grow, but so long as I continue to make friends such as yourself, I think I’ll be just fine. Thank you, Irina, for all your continued support over the short time that I’ve known you!


  6. congrats on 300!!!!
    and yeah, it can be disheartening to post something you’re personally proud of and not getting some decent stats on it. We’ve all been there, but I always believe that as long as I’m proud of my effort put into the post then I’m sure the right readers will respond to it. 🙂 I’m sure those 8 likes are very well deserved.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m a little late to this, but thank you! Also, you’re right there: I’ve learned a lot about both success and failure through blogging, but because everyone here is so nice, I’ve gotten used to the “flow of likes.” That’s why having a post that is just mildly received shocks me a bit. In reality, I should be looking at the bigger picture, and that ultimately, one post is just that—a single piece of writing. Whoever stuck around to read it (and like it), I am very thankful for. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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