Here’s What I Got From the ARIA Kickstarter!

Hi there! How are you doing?

A couple weeks ago my life was super hectic (and it still somewhat is), but right when my ARIA Kickstarter backer awards had arrived on my doorstep in a big unsuspecting package, you already know that my week only got better from there. I had torn into the unusually large RightStuf box and immediately plugged in the first Blu-ray to hear new English dub (which is fantastic BTW).

Suddenly, I found myself at ease with everything that was going on in my life at the time, and I spent the next couple of relaxing nights enjoying the rippling canals of Neo Venezia and the charming allure of the acoustic guitar. From the tender voice cast (well, maybe except for Aika, teehee) to the slow-moving episodic nature of Aria‘s storytelling, I briefly covered my thoughts on Aria‘s healing qualities in my September OWLS post. You can check it out here in case you missed it (and yes, I’ll be getting around to answering your comments, I swear!)

Anyway, you’re probably just here to see all the neat stuff I got as a backer of Nozomi’s Kickstarter campaign, so on to the goodies!


Starting with the box, here’s an image of the slipcover (O-card?) and the chipboard box. Although the design for the slipcover is, like, really basic, I feel it better represents the show than all the loud, bright, and colorful character art we’ve seen again and again. Don’t get me wrong, I love ALL of Aria‘s art, but not every episode of the series is as cheery as its characters. Sometimes the clouds roll in, the sea lulls, and the characters have to deal with the stirring emotions in their hearts. (Speaking of, the last time I did one of these was way back during NIS America’s A Lull in the Sea release, another excellent sea-side title to make LitaKino jealous, might I add, haha!)


And here’s the backside of each. While the slipcover is a little flimsy for my liking, what with being just a piece of cardstock wrapped around a sturdy chipboard box, I’m glad that the release came with it anyway. IDK, it just completes the clean, simple aesthetic that I live for. Also, I believe someone mentioned that the art on the chipboard box was created just for this release, which would explain why the characters look so darn good compared to some of the older artwork out there. Not sure if that’s true, but I love the complimentary orange and brown sunsets against the solid aquatic blue sea!

Man, they sure did go overboard in making sure this box was covered in art! That’s alright–I’m a sucker for background art anyway. Here are the top and side spines respectively, and they continue to contrast wonderfully with their bright orange and yellow hues against the rich blue exterior and logo.


This is the paper insert for the first Blu-ray of Aria, which contains the entire first series—Aria The Animation—on three discs that mirror the basic cover design. It features the three lovely ladies that comprise the main cast of this first season. I appreciate the full image wrap around design, as well as how the art includes more of Neo Venezia’s gorgeous architecture. Once the other seasons are finished, this’ll be one nice set with wonderful continuity in its design!


And here’s the interior, AKA the art you see when you open the case. Set against gray clouds and the first snowfall of the season, this art perfectly depicts how the series concludes with the onset of the wintry New Year’s celebration.

IMG_7474.jpg The set also contains 5 art cards featuring poster art for each season (designated on the back) and a sticker set. Not sure what I’ll do with the stickers, but it’s nice to get artwork not only for the first season, but the other ones to come—you can see the quality increase as the years go on (not to say that any of this art is weak)!


We’ve also got a blue and white Aria-themed stationary set and a mug. While they’re not necessarily physical extras that I desire, the mug is really nice, and currently it’s being used to hold business cards and letters from artists I’ve purchased from either on Twitter or at conventions! (Also psyched because the simplistic design I voted for won!)


We’re not done yet, though—for some reason, patches are still a thing, so the set includes the logos for the three main gondola companies, as well as magnets for each company’s feline mascot. Again, not sure what to do with these, haha, but I’m glad the patches are logos and not characters. As for the magnets, hmmm, I’m sure I can find something metal to stick them to. 😛


Last but not least is this: the giant-ass lithograph. You see, when I first pledged for this award, I assumed that the numbered lithograph would be the size of your standard art card, much like most limited edition releases have. Well, Aria and Nozomi Entertainment are both exceptionally extra, and art this gorgeous couldn’t just stay rolled up in a cardboard tube and abandoned in my closet. Soooo, I cleared off my wall and framed it, and you know what, it looks pretty damn official, doesn’t it?


Although the print doesn’t have as high a color contrast as it should to properly show off the vibrant, sparkling blue water, it’s still nice to have something that is exclusive—it’s one more thing that makes paying like $200 worth it as a backer. And 1555/1600? Nice!


So here’s everything that came in the package! This DOES NOT include the big fancy hardback art book, as well as the first part of the second season: Aria The Natural. Those will be shipped as soon as they’re completed, and if you’d like, I can probably review the art book and give you a glimpse into all that it contains once it arrives (EXCITED!). But yeah, if you pledged for Nozomi’s Kickstarter of Aria The Animation at the Prima Plus tier, this is exactly what you would’ve gotten! As a bonus, I’ve listed my real name in the on-disc credits (the backer wall), so good luck searching for me once the standard release is ready to be sold!

Image result for aria the animation

2,648 backers pledged $595,676 to help bring this project to life, and I’m stoked to have been a part of this little slice of anime history. Nozomi did SUCH a nice job updating us via campaign emails, including pre- and post-production notes, videos from the Englisih VAs, and mini clips of the dubbing process—and to think it’s not even halfway done yet since they’ve still got season three and the OVAs to go! Personally, I found it more enticing than the Escaflowne campaign by Funimation if you participated in that, NAMELY because the actors felt more like friends we helped support rather than “stars.” Maybe that’s just me, but regardless, I’ve enjoyed both campaigns, and I’ve already set out for the next one—Emma: A Victorian Romance!

Image result for emma a victorian romance kickstarter

Did you participate in the Aria Kickstarter, and if so, how far did you pledge, and what did you think about it? Let me know! If you’ve got any thoughts on the backer awards or campaign itself, we can talk about it in the comments together! Again, in case you missed it, you can read about how I took life slowly with Aria in my OWLS post. You guys have no idea how much I appreciate each and every comment, like, share, and conversation we have, even if it does seem like I’m MIA all the time. I’ve got some more posts planned, including thoughts about the Summer Simulcast season, as well as some other anime-related experiences, and I’m looking forward to sharing those with you as well. Thanks so much for reading, and until next time this has been

– Takuto, your host

15 thoughts on “Here’s What I Got From the ARIA Kickstarter!

  1. I stopped at $60.00 — and you just made me seriously regret it! All joking aside, didn’t they do a great job with the packaging and other materials? Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey, that’s $60 more than most people put in–you should still be pretty happy with yourself, haha! I think the box looks fantastic, given how I could easily have seen them just sticking some key art on the front and calling it good. The color contrast is gorgeous, and the box itself nicely supports the contents in terms of shape and design. These little haul posts are quite fun to make, so you’re very welcome–thank you for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I hope the Kickstarter for Emma does well. Many moons ago I watched the series and enjoyed it. Unique setting for an anime and a rare example of a romance show I liked.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve been a very big fan of Aria since I saw it about 7 years ago. It might be slice of life but the series just literally warms my heart. Akari is an eternal optimist and a bit of an airhead but I can’t think of a better lead character. Like you said the set is fantastic-I have the original 4 subbed only dvd sets which I’ll keep for the extras. Great article.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I can see how the series has that effect—the series’ good-natured characters prove to be not only relaxing but heartwarming, too. And ooh, the old DVD sets, I’ve been tempted for so long to snag those just cause the boxes are so pretty . . . maybe if money and space weren’t so tight . . . anyway, hold on to those boxes for sure—they’re collector items!

      Thanks so much for sharing your experience!


  4. The best thing about Aria is that is has really good rewatch value. I’ve probably watched the entire series about 4 times and it never gets old. Watching the series with the new english dub is like rediscovering it all over again.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I totally agree! Such a peaceful series. I can’t wait till the other seasons ship out so I can watch them . . . and then re-watch them again, and again, and again. The new dub is incredible–I’m so glad you like it too!


  5. As much as I like Aria I couldn’t get behind the Emma Kickstarter-it just didn’t appeal to my sensibilities. Now if RS does a Dirty Pair TV Kickstarter I’ll be all over it. According to the latest KS update it shouldn’t be very long before we get Aria The Natural Pt.1. Bring it on!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s understandable. Kickstarters in general aren’t always the most sensical when it comes to reproducing a product. However, they are working for RS, so hopefully we do get to see a KS for Dirty Pair or even a dub for Sound of the Sky. And YES, Aria the Natural, here we come!


  6. Guess I should explain a little better why I didn’t back the Emma KS-I watched a few episodes and didn’t like it. I’d like to see RS license Kozue Amano’s other series Amanchu! and do a KS to dub it-that’d be way cool! It’s not quite as good as Aria but it comes really close, it’s also slice of life.


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