Thank You For 400 Followers! (Ask Me Anything Q&A)

Hello, my friends!!

While I’m a little late to the celebration (21 and some-odd email goons behind), I still would like to extend my greatest thanks for following Takuto’s Anime Cafe! We’ve done it, we’re past the 400 threshold, and the road to 500 is on the horizon, yippee!!

From every view, like, comment, and follow, I sincerely appreciate your support. There’s nothing that gets me going more than hitting that publish button and receiving the notification flow (my phone doesn’t get many calls, if you couldn’t tell). You guys are my social sphere, my fellow mates who I’d die on the battlefield for (so extreme!), and would certainly sit down and share a cup of tea with.

Real quick, I’d like to boast one thing about my fellow cafe-goers that I’m sure not many blogs get to gloat over: I have NEVER received a single hate comment from anything I’ve written in all my four (nearly five) years of blogging. (Not even from spam, which is a miracle!) I’m dead serious, you’ve all been so kind and supportive, and I’m truly unworthy of your friendliness and goodwill.

Lastly, if you’ve had any burning questions about I, Takuto the host, feel free to ask them now—I’ll be throwing a casual Q&A celebration for any willing takers, so ask away! My A’s to your highly anticipated Q’s will be dished out in a subsequent post, so fear not if I don’t answer you properly in the comments section.

I could go on about how lovely you all are, but I’m sure you already know that. Since 2019 began, my return to active blogging has been met with nothing but positivity and support, and I look forward to sharing more about my journey as an anime fan and as a human in future posts to come. There’s a lot on the plate, and I just can’t wait to serve it up!

Thank you for 400.

Humbly yours,


32 thoughts on “Thank You For 400 Followers! (Ask Me Anything Q&A)

  1. Well earned and a long time coming – Congratulations!

    Ok tell me the truth, is there a little part of you that’s weirdly miffed about not having received a hate comment?

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  2. Hmm… *instantly thinks of half a dozen questions that you’d never answer probably like how old are you* *reconsiders* … How about this question. Was there a blog you once loved that, more than any other, inspired you to be a blogger?

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    • I absolutely love this question (the former is great too!). There have been so many people that have come and gone since I started, and I’d love to be able to reflect on them.

      Thanks for asking—anticipate your answer in the follow-up post!

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  3. A huge congratulations on the 400 followers.

    Which anime characters would you most want to invite to your cafe (assuming they were all in the one universe and your anime cafe was a real location)?

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    • Awwww Keiko, you’re too sweet—thank you!

      That’s a simple yet very interesting question, seeing as how I don’t talk about much else besides anime (and the occasional manga or LN). Can’t wait to answer this in the response post!

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  4. Congrats!!! this is so exciting 😀 i’m going to drop like a million questions, feel free to answer the ones you want~

    1. if you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
    2. would you be the main character, the villain, sidekick, other? why? and what kind of series would it be?
    3. what would you (blank – the answer to q2) theme song be?
    4. you walk into a public restroom and there are 10 stalls to your left and 10 stalls to your right, which do you choose? (if you choose urinal…they’re in the stalls)
    5. what does your perfect sandwich consist of?
    6. you find out you’re going to die tomorrow! how did you find out?
    7. what is your greatest food weakness?
    8. you have been invited to a wedding and the dress code requires guests to cosplay. what will you wear?
    9. how is school going? you’re kicking its butt, right?
    10. you have been chosen to represent the anime community as their singer in a singing competition, what song do you choose to perform?
    11. same question but for dancing! Oh, and you gotta pick a partner. who?
    12. you come home to find all your furniture has been moved, what happened?
    13. it’s been days and you’ve been digging into the Earth nonstop. What have you found?

    ok that’s all xD

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    • CRIMSON!! I love ALL of these, especially the “what type of character I would be” question (and the urinal one, lmaoo whyyy). Thanks for being such a great friend and giving my Q&A Answers post some more MEAT to it—you’re the best! 😀

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      • I’ve been wanting to ask someone the bathroom question for AGES. Idk why xD and muahahha, I wanna know what kind of character you’d be >:D you’re the best! i’m just the weirdo with the weird questions xD

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  5. Congrats on the 400.
    1. Since people are asking about coffee, what sort of cafe beverage do you most like? (not necessarily coffee)
    2. Why is your online alias Takuto? When I think of that name, I think Star Driver, but I’m not sure if I’m right…

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