My BTS Clothing Collection + Try-On

Hello all,

I’m here with something a bit different today. As you may know, I love online shopping of any kind. Naturally, this includes clothing, something which I barely talk about.

I like to think I’ve upped my fashion game for 2020, and with BTS barreling through every single major news headline out there as of late, I figured now’s the best time to show off my collection of BTS-inspired graphic tees, long-sleeved shirts, and hoodies!

Most of these items came (recently) from TeePublic, a popular fashion and apparel website that works with independent artists to print their lovely works on clothing, prints, stickers, mugs—you name it.

I spent the afternoon setting up the tripod and some lighting and did a little fashion shoot for today’s post. So yes, that is ME in the photos you see. I thought this would be a little more interesting than just me taking pics of clothing. Enjoy the haul/try-on!

We’ll begin with the hoodie since it’s the only one from Amazon. I’m not the biggest person in the world, but I had to size up to 3XL to get the loose fit that I wanted. The seller was super nice and flexible, though, so that made the process easier despite the hiccups. Anyway, it’s SUPER soft, and the print has stood up the wash test! I imagine it’ll fade soon, given enough time though. It’s my first white hoodie, so I love it for that, but the floral design (which mimics the Love Yourself: Tear album cover) on the sleeves is what really caught my eye. Love having the boys’ names printed on my back too! >.<

Onto the tees! This Map of the Soul: Persona-inspired logo design has me LIVING. I love simple shirts. You can’t tell cause I filtered the heck out of these (for art), but the bright pink design is actually printed on a very deep navy heather-colored shirt. Heather shirts look best on me, so all the short-sleeved shirts are printed on this material. 😛

“You can’t stop me lovin’ myself” when I wear this shirt, that’s for sure! Guys, GUYS, “Idol” is easily one of my top three favorite BTS songs (if such a list were to exist . . . which it doesn’t cause my brain would implode). I specifically requested for the design to be printed on a dark blue shirt because it matches the “Idol feat. Nicki Minaj” thumbnail. The bright yellow and red vibrantly contrasts against the backdrop, and if you love this artist’s style, you’ll love the next look . . .

We just HAD to do it to ’em. “Yeah, you makin’ me a boy with LOVE,” baby, and this shirt is just so much fun to wear. Again, I requested that this particular design be printed on a bright heather teal shirt to match the skies in the “Boy with Luv” thumbnail on YouTube. Really happy with how this one turned out. If the retro design seems familiar somehow, it’ll be no coincidence for you to know that this artist ALSO made the “Fly Me To The Moon” Eva-inspired tee that was featured in a holiday haul a little while ago. I’ll defs have to find the artist on social media!!

Long-sleeved shirts are IN, y’all, and this Wings shirt (with a design ripped right from the album’s own cover art) has me reliving the angsty days of “Awake,” “Lie,” and “Blood Sweat & Tears” like no other. Also “Mama”—how could I forget our beloved Hobi??

I love black clothing more than anything in the world, but sometimes ya just gotta have fun—and I find that a bold yellow is the best way to do that. Contrasting the purple font (also a decision I made to match the music video), the shirt features RM’s opening lines of “Idol” as the central design: “You can call me artist / You can call me idol.” The quote is so iconic, yet also celebrates the notion that fame can sometimes be a good thing, as it doesn’t always change the person beneath the shirt. 🙂

Last but not least is a return to black, my forte, with this simple long-sleeved Love Yourself shirt. (Yeesh, this one could’ve benefited from a good ironing. Oh well.) Yes, the design is printed with the pink-blue-white coloring that the album logo itself is done in. And yes, I DO love this shirt! Whether you’re a new ARMY, a hardcore fan, or even just a casual listener, I think this simple yet elegant design is perfect for anyone wanting to share their love of BTS and their music. ❤


Will I be buying more BTS-inspired clothing in the future? Umm, duh. But for now, this is what I’ve got, and I have so much fun coordinating each of these colorful designs with my OOTD. Do you have any BTS apparel that you like showing off? Tag me on Insta with a photo or comment below!

I’ve bought off of TeePublic in the past for most of my anime shirts, so if this kind of thing is something you guys show interest in, I’ll definitely make a separate post for those! I hope you enjoyed this sort of try-on/lookbook with me, and until next time, this has been

– Takuto, your host

6 thoughts on “My BTS Clothing Collection + Try-On

  1. omg all of those are amazing!! i like the light blue one, def gives off boy w luv vibes (actually they all give off their song/album vibes)! i probably would not buy a white hoodie but wow that one is so nicely designed i’m tempted!

    i’ve been thinking about getting some bts apparel but didn’t know where to buy T_T i know the stuff on weply is sold out but also costs a ton bc shipping #imsorrywallet but i also wanted to buy merch where money was going directly to the company and bts?? since i know a lot of fan stuff is created (idk if it’s very big in the bts fandom but like in anime it is lol)

    Liked by 2 people

    • The white hoodie is definitely a bold look since it has all their names on it, but it’s a really nice fit if you’re daring! And yasss Boy With Luv, the design is sooo good!!

      I’m not sure how to go about buying official merch straight from BigHit other than Weply and maybe Hot Topic (?) . . . not sure how that partnership works, nor where the money goes. The shirts I buy support indie artists, and although owning official merch would be FIRE, it’s gonna be very pricey, I agree.

      If I find out more about where to buy official merch, I’ll defs send the news your way! Thank you for all the love Crim~!

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Oooooh these are goood!
    Ah I wish they sold these things in my country when I was a big fan ugh. Back then, they hadn’t released the LY and BST was their last so they weren’t big where I stay.
    Had to paint my own hoodies and make my own posters lolol.
    The only merch I had was GD’s album, which I ended up selling second hand after a weird break down.
    Wow my relation with kpop sounds like a freaking shoujo lol.

    Anywaaaay, what I was saying is that these are really cool! Especially the white hoodie- I’m partial to hoodies hehe

    Liked by 1 person

    • That does sound like a complicated relationship, but I’m glad you were able to make your own fun out of it with the DIY paint hoodies and posters. I sometimes feel there are too many options as a fan these days, which is an odd paradox to find myself in—I want more options, but there IS such thing as too much to choose from. It’s like, I want to show of my fandom, and if I don’t buy enough, it feels like I’m not doing “everything” that I can (which is, yeah, also kinda complicated).

      I suppose I’m thankful to be able to celebrate my love for this group, and I’m happy you found these clothes to be even the slightest bit cool. So thank you, Auri!

      (And yes, the white hoodie is extra soft 😌)

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