Filling Gaps in the Anime Collection

Hello all!

Even though I’ve exponentially pulled back the reigns on what I buy for the collection, that hasn’t stopped me from picking up a couple new Blu-rays for some of my favorite ongoing franchises. After all, it’d be kinda crummy to cut cold turkey with a bunch of “Part 2” and “Season Three” gaps in the collection.

So, over the past month or two, I’ve been meticulously eBay hunting, haggling back and forth with sellers for the sets I want—and only at a price I’m willing to pay.

Enjoy the spoils of my hunt—there’s not much here (compared to normal collection updates), but everything here I love, and quality should always usurp quantity!

Up first is the second half of Steins;Gate 0. You may recall the boxset from a previous haul, and this set completes it. I’m absolutely in love with the art, and I’m glad Funi was able to snag so much of the Japanese Blu-ray art.

One of these days I’ll do a complete watch of the series, starting with the original and instead continuing down the 0 route with the Beta Episode like we’re supposed to!

Here’s another Part 2 to go with the first part’s limited edition set. Star Blazers 2202 isn’t my favorite sequel ever made, but it continues to be THE best reboot a vintage franchise has ever received. Period. I love the art for this franchise so much that I’ve collected almost all of the movie posters (called chirashi) for each theatrical release (since the series was released as a collection of OVAs).

More gorgeous art, ahhh my heart! So happy to have all of Yamato in my clutches.

Onto yet another franchise that I love—any RailDex fans out there? I realize that despite needing the most “hype” the third season is actually the weakest installment. But hey, I still liked it, and will probably rewatch it more than once in the future. For this release, love seeing how much Kiyotaka Haimura’s illustrations have improved (on the right), but something about the main visual for this season has me absolutely LIVING. The clouds are everything!

Funimation included a little art/character booklet with both parts of Season Three, and they’re actually quite nifty guides given Index’s lofty sum of characters that make their first (and last) entrance in this wobbly final season. It’s a nice edition, although it makes me wish each season came with one.

Annnd here’s Part 2, the climax of Index’s main story, and what an ending it is. (Yikes.) At least the main visual for this one maintains the intensity that the final confrontation *should’ve* had. It’s a really pretty cover, don’t get me wrong! I just wish Season Three wasn’t so, IDK, *shudders* mediocre.

Again, it’s got that nice little booklet to help keep you straight with all these crazy mages and organizations, religious or otherwise. I’m just thrilled to finally be up-to-date with all the releases for one of my favorite series ever!

Now here’s a third season that doesn’t disappoint in the slightest! Attack on Titan is fantastic, and I know it’ll be a masterpiece of entertainment once it’s all complete. This set includes the traditional limited edition digibook-artbook hybrid thing that Funi’s been doing for all their AoT sets.

The backside has Captain Levi lookin’ all fine and stuff. (I mean, when does he not?) It’s surreal to have the third “wall” completed on my shelf—that is, each of these giant LTD ED boxsets is modeled after one of the three walls, this last one being the most interior Wall Sina.

As you can see, the art book is actually imbedded with the release. A lot of people complain about it, but I don’t mind. We’re also blessed with the stunning Wit Studio Blu-ray covers, this one featuring Levi and Kenny in an active shot.

Flipping the cover page of the book, I see Eren lookin’ stoic and beautiful as ever. God, I’d buy an entire art book of this stuff. This little book continues on for another handful of pages, and it’s chalked with all kinds of great character materials and notes.

I just wanted to show off the back page of the art book cause DAMN, ERWIN LOOKS SO GOOD. Not as good as Eren, but this mans be FINE. And oh look, some DVD discs.

This pretty much concludes the collection update. I’m thankful to be able to continue collecting from my favorite franchises, especially during times like this. Yes, I want to support the shows I love, but I also want to be able to enjoy them for years to come. Only buy what won’t be a burden to you later on, and don’t spend what you don’t have. The anime will always be there, even if you have to do a little hunting around.

I’d love to hear what shows you guys have recently picked up. Got any franchises that you particularly enjoy collecting from as the years go by? Let’s chat in the comments! Thanks for reading, and until the next post! –


9 thoughts on “Filling Gaps in the Anime Collection

    • Yamato 2202 isn’t the best sequel, but in retrospect, it was certainly better than I initially thought. Defs glad I was able to pick up the Blu-ray cause yeah, it dropped off several streaming platforms. Hopefully you’ll get to complete it one of these days–it’s a beautiful ending!

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  1. These look super sweet. I never watched any more of Index after the first season. (I was never interested in Railgun, but I wouldn’t mind going back and revisiting the series.)

    And I need to watch Yamato. It continues to be one of those shows that are on my list.

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    • Railgun is by far the better series in my opinion, but if you can watch either I think you’ll enjoy the story. Things certainly get more interesting after each title’s respective first season. And Yamato, oh man, what a ride. Easily one of the most overlooked reboots of our time!


  2. Well, I did mention the Humble Bundle in another comment (I only bought enough to get SGRS, so half the entire bundle).

    Aside from that, I think after the last time you did a haul post I remember anything of (2019’s end), I picked up some scattered releases such as the Animatrix (plus a copy of The Matrix itself so I could understand it – yep, didn’t watch The Matrix until just before quarantine – someone’s gonna judge me for that, aren’t they…?) and an atrocious Final Fantasy movie I want to erase from my brain. Most of my money went towards manga and merch, to be honest – notable merch includes my Endoroid (En Yufuin Nendoroid – it’s my first and probably only Nendo, considering I felt buyer’s remorse) and the most expensive paperclip I will ever own (with Kyoka from Bungou Stray Dogs on it).

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    • I just read about that, yes! I hope you enjoy it. To be honest, I’ve only seen the first Matrix movie myself, so no judgment over here. I remember that FF film though—Advent Children, was it?

      Nendoroids and figure collecting in general is something I fight myself with. On one hand, figures are cool as heck, but on the other, WOW, they are expensive. And they take up lots of space, which I’m finding myself without these days. Perhaps it’s time to sell some of my prize figures or scales off.

      But do enjoy your first Nendo—I still have mine, Makise Kurisu from Steins;Gate, and I wouldn’t sell her for the world. No one should feel guilty for wanting to collect something!! 🙂


      • It’s called The Spirits Within. Apparently it flopped so bad, that’s why Square Enix doesn’t do CGI movies anymore…or something like that.

        Yeah, it surprised me how much space Gunpla and figures took up in the store I bought my Nendo at…and how En, having been released 4 years ago, was actually on the cheaper end of figures in the store. I mostly bought him because internet research said there were limited numbers of each figure and it’s rare they get reruns.

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