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Hello all!

I’m really happy today. Actually, I have been for the past couple days now. Why the sudden cheery mood? I finally decided to replace my desk that I never sat and worked at (like a proper human should) with some new shelving for my collection.

But these aren’t your ordinary shelves. No, these are those little white cube shelves that all those “manga aesthetic” people have (you know the ones). Well, now I can proudly call myself one of those people. Drumroll please!!

BAM. Aren’t they just the most beautiful things ever?? They’re so friggin’ cute next to each other. And yeah, SUCH an aesthetic boost. It occurred to me just the other day that I had a box of old Pokémon figures and such tucked underneath my bed. So, I dug it out, thinking they’d add a pop of color and fun to the area. Plus, it’s nice to see some old friends again. 🙂

It’s nice when spontaneous decisions work out, am I right? I literally had no plans to do this. At least, not for a while. But with the whole stay-at-home order, it became necessity for me to maximize my living quarters if I’m going to be here for a while.

Oooooh I just love ‘em! I’m so thankful to be able to own such nice little shelves to display parts of my collection. I’ve found myself sitting on the rug more these days, just quietly flipping through volumes of Yona of the Dawn and Snow White with the Red Hair. Having more white has done wonders to improving my mood, too! Eventually, I’d love to fill these shelves with new manga. But that won’t happen until I read what I’ve got first, of course. ^ . ^

When was the last time you bought (or made) shelving for your collection? Do you use hand-me-down furniture (hey, if it ain’t broke, take it!) or do you have fancy shelves from Ikea or some other store? We always talk about the books and Blu-rays we own, but never about where these items sit! Comment below what your shelf status is like, and hey, if you guys like this kind of stuff, maybe I’ll post more collection pics here on the blog!

Thanks for sitting down with me for a sec and listening to me ramble about the joys that new shelves bring—the conversation is always appreciated. Till our next tea time together~!

– Takuto

8 thoughts on “The Joy of New Shelves || Cafe Talk

    • Oh I totally agree with this! None of my furniture broke the bank whatsoever. It’s pretty cheap stuff. BUT, if taken care of, I feel like it’ll last a long time and still look nice.

      And I feel you on trying to keep stuff looking neat—shelves, especially when laying stuff in mismatched directions for style, can easily look cluttery and messy if not kept organized!

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  1. New shelves are always such a happy experience for me. I love your cosy little reading nook! Looks perfect for reading shenanigans. I just finished creating one for myself and it always makes me fall asleep because of how chill it is haha.

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  2. Organization always makes me feel better… My collection isn’t so big that it needs dedicated shelving though. Books (mostly reference for one of my hobbies) take up most of the room by far.

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    • Hey, small collections are never a bad thing. Some mornings I wake up wishing half of it would disappear just to give me some breathing room. But, then I remember why I bought these things in the first place, and it doesn’t seem so bad anymore. Nevertheless, collecting only what you love (and would reuse) is the way to go for sure. I’d love to see your shelves some day Derek!


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