FIVE Anime I Love Rewatching

Hey guys!

It’s been too long! I ended up taking the rest of September off simply because of school and work. Also, I wanted to make sure my YT channel got a bit more off the ground while I had at least some time to film videos.

BUT it’s good to be back here at home, where all of you are!

Today I just wanted to share a little topic that’s been in the back of my mind: rewatching anime.

While in the midst of rewatching one of my favorite anime (that being Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood), I had this idea to share a few Blu-rays and DVDs from my collection that I love rewatching with you all. So, I quickly filmed a video, edited it a couple days later, and here it is now!

Let me know if you also have “that one” anime you love rewatching (probably more than you should 😉) down in the comments! I’ve got dozens more (trust me), but I think sharing 5 is a good start for now.

I’ll be back to regular blogging *hopefully* sooner rather than later. I’ve never taken two literature classes at once in college, and anymore, I’ve pretty much exhausted my reading and writing energy by mid-afternoon. I

’ll likely start small, maybe with a simulcast line up since FALL IS HERE I guess!?? Wow, where does the time go!

Anyway, thank you for all your support during my absence. I’ve got lots of kind comments to catch up on, so apologies in advance if I start digging up a conversation we had weeks ago! 😛

Hope your fall is going well! ‘Till next time!

– Takuto

9 thoughts on “FIVE Anime I Love Rewatching

  1. Welcome back! Nice to see you again…and erm well to answer your question…where to start lol😂 Have way too many of those: Macross, Another, Erased , Sword Art Online, Attack on Titan…need I go on? Naw…think five is a good start for me as well😂😂
    Looking forward to you upcoming posts!😀

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    • I never thought about rewatching Erased, but now might be an excellent time given the slow shift to cooler months! And SAO and AOT are always winners in my eyes. I’ve rewatched my fave episodes of Alicization more times than I’d like to admit 😅

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  2. I did an entire “rewatch everything you watched this year” several years back (2016, bar the anime that were coming out at the time when I decided on it) and that burnt me out from rewatches for a good year afterwards. Due to that, I’ve only just started rewatching things again in more recent years, although since I fell behind on spring and summer anime this year + I lost Tsuritama to Crunchyroll’s kind-of-sudden removal, it’s been slow going.

    ^ For the record, I was rewatching Tsuritama when I lost it, so right now I’m meant to be working on a Kekkai Sensen rewatch so I can get to its s2, but the fall simulcasts take first priority, then the spring/summer ones.

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    • (…ah, in the end I didn’t even answer the question properly.)

      I don’t have a favourite anime to rewatch because my priorities keep shifting to stuff I haven’t set eyes on before (or rewatching single episodes or scenes – I know I’ve seen several episodes of Sailor Moon, such as Ami’s intro, Rei’s intro and the episode with the animator duo, twice or thrice), but as you can tell by this answer above, I do rewatch entire series occasionally when they strike my fancy.

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    • Haha, yeah, that might’ve been a bit overkill. But I’m glad you’re making the effort now to still catch up on all that you’ve missed! There’s so much good anime coming out these days. Too much. It’s amazing, and it’s overwhelming. But now you’re reminding me of all the great shows I skipped on myself—perhaps I should clear off a little more time in my schedule for catching up on my anime as well!


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