Let’s Open SuperM Albums :) || K-pop Unboxing

Hey guys, this is an unboxing of those SuperM albums I picked up a while ago! I was thinking to do something cool with them, but I decided to just do a regular unboxing. Even though it was filmed a while back, I hope you enjoy it!

Be sure to let me know your fave SuperM song or who your bias is in the comments. My favorite track is “Wish You Were Here” and my bias is Baekhyun, obviously! 😉🧡

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Thanks for watching~!

4 thoughts on “Let’s Open SuperM Albums :) || K-pop Unboxing

  1. I just got into Kpop and man super lives up to its name. I just heard Jopping recently and I can’t get it off my head. My bias is Baekhyun too, his vocals and high notes are out of this world. I’m just waiting for their next comeback.

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