EVERYDAY EVA Episode 1: Angel Attacketh | Mecha March

Welcome to EVERYDAY EVA, the blog series where I aim to cover one episode of Evangelion every single day for Mecha March 2022!

A new series of posts to celebrate my love of Evangelion begins!

When I rewatch NGE Episode 1, “Angel Attack,” I can’t help but think about how solid of a groundwork it lays for the entire series. Scratch that—the entire franchise. The abundant electric poles, lush mountains, and gray machinery of NERV contribute to the Tokyo-3 in my mind. It’s not the largest city, but it’s plenty big enough to stage the location of where most of the series’ action will take place. And there’s a lot of action to come.

First though, the Angel attacks. Misato being more concerned about her wrecked car and ruined dress is peak character introduction for a woman who just barely survived a military bomb explosion. I love how she’s lost trying to navigate through NERV Headquarters despite using a map. According to the guidebook that comes with GKIDS’ Ultimate Edition Blu-ray (which I will simply reference from here on as the production notes), Misato has only marked the locations the two restrooms she uses most frequently! Also, Gendo’s assurance against the JSDF that “This is what NERV is for, gentlemen,” is such an iconic line.

The tension in Shinji’s debate about getting in the Eva, though often trivialized and memed to all hell, is actually quite gripping. Immediately, we see how Shinji is a character who acts based on feelings and the way others perceive him, not logic. He won’t do anything unless he knows he’s good at, and since he’s never before piloted the Eva, he fears failure along with abandonment (from his childhood). From this moment, Misato seeds the notion he mustn’t run away in her words (leaving him to spend the rest of the series grappling with why), and to everyone else, Shinji becomes but a means to an end, that end being their survival.

But those are some cursory thoughts on Episode 1: “Angel Attack.” I’ll be back tomorrow for more #MechaMarch content and another episode of Evangelion. ‘Til then, thanks for reading!

– Takuto

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