Who am I?

Why I’m Takuto, your host! I’ve always wanted to run a small business, ya know, the kind where you know all of the regulars to your cafe? Thus, I created Takuto’s Anime Cafe.

Your host originates from the overflowing wellspring of wisdom beyond the 1.048596 world line, but currently lives in the United States of America. He is always trying to express himself through the arts, be it music or craft, but has recently picked up on writing. Being an amateur anime fan, Takuto only seeks to find harmony and enjoyment through all of the little things the Japanese-drawn world has to offer. His favorite activities include playing and listening to music, watching anime (and fanboying), reading manga, drawing and of course, living a humble yet exciting life. He also finds pleasure in eating expensive foods and chatting with other anime fans!

He pours out his thoughts in his anime reviews, and would be overjoyed if you checked one out ~

81 thoughts on “Who am I?

    • Hahaha, yeah, the title and the set up is a bit misleading, but I hope you still like the content! I actually plan to start adding a few recipes like baked goods and coffee drinks once the cafe gets off the ground and attracts more viewers – so spread the love! Also, Thanks for following! It means the world to me!


    • Haha, thank you very much! I’m glad you think I deserve this award. I’ve already received this one on multiple occasions, however, so sadly I wouldn’t expect a post from this one, but rather a huge thank you shout out from the heart, bruh!! XD it’s a good problem to have, getting these nominations from such nice bloggers like yourself, but my oh my, I am so behind on making reviews >.< I might squeeze it in if I can manage, so thank you again 😀

      Liked by 1 person

    • AGH, an award!! I don’t get these as often as I used too–maybe it’s because I’m older now, hahaha. But wow, this makes my day. I’m quite infamous for putting award responses out as delays (some still haven’t seen the light of day, so I fear for your “sunshine” award), but I’ll note ya down and hopefully get around to it sometime. Thanks for stopping by again!


    • WOOHOO! A wild blog award has appeared! Thank you for considering me for this nomination–I greatly appreciate it. Not sure when I’ll be able to follow through with a post, but 2018 is the year where I cut back on the blogging procrastination, so hopefully it’s very soon. :3


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