Caffé Mochas

Extremely delicious and entertaining titles that rise above others, 5 stars ***** (rated between 8 and 10)

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Akudama Drive: The Bloody Sci-fi Action Survival Game You’ve Been Waiting For

Ebb & Flow: Taking Life Slowly With ARIA | OWLS “Self-Care”

Attack on Titan

Beautiful Bones: An Elegy To Those Indeed Trapped by the Past

BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky – An Intimate Look at the World’s #1 K-Pop Girl Group

Bokurano: The Darkness Within Our Hearts

The Conviction to Change in Bunny Girl Senpai | OWLS “Metamorphosis”

Claudine: Sexuality, Self-Acceptance, & Tragedy

Code Geass: A Masterful Rebellion To Be Remembered

Cowboy Bebop, A Journey of the Blues

The End of Hope: Despair Conquers All in Danganronpa 3 | OWLS “Movement”

Demon Slayer: Crying Under the Light of the Moon || OWLS “Folklore”

Den-noh Coil: The 2000s Sci-Fi Anime You Never Watched (But Should)

The Devil is a Part-Timer!

Devilman Crybaby – Ugly Tears, Bleeding Hearts, & The Pain of Modern Tragedy

Neon Genesis Evangelion

The End of Evangelion

Evangelion: 1.11 You Are (Not) Alone.

Evangelion: 2.22 You Can (Not) Advance.

THIS IS WHY WE CAN (NOT) REDO | Evangelion 3.33

Want a FOODGASM? Enter the Food Wars!

For the Team – Free! & My Swim Story | OWLS “Team”

From the New World

Given: Broken Heartstrings & Unforgettable Sounds

A Story That Loves Love: Go For It, Nakamura! | OWLS “Adore”

Gunbuster: Aim for the Top!!! || V-Day Special

Gunbuster 2: Over the Top!!! || V-Day Special 

Gurren Lagann: The Larger-Than-Life Story of Us 

Hanasaku Iroha: Finding Beauty & Grace in Hard Work, Dignity, and Servitude | OWLS “Bloodlines”

Hyouka: Fifty Lazy, Dull, Grey Shades of Curiosity (FEAT. Sherlock Houtarou)

In This Corner of the World: A History Lesson on Hope & Healing | OWLS “Warmth”

Kill la Kill

Log Horizon

Michiko & Hatchin, Two Against the World || OWLS “Lover”

Millennium Actress & Our Obsession with the Chase || OWLS “Devotion”

My Hero Academia, Where we’re all a bit Quirky 

Nagi-Asu: Proving that Life is Simply Better Down Where It’s Wetter

One Punch Man is Absurd, Out-of-this-World Fun! | Hero Week

“Orange” is Sweet & Sour, Yet All The More Beautiful | OWLS “Treasure”

Our Dining Table: Growing Closer One Meal at a Time

Parasyte -the maxim-

Perfect Blue: Life is Anything But Glamorous

Princess Jellyfish: Confidence, Community, & the Beauty Below the Surface | OWLS “Pride”


Cacophony in Paradise: RahXephon & Accepting the World

RePlay: A Sweet Single-Volume Baseball BL 

Rokka Ushers in a Fresh and Bloody-Fantastic Fray

Run with the Wind: Wholesome, Heartfelt, & Inspiring Every Step of the Race

Seven Days: Will You Still Love Me When Monday Comes?

That Blue Sky Feeling: Preciously Queer & Wholeheartedly Delightful

Triumph! Sound the Euphonium!

Shiki: The Frightening Science of Vampires 

Shin Godzilla is a Terrifyingly Realistic & Meaningful Ode to History

Sword Art Online: Alicization is Fantastic (But you should still read the books)

Sword Art Online II (Phantom Bullet)

Sword Art Online II (Mother’s Rosary)

Time of EVE Welcomes Impartiality Through Reflection | OWLS “Mirrors”

The Loneliest Girl in the Universe: A Thrilling Ride Through Space

Finding a Place to Belong: Tokyo Godfathers & the Gift of Kindness | OWLS “Miracles”

Versailles is Not for All, But Indeed All for One

Weathering With You – Taking a Chance on Love

Yamada’s First Time (B Gata H Kei)

Yona of the Dawn

Loss Has Little Meaning in Yuki Yuna | Hero Week

Yuri!!! On ICE Goes the Distance for Life & Love

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