Anime too sweet to be passed up! Fun and entertaining, but not flawless, 4 stars **** (rated between 7 and 9)

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A Sister’s All You Need: The Perverted Life of a Light Novelist



Before the Black Out: More Human Than Human | OWLS “Diplomacy”

“Charlotte” Weaves an Entertaining Web of PLOT TWISTS

Death Parade: That’s Just the Name of the Game | OWLS “Dreamers”

If I Went Missing . . . Erased | Hero Week

No Man Laughs Alone in Ghost S.A.C.

United We Stand in Ghost S.A.C. 2nd GIG

Ghost in the Shell (2017) Dives Deep Enough to Prove Itself a Fascinating, Engaging Ride

5 Ballistic Reasons You Should Watch Girls und Panzer

Grimgar: Stronger Together, Now & Forever | OWLS “Strength” 

Haikyuu!! — Growing Together Through Challenge & Failure | OWLS “Squad”

All That Glitters IS Gold in “Land of the Lustrous” | OWLS “Revival”

Log Horizon 2nd Season

Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions!

Love Live! School Idol Project (1st and 2nd Season Review)

Magical Girl Raising Project: Being Irresistibly Drawn to Death | OWLS “Grotesque”

The Sweetest Kind of Rom-Com: “My Love Story!!”

Negima!? (season two)

No Game No Life

The Royal Tutor: A Heartfelt Lesson on Judgement | OWLS “Mentor”

selector Infected WIXOSS

selector Spread WIXOSS

Soul Eater

Sword Art Online II (Caliber)

Tales of Symphonia: The Animation

Tokyo Ghoul

The Ravishing, Elegant Imperfections of “Welcome to the Ballroom” | Blogmas 2017 Day 9


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