“Otaku Warriors for Liberty and Self-Respect”

Yes, I am currently an OWLS member!

Here is my bio:

I’m Takuto, your host at my Anime Cafe! Though only a teenager, I enjoy watching anime and then reviewing my thoughts over them. According to my Twitter bio, I’m also apparently a humble artist, mild cosplayer, and one “relatable mate.”

Within my reviews and discussions, I weave together themes and tips to combating the dark realities of the human experience. Because positivity is key, I quickly found myself joining OWLS, and have happily stuck with them since the beginning. Through OWLS, I’ve learned that it is only by understanding and appreciating ourselves can we truly learn to understand others!

So let’s sit down together, enjoy some coffee, and casually talk about how to make our lives better~

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We are a group of otaku bloggers who promotes acceptance of all individuals regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion and disability. We emphasize the importance of respect, kindness, and tolerance to every human being.


Blog tours are our main method of raising awareness for our cause. We, the members, show our solidarity by writing individual posts about a relevant topic and publishing them on our own blogs according to our appointed tour stops. All members are encouraged to participate.

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Tour #1 January – Kiznaiver, Where Change is Worth the Pain | OWLS “Disruptors”

Tour #2 February – Yuri!!! On ICE Goes the Distance for Life & Love | OWLS “Flight”

Tour #3 March – Evangelion’s Misato Provides a Home for the Lonely | OWLS “Sanctuary”

Tour #4 April – Tales of Symphonia Orchestrates Racial Harmony By Overcoming Great Tragedy| OWLS “Colors”

Tour #5 May – Grimgar: Stronger Together, Now & Forever | OWLS “Strength”

Tour #6 June – For the Team – Free! & My Swim Story | OWLS “Team”

Tour #7 July – Time of EVE Welcomes Impartiality Through Reflection | OWLS “Mirrors”

Tour #8 August – Hanasaku Iroha: Finding Beauty & Grace in Hard Work, Dignity, and Servitude | OWLS “Bloodlines”

Tour #9 September – “Orange” is Sweet & Sour, Yet All The More Beautiful | OWLS “Treasure”

Tour #10 October – Death Parade: That’s Just the Name of the Game | OWLS “Dreamers”

Tour #11 November – Before the Black Out: More Human Than Human | OWLS “Diplomacy”

Tour #12 December – In This Corner of the World: A History Lesson on Hope & Healing | OWLS “Warmth”

Celebrating the New Year with a Reflection on my OWLS Experience! | Blogmas 2017 Day 12


Tour #13 January – All That Glitters IS Gold in “Land of the Lustrous” | OWLS “Revival”

Tour #14 February – PyeongChang on ICE!!! Celebrating Team Spirit in the 2018 Winter Olympics | OWLS “Competition”

Tour #15 March – Haikyuu!! — Growing Together Through Challenge & Failure | OWLS “Squad”

Tour #16 April – Yūki Hayashi: Music to Motivate the Soul | OWLS “Melody”

Tour #17 May – The End of Hope: Despair Conquers All in Danganronpa 3 | OWLS “Movement”

Tour #18 June – Princess Jellyfish: Confidence, Community, & the Beauty Below the Surface | OWLS “Pride”

Tour #19 July – The Royal Tutor: A Heartfelt Lesson on Judgement | OWLS “Mentor”

Tour #20 August – From the New World: Through Horror, Calamity, & the Truth | OWLS “Journey”

Tour #21 September – Ebb & Flow: Taking Life Slowly With ARIA | OWLS “Self-Care”

Tour #22 October – Magical Girl Raising Project: Being Irresistibly Drawn to Death | OWLS “Grotesque”

Tour #23 November – When Magic & Science Collide: Top 5 Reasons Why I Love Index/Railgun | OWLS “Thankful”

Tour #24 December – Finding a Place to Belong: Tokyo Godfathers & the Gift of Kindness | OWLS “Miracles”

My Top Five OWLS Posts That I Wrote in 2018


Tour #25 January – The Conviction to Change in Bunny Girl Senpai | OWLS “Metamorphosis”

Tour #26 February – A Story That Loves Love: Go For It, Nakamura! | OWLS “Adore”

Tour #27 March – She Flies Again! The Stellar Women of Space Battleship Yamato 2199 | OWLS “Feminine”

Tour #28 April – Chasing You, Chasing Me: The Heart of Run with the Wind | OWLS “Masculinity”

Tour #29 May – What My Anime Collection Means To Me | OWLS “Happiness”

Tour #30 June – Sarazanmai & The Price of Connection | OWLS “Vulnerable”

Tour #31 July – Kino’s Journey: Navigating This Beautiful World | OWLS “Technology”

Tour #32 August – Amagi Brilliant Park: The Most Fun I’ve Ever Had With KyoAni || OWLS “Believe”

Tour #33 September – Michiko & Hatchin, Two Against the World || OWLS “Lover”

Tour #34 October – To the Top of the Tower: How Alicization Encodes its Lore || OWLS “Fantasy”

Tour #35 November – Yumeiro Patisserie: The Strong, the Savory, & the Sweet || OWLS “Failure”

Tour #36 December – “Unhauling” for the Holidays: Why I’m Giving, Not Getting || OWLS “Holiday”

My Top Five OWLS Posts That I Wrote in 2019


Tour #37 January – Idolmaster SideM: How Personal Branding Shapes Our Image || OWLS “Visions”

Tour #38 February – On British Literature & Fate: What it Means to be Remembered || OWLS “Legacy”

Tour #39 March – Millennium Actress & Our Obsession With the Chase || OWLS “Devotion”

Tour #40 April – Shirobako: A Creative’s Guide to Happiness || OWLS “Hope”

Tour #41 May – ID:INVADED & Searching for the Answers || OWLS “Adapt”

Tour #42 June – Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid & Coping With Reality || OWLS “Mindfulness”

Tour #43 July – Starting Index/Railgun in 2020: A TOARU GUIDE || OWLS “Mini Con”

Tour #44 August – Demon Slayer: Crying Under the Light of the Moon || OWLS “Folklore”