30-Day Song Challenge Day 1: Songs That Makes You Happy

“Happy Material” by The Class of 2-A’s Voice Actresses

What would be a better way to start a happy day than “Happy Material?” This is Negima!‘s first opening theme, and it’s several variations are sung by the different cast members from Negi Springfield’s giant ass bouncy harem EHERM, ‘class.’ Exploding with energy and positive vibes, there are few songs that rival “Happy Material’s” joy! I frequently listen to this tune, the 31 Girl’s version, in fact, while I sweep away dust bunnies and I clean my room.

“Susume→Tomorrow” (ススメ→トゥモロウ)” by µ’s

Ahh, my favorite Love Live! song evahhh! It’s the first thing we hear when the show starts, and sadly it’s not heard after that. 😦 But it left such an impact that, yes, it was the kick that made me want to finish the rest of the series. I use it as an alarm in the morning on occasion, but I have to turn it off as soon as possible before the girls bust out after Honoka’s sweeeet solo!

And these were just two of the many, many songs that make me happy! They’re both quite energetic, which is part of the reason I smile and lighten up after an extensive, exhausting day. Have an amazing Friday :D, and until tomorrow, this has been

– Takuto, your host