Under, Over, and About 100 (a congratulations and thank you)

Hello, all,

I still haven’t read your comments about the past couple of posts, but there’s a secret reason why – and I’m about to spill the beans. First, however, I have a cheesy little poem for you all that I wrote (but it rhymes, so we’re all good). EHERM, here we go . . .

100 is a milestone,

It’s quite the special feat.

But when you have it more than once

It’s an even greater treat.


Once I hit this ‘Publish’ button

I would have posted 100 posts.

It sounds small now, and it kinda is,

But that’s 100 times as “Your Host.”

Upon my birthday celebration

I was catching up in my reader.

Commenting a ton, readin’ some fun,

My notification count grew steeper.


Yes, it finally rang 100 –

It has never been so high!

Now I have some replies to make

Before they all slip by.


So 100 posts, 100 comments,

What can possibly be next?

Well, (nearly) 100 Cafe-goers

Can’t simply be expressed in a text!

Also, remember when I inquired you all

To recommend a 100th show?

All of that feedback is now in my backlog

And I’ve found one to continue the flow!

He’s actually my mascot; the symbol of myself,

From a show that I have surprisingly not seen.

I have heard oh-so many good things

About this chocolate-haired, mystery teen.

I hope and plan to start this anime soon

And award it with a “Caffe Mocha.”

Though first, just to put you at ease,

It will be the lovely Hyouka.


100 is a milestone,

It’s always been one of my dreams.

But when I have such a nice bunch like you all,

It’s not as hard as it seems.

So thank you very, very much

I do hope you have enjoyed my content.

For after all of those late nights, and more to come,

Without a doubt – My time’s been well spent 🙂

So that’s all I had to say. Sweet and simple if you ask me! I’m just overjoyed that I can now go read all of your comments and responses to things that I might have said on your post(s). 100, man, that’s awesome – the coffee’s gonna taste even better tonight 😀 Oh, what? You wanted some? *blends ice, adds ground beans, blends again, adds chocolate, tops with whip cream and more chocolate* Here you go – It’s on the house tonight! Haha, until the next post, this has been

– Takuto, your host