30-Day Song Challenge Day 19: A Song You Are Currently Obsessed With

Evening all, I have a night full of studying dreadfully planned ahead, so today’s log will have to be a quickie. Thankfully, I know just the song! But first, how long does it take for you to obsess over something – specifically anime? For me, you can recommend and rant all you want about a show, but it I won’t be hooked until I either A) see the artwork, promotional poster or whatnot, or B) hear the opening/music from the anime. I have heard oodles of fans gawk about how pleasant this cute little show is, but it wasn’t until after I heard the opening – bestowed to us by the Goddesses of Kalafina themselves – that I truly met my love ~

From Sound of the Sky, “Hikari no Senritsu” by Kalafina

I found this, what two days ago, and I love it so much that the words are literally bubbling and foaming at my mouth! I CANNOT stop listening to this elegant song. Such poise, free spirit, and sense of adventure; apparently, the anime has these elements, so straight after Hyouka you all know what I’ll be chasing after! But yes, what an enchanting melody – definitely one of Kalafina and Kajiura’s finest works to ever grace my ears. All I want to do is lay down under a tree, a breeze fluttering in the air, my knees propped up on one another, arms thrown behind my head, and chill. I just want to take a terminal break from school work and taste the liberation I seek that’s found nowhere near this wretched thing we call an “agenda.” But this’ll have to do for now, and it’s one hell of a substitute 🙂

So what are you currently raving over? Did the fire erupt overnight or has it been a week-long curse to have it stuck in your head 😉 Also, what did you think of Sound of the Sky? Ya’ll need to let me know in the comments! Have a fantastic day, and milk all that you can out of the few seconds of free breath you can manage, because they’ll fly by in an flash. Till tomorrow!

– Takuto, your host