30-Day Song Challenge Day 18: A Song You Have As Your Ringtone/Want To Be Your Ringtone

So does this mean my ringtone when I call someone, or is this the song that plays when someone calls me? Meh, I’ll give one of each, sound good?

*dials my number, waits* Beeeeep, beeeeep”

*over where I’m at* “so, everything that makes me whole ima kimi ni sasageyou. I’m Yooours ~~~”

Yep, you guessed it. Guilty Crown!!! But the instrumental only!

From Guilty Crown, “My Dearest” by supercell

Alright, this is the typical song that cues when someone for whatever reason is calling me. I absolutely love the piano intro for this song, and it’s supercell, so duh, you can’t go wrong! It doesn’t blare out and scare the sh*t outta me when I’m in public and my phone rings, but it will grow louder if I don’t notice it within the first ten seconds. Also, I wouldn’t sound like some obvious die-hard anime nerd if this song slid out of my phone speakers in my opinion, so that’s always a huge plus (not that there’s anything wrong with being a fan, but like anything for me, expression is great, though the whole supermarket doesn’t need to hear my J-pop/rock preferences). All in all, it’s a pretty solid ringtone, and a fantastic song (so someone call me so I have an excuse to listen to it, please :>)

Ooh, now finding a ringtone for myself took hours of pondering, but I’ve finally settled on . . .

Kiki’s Delivery Service or The Secret World of Arrietty Main Themes

I’d be flattered to receive either of these as ringtones people have set on their phones for me o>.<o While the first is laid back, you know, another day warm in the local bakery, the second is adventurous and invigorating, like forest travels – but both have this same aura of home and finding a place where you belong. I think the two Ghibli movies convey these themes, too! It’s obvious that they would make nice ringtones: no annoying vocals, no absurd electric guitars, no fluffy or spunk J-pop – Both just feel natural and free, impressive yet humble, and I think if I heard either of these great songs, I’d think a bit of myself, hehe. Check out both of these movies, as you’d be doing yourself a massive favor 😀

And with that, I conclude day 18. This was a harder day to crack down on, that’s for sure, but I hope you like what I picked! I’m curious, do you have a preferred song that you would like to hear coming from another’s phone? Also, would it be anime-related music, or would you feel a bit “ashamed and embarrassed” to admit it? Let me know in the whatchamajig below. Happy Monday, till tomorrow!

– Takuto, your host