30-Day Song Challenge Day 13: A Song You Sing To In The Shower

(There’s sadly no Railgun today, but it’s a shower. I had to play along with the theme. Sue me.)

I rarely sing in the shower because I know others can hear outside the door. So sadly, that is one benefit I do not indulge in for living with my family. But late at night after hours of homework, sometimes a steamy shower is in order. As the warm water flushes out my icky worries, however, a hum or two might escape. I’ve got a few incredible songs today, and you can bet your money that I’m humming to them as I write this 🙂

From Kill la Kill, “Ambiguous” by GARNiDELiA

First is Kill la Kill‘s superior second opening that has honestly become one of my favorite songs evehhh! It’s got that toe-tappin’ beat, a fresh, positive melody, and an addicting chorus. When I can, I’ll listen to this song from my phone as I drive around town running errands and whatnot. It’s a fantastic way to start a day, and an epic way to end one. If you haven’t watched Kill la Kill because you are turned off by the lack of clothing, I urge you to persevere, for after the all of the rough bloodshed and ripped panties, there’s a breathtaking sunset waiting just for you :> Is the content ambiguous? Yes, for sure. But the results are absolutely worth it.

From Fate/Zero, “Sora Wa Takaku Kaze Wa Utau” by Luna Haruna

Enter one of anime’s greatest ending themes to ever be heard. Fate/Zero was already a breathtaking show, but this song elevates things to perfection. Passionate as ever, Luna Haruna sings her heart out in this tragic love song (I don’t know the words, but it sounds that way and fits the characters represented). The somewhat “magical, Indian-sounding” instrumentals lay the foreign groundwork for these moving lyrics excellently, making it a song unlike any other (let alone for an anime). This song is responsible for my love of Irisviel, Kiritsugu’s trying wife. Fate/Zero‘s love story is out to break hearts, and this song guarantees that a void will be left once the crimson curtains close. So many feels, so fitting for the anime.

From Neon Genesis Evangelion, “Fly Me To The Moon” by Claire, other versions, too

The ultimate shower-singin’ song right here. Enjoy this Jazz favorite from an anime that’s oh so good!

And there are a few awesome tunes that I might hum to in the shower, assuming that nobody is around 😉 I hope you enjoyed the songs that I picked because they both also hold dear places in my heart. I have a special announcement for tomorrow, but until then it’s quite late. See you ~

– Takuto, your host