selector spread WIXOSS Review

I should be able to watch a season one and if I didn’t care for it – or was satisfied with what I saw – no big deal. I can drop the series, yet still retain a complete story given from the first season. Sequels are follow-ups designed to add more character depth, continuation of new plot (if any), answer lingering questions, and build upon/improve the first season if need be.

I usually find myself disliking sequels, however. They either make or break my impressions of the first season even though they should be just as good, right?

Season one, featuring the dark fantasy card game, selector infected WIXOSS, leaves off on a very large cliff hanger. As such, its second season presents more of a continuation rather than a whole new idea. I had to continue selector, whether I liked it or not. So while ‘sequel’ might not be the correct term for this season, selector spread WIXOSS is nonetheless twisted, thrilling, and overall successful. Though keep reading to find out why.

selector spread WIXOSS picks back up on Ruko, a distressed WIXOSS player who had recently lost her LRIG, Tama, to the wicked Iona in their last fight. Things are also different now, as Iona has become Ruko’s LRIG, and Tama has supposedly been swept away to the “White Room.” Without one of her closest friends, all seems lost for Ruko. She quits battling for a while and even ignores Iona. That is until she and her other friends begin to unravel the darkness surrounding the selector games by visiting the creator and author of the WIXOSS book series – a series that has already foreshadowed the fate of the girls.

Already the premise of this season is ten times more intense than the last. Ruko must cope with her worst enemy, which requires forgiveness on a whole new level. Their current relationship forces the two to come out of their shells, providing the much needed depth missing from the first season. It’s a good kind of weird feeling ~

And their meeting with the author of the accompanying novel is like chatting with that of a god! It was just such a clever and well-thought out solution to the girls’ issues. But although helpful, there were still many questions surrounding their minds at the time.

There is also a shift in character leads. Akira (my fav from last season), Tama, Iona and Mayu (hinted at the first season) all receive major development and backstory. Akira on a psychological level whiles the others on a more emotional level. The supporting characters also hop aboard the improvement train; Chiyori and her LRIG, Hitoe’s current LRIG and friend Yuzuki, and Ulith become crucial contributors to the plot. Even Ruko rounded out nicely – and I was satisfied with her already! Character development was well executed in this second season.

For the main part, the animation (J.C. Staff) remained just as boring and dull as it was in the first season, the only exception being the furious battle scenes and Mayu’s “White Room.” The shady atmosphere and bright magic attacks contrast brilliantly on the battlefield. Mayu’s world encompasses light pastel patterns followed by glimmering shapes and stained glass works on the vast walls. I Love the concept design for this room, and when Mayu seems particularly angry, she shifts the room around to her pleasure. Quite cool indeed.

OST-wise, it’s the same dubstep and techno groove the first season sported. There are a few more dramatic tracks for the new developments, but otherwise it remains decent at best. I say decent because while the battle scenes are awesome, daily life or casual scenes are very empty and unfulfilling. The new opening, “world’s end, girl’s rondo” by Kanon Wakeshima, rivals that of the first in terms of powerful string melodies, upbeat tempo, and sauciness. I love them both sooo very much! The songs represent the world the selector series paints, and the new ending, “Undo –Ashita e no Kioku-“ (Undo –A Memory For Tomorrow) by Cyua also follows that trend.

At first, selector infected WIXOSS is too easily compared to Puella Magi Madoka Magica, for they both support the same twisted and dark themes behind the magical girl genre. But after selector spread WIXOSS, I can officially say that the series continues to step away from Madoka’s shadow to create a purpose and end for itself. I recommend all of the selector series to anyone! The card game part of the series is also further explored in this sequel, so never fear that aspect. WIXOSS is different, and deserves so, so much more. “We cry OPEN!!” – opening lyrics

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed my thoughts over selector spread WIXOSS! FUNimation Entertainment will be releasing an English dub on blu-ray and DVD later this year, and I definitely plan to pick up both seasons. Check out my selector infected WIXOSS review if you haven’t done so already! Have a great one and until next time, this has been

– Takuto, your host

5 thoughts on “selector spread WIXOSS Review

  1. I’m halfway through season 2 and enjoying it loads. Great anime although a terrible advert for the card game. I am sure it will scare off people from playing it 🙂

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      • I totally agree. People rail against the second season because it doesn’t introduce any new ideas, but this season works more as a “season one continued” than an actual second season with a new arc, characters, etc. and it carries the first season over very well.

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      • Hooray for WIXOSS, one of the most underrated anime I’ve ever seen! And yes, it’s definitely a continuation that manages to flesh out more of the characters and story rather than be a whole second season that stands on its own. I honestly can’t wait to buy it when FUNimation dubs and distributes it. Thanks for the comment!


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