So . . . I’ve Been Very Sick

Evening all, it’s been quite a while since I’ve sat down here to talk. Well, just 2 weeks, actually, but in the blogging world that’s enough time to completely disconnect from all of you – And I am very sorry for this disconnection.

Title obviously explains my case. I’ve gone through the whole cycle: sore throat, burning eyes, runny nose, intense fever, chills, sinus pressure, the list goes on. To add to that, the more unusual symptoms include: digestive issues, body aches, and several 20-minute nose bleed sessions. And no, it doesn’t help when I have to swim on top of all of this, pulling calf and shoulder muscles left and right. At this point, it’s a pain in the ass to merely stand up straight, let alone run or swim . . . or even walk.

But I am recovering. Several of the pains I listed above have subsided. Another plus to that is being able to smell and taste my food again. Hah! Tasting sweets and sours again really makes the world go round. Now if only my body would quit aching and the nosebleeds would stop. Gosh, that’d be great.

But why else did I vanish from the community? The simple answer is needing the time to recover – Sleep. Guys, I don’t live the most stressful life on the planet, but damn, sometimes people need to chill – myself included. So that is what I did. I put anime to the side (save for my two simulcasts which I will talk about in my monthly update), set my Sword Art Online “Fairy Dance” research aside, cut my evening YouTube time short (if any), quit practicing the cello, asked my coach for a pardon during a few practices (which she totally understood), heck, I even stopped studying for school for a while there (but oddly enough, I still got great scores . . . yeah . . . stay in school kids).

Yet while all of this was swirling around my head, destroying my motivation and perseverance, I still had clung to one thing – one odd little thing: Charlotte. That’s right, the anime I reviewed a while back. I got into a vicious cycle of AMV watching, and came across someone’s description of the show:

“The superb story about comet dust, a gifted teen, and his promise.”

Damn, that’s powerful. They did a fine job with the video, too. But after listening to the contenders, the first I listened to ended up being my favorite. Now I want to share it with you. It’s apparently a [???Brazilian???] remix of a pretty emotional rock song. I’m normally not too into this kind of deep stuff, and you’ll probably think I am definitely misreading and misapplying these lyrics, but screw it – I’m feelin’ somethin’. The singer repeats:

How should I feel?
Creatures lie here.
Looking through the window…

They probably apply to abuse or something serious like it, and I’m not trying to disrespect the song whatsoever, but I can’t help tying these words to myself, a metaphysical monster of sorts. In the flesh, I consider myself to be a pretty shelled person, the kind that take a bit of unwrapping to get to know on a personal level: intentions, desires, hopes, that stuff. It can be ugly to see someone so gilded walking through the halls. Am I gilded – a monster? So “How should I feel?” Well, that is the question. These creatures, be it deadlines, ambitions, daunting goals, and most obviously, people, lie here. And they are looking through the window of my mind, trying to pry it all open at the same bloody time. What results? I got pretty darn sick . . .  physically and most definitely, mentally. I’ve never been through depression. Is this what it feels like? Have I descended to the pit of my most suppressed pessimistic self? Or is this just me finally growing up? All of these negative thoughts plaguing my mind . . . wow, I just haven’t been feeling myself, more in Yuu’s shoes.

SPOILERS for anime, so please listen, but caution watching:

I’m sharing this song because I dare say that it helped me through it, and to show you the madness that’s been erupting before my face lately (also, it’s pretty catchy, proof that you DO NOT to understand what’s being said to emotions flowing). I’ve spent many hours with this song, and maybe you will, too. Also, I want to apologize to you, because once I post this little update, I have to move on, meaning I won’t be catching up on all of the posts that I missed. I feel ashamed to admit that not only as a blogger, but as a friend of all of you, but if I try to sift through everyone’s posts, I’m afraid I’d just be clicking the like button and moving on, rather than really having heart-to-heart conversations and analyzing reviews and whatnot. I am so sorry. Truly, I am ashamed. 

I want to end this on a positive note, so here’s the grand news: I PRE-ORDERED EVANGELION 3.33!!!!! Once it arrives, I’ll be a new man. Before I exit, I would like to extend my hands to those whom have just stumbled upon my blog and decided to hit that follow button. I’m normally not this distraught, but I am your host at my anime cafe. To those returning, as always, I am forever thankful. I’ve lined up the next few posts to make up for my absence, so I’ll see you all when I bounce back from . . . . all of this. Till then, this has been

– Takuto, your host

44 thoughts on “So . . . I’ve Been Very Sick

  1. I’m sorry to hear that you got sick. I do hope you get better. I will pray for you to get better real soon. Get plenty of rest and don’t worry about us, we wait until you return :).
    Also, that’s great you pre-ordered Evamgelion 3.33. I want to get it as well but I might have to wait. I already have my eyes on a different anime.

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    • Yeah it’s a huge bummer, but I am recovering. Thanks for your prayers 🙂 and I will get, and am getting, plenty of rest, trust me (that’s good to know you’ll all be waiting, hehe).
      I have never anticipated a package more in my entire life. But oh, does something else have your eye? What might that be >.<???

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      • I am glad to hear you doing better. Rest your body and take your time 😊. As much as I want Evanggelion 3.33, I hoping to get Baccano! Anime. FUNimation’s license for the anime is expiring and I want to grab a copy before they stop selling it.

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      • I certainly will :3 And I heard about that. It’s dumb luck that I managed to pick up a copy like a month ago just because I had a coupon. However, I wasn’t able to snatch a copy of Darker than Black (internally damns self)! I hope you get around to getting a Baccano for yourself. It’s in these hard times that we must search desperately for declining titles before they are gone forever. I learned that lesson with the LTD ED version of Sound of the Sky.

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      • Yeah I think am too late for Darker than Black :/. I am going to try to get Baccano quickly. I haven’t seen it but I heard it was a great anime and it was like DRRR. Based on rumors, I hear that Aniplex will get both of these anime. If I am fortunate, I will try to get Air the anime. This was some surprise news for me.

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      • Oh? What happened to Air? I just ordered the two bluray collections for FMA Brotherhood after waking up and hearing that depressing bit of news. Also wasn’t too happy to chuck $70 at a blind buy, but I hear it’s only like “the best anime ever.” I still plan to watch the original first, though 😛 And yeah, sadly I’ve given up on Darker than Black, too 😦

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      • From the same news, it looks like Air is also losing the license too. If it does come back, I have a feeling Sentai Filmworks would get it, they own Clannad and Angel Beats. I also heard about Brotherhood :(. Even though I seen this anime, I gotta grab my copy soon. I gotta finish the classic one too. I am too late for Darker than Black.

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      • Damn. I haven’t even seen Clannad, let alone Air. I hear Air is okay, most really liked it or couldn’t care less, but that’s how the genre kinda rolls. Do you think, if Sentai got it, they’d release it on bluray? Doesn’t Air have a FUNi SAVE release only? And I cry for Darker than Black, as my brother really wanted that one.

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      • From what I heard, Air is good anime but it’s really short compared to Clannad. FUNimation did do SAVE release on this and the Motion Picture film, but now the film is $40 at Amazon. Somebody mentions that if Air does get licensed by Sentai, it will most likely get a Blu-Ray like Clannad. I haven’t seen Darker than Black but I hear it is pretty good anime.

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  2. Being sick sucks, I hope you get well soon! Don’t stress yourself even more by worrying about posting, everything’ll be alright. 😉 Everyone gets lots of stress, so stay healthy and get your rest. 🙂

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  3. Get well soon. Those symptoms sound really rough. I think you can reduce nosebleeds by avoiding sexy images 😉

    Eva is finally coming out? I’m glad that localization nightmare has finally been resolved.

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    • *in screechy voice* Well, I have an update I’ll post today (not that updates are worthy content or anything)!!
      I hope I get well, too, so thanks a bunch mirrorpurple! And I know it – Where I live, this plague is hitting everyone and we’re all dropping like flies! XD

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  4. Hey I’m glad your feeling better well at least a little better, I hope you get well soon so you can start posting again I love your posts. But don’t rush it we’ll all still be here. So sleep and rest up. I’m glad you can taste food again sweets don’t taste as good when you can’t taste them.

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  5. On one hand I am crying out here like NOOO TAKUTO YOU AREN’T READING OUR POSTS :(((((( That goes to show that you’ve become such an integral part of our little community here that any form of your temporary absence leaves a gap. >< But on the other hand I totally feel your pain. Apart from sickness, feeling down and generally negative happens to me sometimes in phases as well. And I also tend to avoid WordPress altogether and wallow in my self-dug pit of emotions when that happens xD

    But seriously (and jokes aside), there's no need to worry at all. 🙂 Tbh I have always wondered how you are able to keep up with WordPress and reading posts while leading such a hectic life schedule xD Don't blame yourself too much, have much needed rest, hope you get better soon, and we keenly await the newly evolved Takuto post Evangelion 3.33 ^^

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    • On one hand I am crying out here like NOOO TAKUTO YOU AREN’T READING OUR POSTS :(((((( That goes to show that you’ve become such an integral part of our little community here that any form of your temporary absence leaves a gap. >.<
      As you've managed to amazingly keep up with as well, Evangelion is one of my all time favorite franchises. Whether it sucks or blows my brain away, it's arrival will be glorious and fateful, such that I will evolve onto a higher plane of existence. *drops mic*
      Pardons my ego, he is just very excited for this movie XD
      Lastly, THANK YOU SO MUCH Shiroyuni for your support. You are such a valued friend in this community, and your comments make me blush 😀

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