I’m Back! (Kinda) + More Posts Incoming + Thanks for 7 Years!

Hi all!

I realize it’s been well over a month since my last post. I’m terribly sorry about that. Looking at my social media presence in general, you can see exactly when I dropped off the face of the earth to start graduate school.

Speaking of, school is great! I love being able to finally focus all my energy on English classes after having graduated with my psychology B.S. already. Those four years sure went by fast, and I imagine these next two will breeze by all the same.

Between reading and researching for classes, my new job at our campus’ writing center (which I LOVE omg), recording and editing for YouTube, and keeping up with manga and anime progress on the socials, I’ve left very little time for blogging. Thankfully, the WP algorithm has still been working in my favor, for despite my inactivity, my blog’s overall views have eclipsed last year’s already. (Don’t get me wrong, that’s not much in itself, but I have to take the little victories when I can!)

On the subject of blogging itself, Takuto’s Anime Cafe officially turned 7 a couple weeks ago!! I wanted to push out a celebratory post, but it just didn’t feel right since I hadn’t done anything in a month. So, to right this wrongdoing, I want to thank you all again for continually supporting me. Whether it’s on the blog, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube, I cherish our interactions, and I hope I can be more present in the year to come. None of this would be here without you guys, so thank you!!

Going forward, I have a few projects planned. Immediately, I’ll publish a post over YenPress’ SAO audiobook—the first of its kind—which Yen was kind enough to send to me to review! Next, I plan to start releasing posts for all the videos that have yet to be shared on the blog. (I realize a lot of y’all don’t care about Kpop, but it helps sustain traffic and such.) Then, I want to resume writing short manga reflection posts to cover my reads. After that, well, we’ll see how far I get with just these goals.

Lastly, I just want to tag on that I’ve been in the works of trying to draft my first novel! It’s an exciting process, but a long and frustrating one, too. Not sure what will become of it or how far I’ll get, but it’s been a fun (and time-consuming) endeavor so far.

So, this is my “I’m back!” post, as well as an anniversary thank-you, and finally an announcement of things to come. I hope to see many familiar faces in the blogosphere again, especially after being gone so long, and I look forward to our little talks again! Until then, I hope you’re all staying safe, staying hydrated, and keeping up with the various Asian media we all love!

– Takuto

9 thoughts on “I’m Back! (Kinda) + More Posts Incoming + Thanks for 7 Years!

    • IRINA, how I’ve missed talking with you!! I definitely want to make more time for blogging, especially after taking such large breaks over the past few months. I’ve got lots to catch up on! Thanks for always being so kind, my friend!


  1. 7 years!!! Congratulations. 7 years is a long time, glad to see you still doing what you love. Even though your blog was inactive I’m delighted to see you enjoying YouTube and “I hear the sunspot”. I loved the manga, I read it online and been trying to get my hands on the physical copy for so long.
    My first manga of Yuki fumino was actually “Saraba, Yoki Hi” which was kinda of a weird manga, it’s still releasing so curious to see how that turns out. Also I recommend “The Summer of You” if you liked “I hear the sunspot”.
    Nice to see you back, looking forward to your future posts.

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    • Thank you so much, friend! I’m sorry I’m so late to responding to this. (I ended up taking another break—once again for school, of course.) BUT I think I’m back for real this time, even if in reduced capacity. I recently continued my reading of “I Hear the Sunspot: Limit” and it reminds me how much I loved the first volume. I actually own a copy of “The Summer of You,” but I’ve yet to read it. Maybe I should do that >.< Anyway, thank you again!

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