Cafe Talk #2: When Anime Became Commonplace?

Mina-san, konnichiwa ~

I’m back the second “Cafe Talk,” and today I’m here to ramble on about how I got into anime. It’s quite the embarrassing story, but I figured I let someone know. Lord, this one’s for the history books, gosh. The rest of the chat is my journey through the beginnings of anime. I hope you enjoy!

O.K. So I had known about Sailor Moon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Pokemon when I was a young child but I never really knew that they were “anime.” In fact, I didn’t know what “anime” was. The closest things that hooked me on the Japanese culture were Ghibli films Kiki’s Delivery Service and Castle in the Sky.

How I became fully inducted into the anime life was . . . don’t laugh . . . I didn’t know what hentai was. I WAS A KID, OK! CUT ME SOME SLACK I’M NOT A PERVERT I SWEAR!!! Anyway, after searching it in Google I found a small clip of guess what? The Negima!? Spring OVA, you know, the one where they go to Ayaka’s private resort island and party hard!? It’s not a full-on hentai  by any means (not that I’d know what that’s like or anything :P), but it was far “bustier” than any cartoon or animation I had ever seen.

Yeah, that’s the one.

I watched it in three parts, and fell in love with the animation style, the art, the comedy OMG, the voices (in English – go Greg Ayres!), the boobs plot – everything! I then went on to research the main series, watch it all and if you want to know my weaboo thoughts on my first anime series, click here to read my first ever review!!

Back to the topic, for those who’ve seen Negima!?, you’ll know that besides comedy, magical fanservice and a poor shota boy-genius, there’s actually a lot of great animated action sequences to accompany the main story (that’s studio Shaft for ya’ll) – and that is what hooked me most, the gripping action.

Back on YouTube, I saw “Top 10 OPs” and “Best Fight Scenes,” and while those all amazed me (and weirded me out at the same time), what I ended up sliding the cursor over was “Japanese Tales Of Symphonia Opening.” *click*

God what I’d give to own it now on DVD . . .

I was blown away.

What I came across was an enchanting ballad where fights in glorious animation were commonplace – the Tales of Series, and specifically my favorite Tales of Symphonia. I had hit the entertainment goldmine for a youth in desperate search of heartbreaking and relatable characters, incredible stories, and all of it brought to life not as a game, however, but as video entertainment – anime.

From there, anime only continues to secretly provide me with an escape from everything in the real world, not that anything was particularly bad, but ya know, boring as all hell.

Shows like No.6 and Ef – A Tale of Memories and Melodies invoked  periods of pure sadness yet true joy at the same time through memorable romantic ties and gut wrenching tragedies.

Head-scratchers like Steins;Gate opened up my brain to its full capacity with a beautiful story revealing the cruelties of time, showing me that there’s a deeper meaning behind very tiny details (SYMBOLISM) such as blue butterflies, microwaves and lab member pins . . .

This is it right here. I’ll never look at normal things ever again. Thanks anime.

Crossover shows like A Certain Scientific Railgun/Magical Index forced me to realize that no matter your level or rank, you can still impact lives and make true friends, all while being a badass at the same time!

Even Free! – Iwatobi Swim Club inspired me to go out for my first sport ever – swimming – and I’ll never forget the fun times that they had and all the amazing memories that I would make myself!

A hundred or so anime passed. This leads me to my “common era.” I participate in simulcasts, check the anime news, indulge myself in the industry – it’s great and all, but can I just return to the old days? Even for just a sec?

Probably not. So that’s why I started reviewing.

Maybe, just maybe, I can find that thrill of untapped territory once again if I explore some of the aspects that made me love anime so much! Then, perhaps, I could uncover the sweet, sweet bliss like I did back then. Don’t get me wrong, there have been TONS of great shows that I’ve watched after that, some I’d even call masterpieces, but each anime feels different, and that feeling can be a double-edged sword. Did I get really into the show and “feel it,” or did it just have good concepts?

I’m Takuto, and while I operate this cafe and meet all of you wonderful people, I have a deeper quest, and that is to find that “feeling” I felt during those days. It’s indescribable, almost lustful at times, but I’ll find it for sure!

Chasing after the feels.

Do you understand that feel that I’m talking about, or do I just sound like a crazy guy – well, that one’s probably a guarantee, but regardless LOL, do I make sense? Did you know anime when you first saw it, or was it just a good ol’ childhood show? What was your first non-childhood anime? Also, I put pictures for the first time! Comment below because man, I’m getting tongue-tied! Haha thanks so much for reading and until next time, this has been

– Takuto, your host

16 thoughts on “Cafe Talk #2: When Anime Became Commonplace?

  1. I m not sure if I understand but it makes me sad , it reminds me of my friend who no longer indulges in anime :/ lol I hope that’s not what you mean?

    I used to not know what anime was, I watched things on 4KidsTV and FoxKids so shows like digimon, pokemon, sailor moon, Tokyo mew mew, etc. My first (what I considered) anime encounter was Inuyasha which I watched on adultswim (adultswim introduced me to other anime shows too)

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    • I’ve never watched from Adult Swim, but Inuyasha is apparently a big series. And sorry for the confusion. In a nutshell, what I’m searching for is that curiosity feeling like when I was first getting into anime. I feel like I know all the names and how things work, so there’s nothing new to explore, that is, until I find shows that fulfill that void. Haha, sounds like there’s a lot of rewording I might have to do! Thanks for the comment!

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      • Haha I did get that feeling from your post it’s just that I felt that equate to being bored with anime @_@ I used to watch adultswim not anymore (they got rid of a lot of anime)

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      • Ohh, my bad! Haha, and did they really? Hmm, Adult Swim, that’s kinda depressing to hear. Well, I’m searching for uncharted waters as shiroyuni put it, so hop aboard the ship and we’ll all sail to find new anime that’ll restore our feels once again!

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  2. Haha damn, I think the same thing whenever I look at a microwave oven too. And I also need to watch the ef series soon xD

    I get you; nowadays after exploring most of the uncharted waters in anime I feel like I am not ‘feeling’ it or getting ‘wowed’ by whatever I watch nowadays anymore. Oh I wish I could find it too, but I don’t have much hope for that ><

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    • YES, that microwave brings back so many memories ~

      And yay, someone gets me! You also described it better too, haha! And don’t worry, I’m sure there’s something out there that’ll surprise us all, or perhaps, something to come – there’s gotta be! Thanks for commenting!

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  3. Seriously, truer words have never been spoken.
    If I could have just a glimpse of that amazement from my first anime I would be a happy man.
    Part of the reason I started my blog was to search for something incredible. So far, the closest I have gotten was Serial Experiments Lain, but I will continue in my quest.
    Takuto, this was an absolutely joy to read, thank you!

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    • I’m glad I could deliver! Thanks for the comment, and yes, I’m sure there’s an anime out there that can stir up similar emotions to one’s first anime, and I’m determined to keep looking!

      I’ve never seen Serial Experiments Lain, but like many many many shows, it’s on the long list!

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    • I’m just rereading this like four times and realized how happy this comment made me – thank you for brightening up my day!! I do hope I made any sense, despite the mouthfuls of words I used rather than just one sentence to sum it up. I suppose that’s one thing I could start working on haha!

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      • Ohh, I know the feeling when a comment manages to make a bad/decent day into a good one…
        Glad I could help! And the way you put it was perfect in my opinion, a bit of confusion was needed… 🙂

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  4. Oh my gosh! Takuto. Yes! Your right anime is one of the most interesting pieces of Entertainment. I mean it is not that life is bad or anything but it is boring as hell. Anime on other hand is all sorts of intriguing stories from one to the next.

    Takuto! Free! Iwatobi Swim Club, yay!

    Thanks for sharing your story on how you got into anime.

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