I Broke the System (Liebster Award Follow-up)

So after I wrote up my last Liebster Nomination post by One Stop for all EnterTainmenT, I thought, huh, this felt a lot shorter than my first ever Liebster Nomination. Turns out it was shorter – a whole segment shorter, might I add. On HimAwARi’s award rules, it’s missing the “11 facts about you” part (either that or I copied it wrong), so today, I will be filling you all in with random stuff about me.

And of course, this is not an excuse to ‘not write’ reviews . . . 🙂

1. Lines annoy me, but crowds make me cringe.

2. I just finished performing for a friend-of-my-mom’s wedding. My bro, sis, and myself played classical pieces as a quartet trio. It went well.

3. There’s nothing better than watching anime during a nice long rain . . . to bad it NEVER showers where I’m at.

4. Although Negima!? and Steins;Gate among a few others got me into anime, it was A Certain Scientific Railgun that gave my watching the momentum I needed to continue.

5. I am actually quite young, but I feel so, so old.

6. YouTube is equivalent to oxygen at this point, in that I consume it every day and honestly can’t live without it.

7. Have you ever online shopped, added a sh*t ton of items to your cart, glanced at the total, laughed, then exited out? That’s my life right there.

8. According to my ratchet anime list that, by the way, contains the all of the shows I have watched and the season I watched them in (because I think the season reflects the mood or something), I am watching anime number 99, Nagi-Asu. I plan on celebrating with my 100th, but I’m not sure how yet . . .

9. Though I haven’t done it enough to truly say, I have enjoyed my cosplay experience thus far. Something about putting on a costume and acting as your favorite character(s) pleases me. I mean, we should all try to have fun, right?

10. I will be watching the Madoka Magica: Rebellion dub today because I bought it on Blu-ray because I AM A DIEHARD FAN AND WILL PAY $40 FOR THIS FILM. 😀

11. Lately, I have been doing (or die trying) to fit in light morning exercises to, ahem, “stay in shape.” I looked fine before, if I do say so myself, but I think these ‘workouts’ have been slowly helping . . . yeah, helping me become exhausted.

That’s all for now! For my nominees, you can either add on these 11 facts to your posts and rules or just forget about them – sorry for the forgetfulness and for breaking the system, but in a way it wasn’t entirely my fault. I just knew that something was missing! Haha, till next time everyone.

– Takuto, your host

12 thoughts on “I Broke the System (Liebster Award Follow-up)

  1. my brother asked me the other day if i planned to buy these books i added to his amazon cart a while ago and i told him yeah but not today, it’s been like that for more than a month now

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    • While I absolutely loved the while beginning and middle, I am a little bit torn about the end. To me, Homura was always too easy in accepting Madoka not being there, so the end makes sense in that regard. But weren’t they being a tad bit, I don’t know, extreme?
      Still a beautiful film, even more gorgeous on bluray. And the dub is absolutely incredible!

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      • I liked the beginning, thought the middle was okay and hated the finale. It kind of makes the events of the series redundant and the twist felt very out of character.

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      • The twist to me wasn’t out of character, it was just way too extreme. After watching the events of the first season, it seemed to me that Homura accepted Madoka’s leaving and sacrifice too easily. I was like, I thought this girl loved and cherished Madoka, and here she is letting her go play God, which I guess is noble and selfless and stuff. I was perfectly fine with how the series ended, hell, it’s probably one of my favorites! The Rebellion film gave me more of the awesome dark magical girl story and hit back up on Homura’s feelings – great, now I feel satisfied. But then the ending decided to hint further additions to the series through an overly extreme character twist, which made me kinda sigh. I enjoyed Homura’s Rebellion, but did they probably didn’t need to go ‘that’ far.

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  2. Yeah, that’s the impression I got from the finale. This series makes a lot of money in Japan so let’s keep the door open for possible follow ups.

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