30-Day Song Challenge Day 2: Songs That Helps You Clear Your Head

It was quite hard to come up with a match for this one, considering that each song that I listen to only ushers in waves of feels and memories. So after a bit of browsing, I finally remembered an inspiring tune or two that fit the bill. I can’t deny the fact that both of these songs carry so much sweet reminiscing for me, but it’s a different kind of recollection; they’re not necessarily heavy in the heart, but open in the mind, if that makes any sense at all. Whenever I boot up some soundtracks to listen to, they’re the first I pick because they don’t drag me into a state of senseless staring, but clear up my thoughts and bring a cloudless sky into view. I hone in on whatever I happen to be doing, open up my head, and focus 100% on my mission (which is usually just searching the web -__-). Anything prior to my moment with these songs becomes irrelevant, and that can be especially helpful after a busy week. Enjoy ~!

Maoyū Maō Yūsha Main Theme: “Beyond the Hill” by Takeshi Hama

Do you remember Maoyu? It’s a charming show, isn’t it? I came across this song in the depths of YouTube and thought, yeah, this is pretty neat, OOH it’s an anime, too?! Slowly but surely, I realized that this was not the main theme, waiting all 11 or 12 episodes just for this song to be heard in the background. It finally did play, I honestly can’t remember when, but it was only once. 😦 And though we never truly got beyond that hill, I still found closure in this song’s low violin and flute swing.

Log Horizon Main Theme: “Log Horizon” by Yasuharu Takanashi

First off, let me just announce that Log Horizon‘s OST is one of THE BEST SOUNDTRACKS TO EXIST FOR ANIME EVER. But this song, man, I can’t even express how epic it is. When this song plays, my game face is on, and be prepared to lose all ya damn hit points!! I could go on and on about this one track, but you should just go watch the anime to capture all of Shiroe’s legendary-ness. Awesome show, brilliant anthem!

And those are two songs that I listen to for an open mind. Both fantasy songs, too, so maybe it’s something about that type of music that gets me? As a person involved in music, they’re definitely the most fun to play, that’s for sure! Until tomorrow, this has been

– Takuto, your LV 90 host

10 thoughts on “30-Day Song Challenge Day 2: Songs That Helps You Clear Your Head

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  2. OMG. I wish I could list the amount of times I’ve listened to that track of Log Horizon! Makes me want reach the summit of the mountain with a glittering ten foot sword or something. XD

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  3. Gotta tell you that the Log Horizon song is pure awesomeness, the anime was also pretty good, overall imo better compared to SOA as s2 was just blegh. Nevertheless, good picks! Can’t wait for more!

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